This post provides a complete lineup of all the 2023 ‘Countdown to Christmas’ movies on the Hallmark Channel.

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Countdown to Christmas Movies

2023 Movies

Checkin' It Twice

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Checkin' it Twice' hockey with Kevin McGarry
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A hockey player develops feelings for a real estate agent after being transferred to the team in her hometown.

Where Are You, Christmas?

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Where are you, Christmas?'
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Addy wants a Christmas-free year but ends up in a dreary world. Addy & the town mechanic to bring back holiday joy.

Under the Christmas Sky

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Under the Christmas Sky' with Ryan Paevey
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Kat, an injured astrophysicist, collaborates on a Christmas display with someone she meets at a planetarium.

Christmas by Design

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Christmas by Design'
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A Christmas challenge inspires a designer to prioritize what matters.

Mystic Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Mystic Christmas'
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Juniper meets pizza shop owner in Mystic, CT during holidays while working at rehab center and aquarium.

Joyeux Noel

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Joyeaux Noel'
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Lea and Mark go to France to find a mysterious Christmas artist.

Flipping for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Flipping for Christmas'
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Abigail helps renovate sister’s inherited house but runs into issues with co-beneficiary’s different vision.

Never Been Chris’d

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Never Been Chris'd' with Tyler Hynes
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Best friends Naomi and Liz reunite with high school crush Chris Silver, sparking a holiday love triangle.

The Santa Summit

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'The Santa Summit'
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Three friends don Santa suits and hop from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant in the yearly Santa Summit.

Everything Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Everything Christmas'
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Lori Jo and her roommate travel to Yuletide Springs, a place they visit annually and meet Carl and Jason on the way.

Christmas Island

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Christmas Island' with Andrew Walker
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Kate’s flight to Christmas Island is diverted by snowstorm, partners with air traffic controller to pursue career.

A Heidelberg Holiday

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'A Heidelberg Holiday'
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Heidi meets Lukas at a German Christmas market and reconnects with her heritage through his assistance.

Navigating Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Navigating Christmas'
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After her divorce, Melanie takes her son on a Christmas trip to a secluded island; she connects with lighthouse owner.

A Merry Scottish Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'A Merry Scottish Christmas' with Lacey Chabert & Scott Wolf
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Lindsay and Brad travel to Scotland to reconnect with their mother during the holidays.

Holiday Hotline

Hallmark Thanksgiving and Christmas Movie 'Holiday Hotline' with Niall Matter
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Abby connects with a single dad while working at a cooking hotline after leaving London.

Catch Me If You Claus

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Catch Me if you Claus' with Luke MacFarlane
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Aspiring news anchor faces a home intruder who claims to be Chris, Santa’s son, just as her big break approaches.

Letters to Santa

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Letters to Santa'
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Young siblings use a magical pen from Santa to wish for their parents’ reunion.

Holiday Road
Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Holiday Road'
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During the holiday season, a writer, entrepreneur, and mother get stranded at an airport and rent a van for road trip.

Christmas in Notting Hill

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Christmas in Notting Hill' soccer movie
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Soccer star Graham falls for a woman in Notting Hill during Christmas, ignoring his usual lack of time for love.

Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Haul out the Holly: Lit Up' with Lacey Chabert
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Emily and Jared excited for holidays with new neighbors on Evergreen Lane.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown
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Our Christmas Mural

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Our Christmas Mural'
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Single mom, Olivia, partners with teacher Will in a mural contest entered secretly by her mom.

A Biltmore Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'A Biltmore Christmas' with Bethany Joy Lenz and Kristoffer Polaha
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Lucy rewrites a holiday movie & inspired by Biltmore House in 1947, time travels to the original set, and connects with star.

My Norwegian Holiday

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Norwegian' Holiday'
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JJ joins Henrik on a trip to Norway to investigate her grandmother’s past and a troll figurine.

A Not So Royal Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'A Not so Royal Christmas'
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Charlotte couldn’t interview the Count, so the royal family found a groundskeeper to pose as him.

Christmas with a Kiss

Hallmark Mahogany Christmas Movie, Christmas with A Kiss
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A woman returns home for Christmas Carnival and meets a photojournalist.

Magic in Mistletoe

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Magic in Mistletoe'
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Author Harrington returns home for the Christmas festival to confront his publicist and address damage control.

Christmas on Cherry Lane

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Christmas on Cherry Lane'
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Author Harrington returns home for the Christmas festival to confront his publicist and address damage control.

Round and Round

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Round and Round'
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Rachel teams up with her grandma’s matchmaking choice to break free from a time loop at her parents’ Hanukkah party.

The Secret Gift of Christmas

Hallmark 'The Secret Gift of Christmas' with Christopher Russell
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Personal shopper seeks new client to find perfect gifts for daughter and mend relationship.

Sealed with a List

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Sealed with a List'
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Carley wants help from Wyatt to complete her neglected resolutions from last year.

Friends & Family Christmas

Friends and Family Christmas Lesbian Movie
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Bridget and Amelia pretend to be in love to make their families happy during the holidays.