Careers in Hallmark Movies

Morning show hosts have exhilarating careers in Hallmark Movies. The early hours of the morning, the abundance of coffee, the teleprompter, the amusing crew operating the cameras and lights, the engaged audience, the co-hosts, the captivating stories they share, and the fascinating individuals they interview all contribute to a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Morning Show Hosts


Here are a few fashionable choices inspired by the stylish dresses and overall style of morning and talk show hosts. Their clothes are fun, bold, and stylish, so I’ve carefully selected some options to honor their fashion sense.

Morning Show Mysteries Books

Discover the Morning Show Mystery series of novels by TODAY Show’s Al Roker and Dick Lochte that inspired the Hallmark Mystery series, The Morning Show Mysteries

Hallmark Mystery Movies: Morning Show Mysteries based on a book
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Morning Show Products

Morning show hosts brighten our mornings with their energetic demeanor and a fresh cup of coffee, leaving us eager for the day ahead. Numerous hosts of morning shows have authored books that promote a positive perspective on life, inspiring us all to start our mornings on a high note and have a great day.


Tieghan Gerard from 'Half Baked Harvest' creates incredibly comforting and scrumptious recipes

Collection of quotes that inspire and provide wisdom, courage, and hope.

Good Morning America

Robin Roberts' book aims to bring hope and optimism to readers, filling their days with positivity and encouragement.

A motivational book by Michael Strahan to conquer each day from the moment you rise.

Read with Jenna

Every month, Jenna Bush Hager selects a new book to promote and read together with the TODAY show book club called Read with Jenna.

The GMA Book Club selects a new book each month, bringing together their audience and the book community to read together.