DaySpring Movies on Hallmark

Movies with a message of faith, hope, peace, and love.

Hallmark and DaySpring have created Dayspring Movies to inspire, educate, and encourage viewers to live a life rooted in faith. These Bible-based movies showcase messages of hope, peace, and love.

Hallmark DaySpring Movies premiere on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

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DaySpring Movies

History of DaySpring Cards

DaySpring, the leading provider of religious items, began in 1971 with a single Christmas card. It now offers over 6,000 products like greeting cards, home decor, and devotional books. Find DaySpring’s items at Christian outlets, retailers, and gift shops.

DaySpring Movies' Theme

DaySpring Movies inspire and uplift viewers through faith-based storytelling, providing a stronger connection with God and deeper Bible understanding. The immersive experience follows characters through tough situations, showcasing the power of faith and hope. It brings a sense of comfort, peace, and purpose to viewers’ lives while showing God’s presence.

Miracle in Bethlehem, PA

Christmas 2023

Mary adopts daughter before Christmas, stranded in Bethlehem, PA due to weather. Seeks shelter with innkeeper’s brother.

The Blessing Bracelet

Easter 2023

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A woman finds a blessing bracelet that restores her faith and belief in love for Easter.

The Gift of Peace

2022 | First DaySpring Movie

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Traci finds hope and peace in a grief group at Christmas.

"The bracelets have changed the most important thing about me - my belief."

DaySpring Products

DaySpring produces an array of delightful products, such as books, journals, flip calendars, wall calendars, home decor, Christmas merchandise (including cards), bible journals, stationary, and other items.

DaySpring: Live Your Faith

Dayspring Mugs

For me, The Daily Word and my morning cup of coffee are inseparable as I cherish the peace and tranquility before starting a hectic day at work.

I've often thought that my prayers weren't being answered and now I know that they were answered, just not in the way I expected."

Mahogany Movies

Mahogany Movies by Hallmark uplifts Black culture and women's voices.

Hallmark Mahogany Films bring stories and characters of the Black community to life with compelling and captivating films. 

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Mahogany Movies

History of Hallmark Mahogany Cards

Hallmark’s Mahogany brand created greeting cards tailored to the African-American community. The cards celebrate family, faith, and culture with positive and uplifting messages, honoring families, friends, and communities.

Mahogany Movies' Theme

Hallmark’s Mahogany brand ventures into the film industry with new “Hallmark Mahogany Films.” Celebrating the Black community, the films share unique perspectives and stories. Check out Hallmark Mahogany Films.

Diverse Storytelling

Hallmark Movies prioritize diversity, both on and off-screen. The launch of Mahogany is a significant step in their commitment to representing diverse voices.

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"Throughout all of this, I've learned not only how to let go and let God, but how to let go and let Love."

Mahogany Cards

Mahogany creates cards that celebrate African American culture and help people connect emotionally with loved ones and their community.

Hallmark Mahogany Handmade Assorted Boxed Greeting Cards | Pack of 24

Hallmark Mahogany Birthday Cards with Envelopes | 16 Cards

Hallmark Mahogany Assorted Cards | 5 cards with envelopes

Mahogany Cards at the Movies

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Tamera Mowry-Housley plays Samara, a financial administrator at Mahogany Cards. She encourages colleagues to reflect unique experiences of black women in products and launch the ‘Soulful Summers’ card collection to celebrate African American family reunions and summer vacations after a women’s retreat.

“The Ancestors Are Moving Mountains To See You Rise.”

Mahogany Movies' Fashion

Mahogany Movies features successful, stylish women. Check out these outfit ideas inspired by the films!

In Tuscany, the three friends looked stunning in every scene with long, flowy, and breezy dresses.

"Fall in Love with your Fresh Start'


Get inspired by Hallmark Mahogany Movies with cookbooks based on these films’ culinary themes.

Kardea Brown, the breakout star of Food Network's hit show Delicious Miss Brown, celebrates her Gullah/Geechee family's culinary traditions.

Rodney Scott's BBQ Cookbook

Explore the legacy of Rodney Scott, an award-winning Black pitmaster, in his debut cookbook in honor of Pat's BBQ featured in 'The Holiday Stocking.'

“The most important things at Christmas are the things that money can’t buy.”

Books adjacent to Mahogany Movies

Explore my selection of literature influenced by Hallmark’s Mahogany films.

A rom-com about two thirtysomethings who meet on a dating app and have stronger in-person chemistry than online.