Get ready for an exciting new series coming in June 2024! Hallmark Channel is taking us  on romantic adventures to stunning locations around the world with unforgettable romances from far-off destinations!

This post provides a complete lineup of all the Passport to Love movies on the Hallmark Channel.

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Passport to Love Movies

Hallmark Channel's Passport to Love Movies

2024 Movies

For Love & Honey

Beekeeper Eva finds an ancient fresco while saving a hive. Archeologist Austen convinces her to join his Malta quest.

Savoring Paris

Ella goes to Paris to find herself amidst love, cheese, and the enchanting City of Love.

A Greek Recipe for Romance

Abby goes to Greece to visit her mom. She meets Theo and together they open a restaurant.

Two Scoops of Italy

An American chef finds gelato, love and culture in an Italian village with the help of an Italian man.