Hallmark Mysteries

Birdie and Alden Case’s uneventful married life takes a thrilling turn when they become embroiled in a murder investigation that exposes them to a realm of concealed truths and perilous situations.

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The Cases of Mystery Lane

Birdie Case

Hallmark Mystery Movie, The Cases of Mystery Lane with Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia
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Aimee Garcia

Alden Case

Hallmark Mystery Movie, The Cases of Mystery Lane with Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia
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Paul Campbell

"In marriage, you're either growing together or growing apart."



Worcester, Massachusetts

The Cases reside in a contemporary home, fitted with exquisite modern décor. Alden often occupies his basement, tinkering with robots and other interests. Meanwhile, Birdie works at her mother’s legal practice, which is conveniently located near their house.

Massachusetts map

Movie #1: The Cases of Mystery Lane

Hallmark Mystery Movie, The Cases of Mystery Lane with Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia
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Alden & Birdie Case investigate a murder at her law firm while navigating their marriage.

Movie #2: Death is Listening


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The charm and appeal of The Cases of Mystery Lane comes from the fact that Alden and Birdie Case embody a classic married couple who partake in everyday activities, along with some quirky quirks about marriage. It’s their relatability that really pulls the audience into their marriage!

Hallmark Mystery Movie, The Cases of Mystery Lane with Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia
In the first movie, Birdie and Alden’s small disagreements and challenges indicate that they've been married for quite some time and settled into a familiar pattern. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at these adorable marital idiosyncrasies, prompting me to feature them along with related products in this blog post.


"If we're going to grow old together, we cannot ignore our gut health!"

Alden lies about attending a private investigator class instead of accounting, but instead lies about prioritizing his gut health after reading Birdie's probiotics article. 😂

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"What are we eating for dinner?"

"No pizza, I am still mad at you; we can do Chinese."

HallmarkJenny with The Wok Cookbook
Birdie, you'll be able to create your own nutritious Chinese meals at home by investing in this cookbook and a wok!
The Wok

Recipes and techniques for using a wok!

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Carbon Steel Wok Pan

The wok is the most versatile pan for stir-fry, deep frying, steaming, simmering, or braising. Once you master it, cook dishes from across Asia!

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Alden Case spends his free time in his garage man-cave, indulging in his hobbies and tinkering away.


'Gamer's Trove' puzzle

I can totally picture Alden having a blast working on this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in his awesome garage mancave.🧩I like Springbok puzzles for their exceptional quality, and they are crafted right in Kansas City, Missouri, the beloved home of Hallmark cards!

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Vintage Typewriter

HallmarkJenny holding magnifying glass for Hallmark Mysteries and typewriter
Alden's garage, or should I say man-cave, is filled with vintage typewriters. I share his passion for collecting old technology!
LEGO Typewriter

The LEGO Ideas Typewriter is a delightful building experience. "Type" on working keys and the carriage moves just like a real typewriter. It's in classic mint green and has printed characters on every key, so you don't need stickers. Plus, feed in a sheet of paper for an authentic feel!

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Sometimes, Target has some really awesome, up-to-date typewriters available! My colleague enjoys writing his novel using a brand of typewriter that Target carries when it's in stock.

Target Typewriters

LEGO Atari®

I can totally picture Alden building this LEGO in his man cave!

Business Cards

Alden hands his business card to a helpful information with a robot and his name and title as a private investigator.

Cases of Mystery Lane business card
my snapshot from movie

"That's my business card, feel free to contact me anytime, day or night, preferably day."

business card
Custom Business Cards

Create your very own business cards! You all know how much I adore the Etsy shop, A Thing Created 💯

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Birdie loves to kick back and relax at home when she’s not in lawyer mode, just like any regular person! You’ll often catch her lounging around in cozy pajamas, keeping it casual and comfy.

Comfy Pajamas

Stars Above pajamas from Target are incredibly soft! I practically live in them, wearing all day while blogging and watching Hallmark movies. They're just so comfy!


Cozy Marriage Books

Here’s a collection of books featuring marriages far more ominous than Alden and Birdie Case’s in The Cases of Mystery Lane.

A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder

Book 1 |  Frances, Countess of Harleigh, widowed and free, moves to Belgravia with her daughter and finds love and murder mayhem in the Countess of Harleigh Mysteries cozy mystery series.

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The Husbands

I caught Jenna featuring this book on Read with Jenna and I was thrilled that she picked a feel-good romance! According to Jenna, this book offers insight into modern dating culture and the world of swiping. Jenna says at its core, it's a love story about the main character choosing her now-husband.

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