This post provides a complete lineup of all the 2020 ‘Countdown to Christmas’ movies on the Hallmark Channel.

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Countdown to Christmas Movies

2020 Movies

Jingle Bell Bride

Jingle Bell Bride Hallmark Movie Based on a Book
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Wedding planner finds rare flower for celebrity client in remote Alaskan town, falls for local during Christmas.

Chateau Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Chateau Christmas' with Luke MacFarlane
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Pianist Margot reconnects with ex-bandmate Jackson while preparing for the annual Christmas Concert.

One Royal Holiday

Hallmark Christmas Movie, ''One Royal Holiday'
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Anna shelters the Royal Family of Galwick in a blizzard.

On the 12th Date of Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'On the 12th Date of Christmas' with Tyler Hynes
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Game designers collaborate on a romantic scavenger hunt inspired by ’12 Days of Christmas’.

Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

Never Kiss a Man in A christmas Sweater Hallmark Movie movie based on a book
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Maggie’s lonely Christmas is disrupted when Lucas becomes her unexpected houseguest.

Christmas with the Darlings

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas with the Darlings'
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Assistant helps boss’s sibling care for orphaned nieces/nephew at Christmas after resigning.

Christmas in Vienna

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas in Vienna'
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Jess, a discontented concert violinist, discovers inspiration and love during a performance trip to Vienna.

A Timeless Christmas

A TImeless Christmas Hallmark Movie movie based on a book
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Charles Whitley time travels to 2020 and enjoys a 21st century Christmas with Megan Turner.

A Nashville Christmas Carol

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'A Nashville Christmas Carol'
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A TV producer works with her ex on a Christmas special while being haunted by spirits urging her to confront her past.

The Christmas House

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'The Christmas House' with Jonathan Bennett
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Families recreate Christmas house, find resolution, and make a memorable holiday for all.

Heart of the Holidays

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Heart of the Holidays'
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Sam reunites with her high school boyfriend, Noah, during the holidays and rediscovers the importance of life.

A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado

Hallmark Black Christmas Movie, 'A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado'
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Erin needs to win firefighter Kevin’s approval to use his beautiful spruce tree for the town’s Christmas celebration.

Good Morning Christmas!

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Good Morning Christmas'
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Two bickering TV hosts go to a Christmas town and learn more about each other while pretending to get along.

Christmas by Starlight

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas at Starlight' with Paul Campbell and Kimberley Sustad
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Annie wants to save The Starlight Café from demolition before Christmas.

Five Star Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Five Star Christmas' with Bethany Joy Lenz and victor Webster
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Ralston family pretends to be guests for travel writer’s visit at dad’s B&B.

Christmas Waltz

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas Waltz' with Lacey Chabert
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A dance instructor helps Avery overcome her fears and fulfill her dream.

If I Only Had Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'If I only Had Christmas' with Alison Sweeney
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Darcy assists VP Goodman’s team in finding resources for a charity at Emerald Educational Trust for Christmas.

Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing

christmas in evergreen hallmark movie
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Hannah helps finish museum launch before Michelle’s wedding and questions relationship with Elliot.

Christmas in evergreen hallmark movie
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christmas in evergreen hallmark movie
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christmas in evergreen hallmark movie
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Christmas She Wrote

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas she Wrote'
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Kayleigh’s Christmas column is cancelled and sparks fly with the man who cancelled it.

Love, Lights, Hanukkah!

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Love, Lights Hanukkah' with Ben Savage
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Jewish restaurant owner finds love over eight nights.

Christmas Comes Twice

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas Comes Twice' with Tamera Mowry-Housley
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Cheryl time-travels to Christmas from 5 years ago at her hometown carnival.

A Christmas Carousel

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas Carousel' with Rachel Boston
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Lila repairs a carousel for the Ancadia Royal Family with the help of the Prince before Christmas.

Cross Country Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Cross Country Christmas'
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Classmates Lina and Max fight storm to return home for holidays.