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Movies with a message of faith, hope, peace, and love.

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Dayspring Movies are a joint venture between Hallmark and DaySpring company designed to engage viewers by inspiring, educating, and encouraging them to live out a life of faith and healing in Christ. Each movie is rooted in the teachings of the Bible and provides viewers with a message of hope, peace, and love.

Hallmark DaySpring Movies premiere on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

DaySpring Movies

History of DaySpring Cards

DaySpring, the world’s top provider of religious-themed products, was founded back in 1971 with just one Christmas card. Now, it has more than 6,000 items ranging from greeting cards to home decor, specialty gifts to devotional books. DaySpring’s products are available in Christian retail outlets, mass-market stores, card and gift shops.

DaySpring Movies' Theme

DaySpring Movies focus on themes of faith and restoration. With the mission of bringing hope, joy, and love to viewers through the power of storytelling, they are an immersive experience that can lead to a stronger connection with God, and a deeper understanding of the Bible and Christian teachings.

When viewers watch a Dayspring Movie, they can expect to be taken on a journey that will leave them feeling inspired, uplifted, and encouraged. The stories often follow characters who are faced with difficult situations, and the films show how faith and hope can help them through these hard times.
They also provide viewers with a sense of peace and comfort knowing that there is a greater purpose in life.

Dayspring Movies are all about making a difference in people’s lives and showing that God is always with us.

The Blessing Bracelet

Easter 2023

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Dawn, a mother raising her teenage son alone since her husband’s departure three years ago, faces the threat of losing their family home. To prevent this from happening, she secures a second job as a waitress in the nearby town’s restaurant.

Dawn resolves to wear her blessing bracelets once more as she is in dire need of a miracle. During her high school years, she created these bracelets that were adorned with four stunning beads, each representing an opportunity to express gratitude.

To promote positivity, she provides her customers with the blessing bracelets as a means to remember the good things in their lives and be thankful for them. She teaches those whom she gifts the beads saying, “With each bead, find one good thing that God has blessed you with.”

Dawn is blessed abundantly by performing this simple act.

The Blessing Bracelet is a truly exceptional film that elevates the spirit, motivates and instills in me a sense of appreciation for the abundance in my life.

"The bracelets have changed the most important thing about me - my belief."

In this uplifting writing journal, every page provides the motivation to pursue God's purpose for you and have faith in His direction.

The Gift of Peace


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It’s been two years since Traci lost her beloved husband, and since then she’s struggled to find her faith and to pray. She feels like her prayers for her husband’s healing went unanswered, and this has caused her to pull away from her faith.

But then, Traci met Michael, a kind soul who had also lost a loved one. He invites her to a grief group, where all the members had experienced loss. Through this group and their shared stories, Traci begins to heal. The group starts to share their faith and pray together, and Traci finds herself drawn back to her own faith once more.

She decides to host an art show called “Hearts of Healing,” where she showcases her own artwork that had been inspired by her grief and healing journey.

Traci’s journey of grief, faith, and healing is an inspiring one. She is able to find courage and strength through her faith, and through the support of her friends and loved ones. By relying on her faith, prayer, and creativity, she is able to begin to heal, and to find peace in her journey.

I've often thought that my prayers weren't being answered and now I know that they were answered, just not in the way I expected."

'Bring On The Merry: 25 Days of Great Joy for Christmas' by Candace Cameron Bure