Careers in Hallmark Movies

Morning show hosts have exhilarating careers in Hallmark Movies. The early hours of the morning, the abundance of coffee, the teleprompter, the amusing crew operating the cameras and lights, the engaged audience, the co-hosts, the captivating stories they share, and the fascinating individuals they interview all contribute to a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Morning Show Hosts

HallmarkJenny and Fan Leaders at TODAY Show
After the NYC Fan Day for Hallmark Fan Leaders, we woke up bright and early to catch a live taping of the TODAY show! We had the pleasure of meeting all of the main hosts, who were incredibly friendly. Sporting our Hallmark Fan signs, we chatted with fellow fans in line about our favorite Hallmark movies and had an absolutely wonderful time!

Morning Show Mysteries Books

Discover the Morning Show Mystery series of novels by TODAY Show’s Al Roker and Dick Lochte that inspired the Hallmark Mystery series, The Morning Show Mysteries

Hallmark Mystery Movies: Morning Show Mysteries based on a book
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Read with Jenna

Every month, Jenna Bush Hager selects a new book to promote and read together with the TODAY show book club called Read with Jenna.

Dear Edward

A plane crash leaves twelve-year-old Edward as the lone survivor. He struggles to find his place in the world until an unexpected discovery changes everything. Dear Edward series is on Apple TV+ 📺 Read with Jenna Book Club pick 📖

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The Dearly Beloved

James and Charles, two pastors and friends at a Greenwich Village church, explore their faith and marriage in this book. The portrayal of the special needs son and the challenges faced by the mother and family really resonated with me as well. Read with Jenna Book Club pick 📖

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Summer Sisters

Jenna Bush-Hager can't stop gushing about this book on her podcast! Read with Jenna Book Club pick 📖

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The GMA Book Club selects a new book each month, bringing together their audience and the book community to read together.

Listen for the Lie

Usually, thrillers aren't my thing, but everyone has been talking about this book non-stop even before it was released! What's really cool is that it's a thriller series based on a true crime podcast, which feels very relevant to our culture. The audiobook version is absolutely amazing, and I've included the link for you. Good Morning America Book Club pick 📚

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The Personal Librarian

A novel about Belle da Costa Greene, J.P. Morgan's personal librarian, tells the story of a Black American woman who passed as white. Good Morning America Book Club pick 📚

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Pineapple Street

I loved this book that delves into the world of old money, class dynamics, and the new generation's rejection of wealth and societal change. Despite being a slow reader, I devoured this book in just two days! It's such an effortless and captivating read. Good Morning America Book Club pick 📚

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