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When Calls the Heart is an inspiring drama set in early 1900s Canadian frontier. Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher from a privileged Eastern family, relocates to a small prairie town to teach at its schoolhouse. Elizabeth experiences love, heartbreak, deep friendship, and becomes an indispensable member of the tight-knit community in Hope Valley.

Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart Season 11
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When Calls the Heart

“For what is life but a bittersweet mixture of sadness, wonderment, hope, and joy.”


Erin Krakow, When Calls the Heart on Hallmark
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Erin Krakow


Chris McNally, When Calls the Heart on Hallmark
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Chris McNally


Kevin McGarry, When Calls the Heart on Hallmark
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Kevin McGarry


Pascale Hutton
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Pascale Hutton


When Calls the Heart, Kavan Smith, Lee Coulter
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Kavan Smith


When Calls the Heart, Lori Loughlin, Abigail Stanton
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Lori Loughlin


When Calls the Heart's jack| Daniel lissing
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Daniel Lissing

“I find moments when I can’t find the joy in anything, but that’s when I find it most important to surround myself with people who love me.”



Hope Valley | 1910-1925 Canadian Frontier

Hope Valley setting in When Calls the Heart
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“Jane Austen wrote 'There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort' and with every trip that takes me away from Hope Valley that truth becomes rooted deeper in my heart.”

Town of Hope Valley

"We are a community. We are strong. We are Hope Valley.”

Season 1


Premiere Episode: January 11, 2014

When Calls the Heart Season 1, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Elizabeth Thatcher leaves her city life to teach in a Canadian frontier town. After a tragic mining accident, she supports widows, including Abigail Stanton. Constable Jack Thornton warms up to her but becomes jealous when another man shows interest. Abigail offers him advice while investigating the explosion’s cause.

Season 2


When Calls the Heart Season 2, Hallmark Channel
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Jack and Elizabeth’s first kiss brings them closer while Abigail uncovers a secret about Bill. Meanwhile, Rosemary draws the attention of Jack’s friend Lee. As the season unfolds, the inhabitants of Hope Valley confront friendships, love affairs, confrontations, divisions, and a fraudster posing as the Reverend.

New Year's Wish

Special Movie Premiere 2015

When Calls the Heart New Year's Wish, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Hope Valley’s New Year’s celebration includes memorable moments for Jack and Elizabeth starting anew, a surprise guest for Abigail, an adventure for Rosemary and Lee, an unwelcome visitor from Pastor Hogan’s past and the town embracing new beginnings.

Season 3


When Calls the Heart Season 3 on Hallmark Channel
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The New Year brings shocking revelation to Hope Valley. Frank’s conman history catches up, and he must rebuild trust. Abigail helps and falls for Frank. Jack’s relationship with Elizabeth also faces challenges. Abigail assists struggling community, and a calamity puts everyone at risk.


Special Movie Premiere 2016

When Calls the Heart Christmas Movie, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A mysterious merchant arrives in Hope Valley, selling unique products and sharing insights on happiness and generosity.


Season 4


When Calls the Heart Season 4, Hallmark Channel
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Abigail becomes mayor of Hope Valley and Ray Wyatt proposes a new railway route to improve the town’s population and economy. The railway construction causes division among the townspeople with an influx of new workers and skepticism from some locals.

The Christmas Wishing Tree

Special Movie Premiere 2017

When Calls the Heart, The Christmas Wishing Tree on Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Hope Valley is buzzing with the debut of the Wishing Tree. Elizabeth wishes for Jack’s return, Abigail organizes a parade and Bill leads the band. Rosemary and Lee cherish memories, Dr. Carson helps a woman regain faith while Henry gets a shot at redemption.

Season 5


When Calls the Heart on Season 5, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

In Hope Valley, Elizabeth awaits Jack’s return for their wedding while Abigail and Lee deal with financial issues. Julie becomes a teacher as Gowen tries to regain his mayoral position, monitored by Bill. Illness also threatens the town and doubts arise regarding Doctor Carson’s ability to save everyone. Elizabeth’s husband, Jack, sadly passes away while attending a Mountie training camp.

The Greatest Christmas Blessing

Special Movie Premiere 2018

When Calls the Heart, The Greatest Christmas Blessing on Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Elizabeth, Abigail, and Rosemary face a Christmas Eve emergency in a storm while dealing with various challenges including Bill’s tough decision, orphans who are stranded, and Dr. Shepherd’s care for a speechless orphan.

Season 6


When Calls the Heart on Season 6, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Elizabeth balances the demands of motherhood and teaching as a single parent. The arrival of the telephone brings a new form of communication to the town. Abigail departs from Hope Valley to tend to her sick mother. Lucas and Nathan, a new Mountie, relocate to the community. 

Home for Christmas

Special Movie Premiere 2019

When Calls the Heart, Home for Christmas on Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Elizabeth prepares to celebrate Little Jack’s first Christmas and birthday with friends, but misses Jack. Nathan considers a job in Union City, which includes leaving Elizabeth and his niece. Lucas arranges a Christmas festival to impress Elizabeth and share traditions.

Season 7


When Calls the Heart on Season 7, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Elizabeth works on her book. Lucas assumes control of Gowen Petroleum alongside Henry. Lee reunites with his sister. Faith achieves her dream of becoming a doctor, while Fiona remains in Hope Valley without her telephone job. And finally, Clara and Jesse tie the knot! However, Elizabeth finds herself torn between Nathan and Lucas.

Season 8


When Calls the Heart on Season 8, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Elizabeth achieves her goal of getting her book published! The town holds a mayoral election. Rosemary takes on the role of starting a newspaper. Elizabeth finds herself torn between Nathan and Lucas, but she realizes that Nathan reminds her of her late husband, Jack, and she understands the importance of moving on. Ultimately, Elizabeth decides to embrace love with Lucas.

Season 9


When Calls the Heart on Season 9, Hallmark Channel
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Mei Sou, a pharmacist, arrives in town. The town welcomes the introduction of automobiles. Exciting news spreads as Rosemary discovers she is pregnant. Tragedy strikes when a fire engulfs the saloon. Love is in the air as Lucas proposes to a happy Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth, I’ve never been more sure you’re all that matters and I know that you’re the one I will love forever. I could never desire to be anything greater than to be the one that you love forever in return.”

Season 10


Hallmark When Calls the Heart with Erin Krakow
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Hope Valley is currently facing a decline in its economy as a result of the economic conditions in the frontier. However, there is some good news for the town as it has recently stumbled upon a hot springs!

Season 11


When Calls the Heart Season 11
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

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Hearty Frontier Food

Abigail’s café and the Queen of Hearts saloon offer delicious frontier-style cuisine in Hope Valley. Check out their cookbooks for comforting home-cooked meals, reminiscent of the food in When Calls the Heart.

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Homeage to Inventions

Hope Valley witnesses the introduction of various groundbreaking inventions. These include the telephone, automobiles, word crosses, medicines, pinball games, and the automatic toaster.

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This series has numerous seasons and a large following! Fans of When Calls the Heart refer to themselves as Hearties and have a deep affection for the show. As a Heartie, I have discovered some delightful items that evoke memories of the show and its characters.

Etsy Bookshelf Stationary
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Brunch Print

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