The Wedding Veil

Hallmark Channel Trilogy & Sequels

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The Wedding Veil movies chronicle the tales of three best friends in the art world who discover a wedding veil with a mysterious legend – that whoever wears the veil will discover true love. 

The initial three movies launched in February of 2022, while the follow-up sequel films debuted in January of 2023. All 6 movies premiered on Hallmark Channel.

The Wedding Veil Movies

History of the 'Veil' in The Wedding Veil

Avery, Emma and Tracy have been friends since they studied art at graduate school. On a trip to San Francisco, the three of them find a beautiful lace Wedding Veil.

The Veil is a mysterious artifact, believed to be associated with the magic of the one in possession to find true love. The three friends are determined to unravel its secrets.

A love story for the ages is unveiled throughout the movies through the origins of the veil, creating a sweeping and captivating narrative.

"Whoever is in Possession of the Veil will find True Love"

The Wedding Veil Movies' Theme

The central theme of The Wedding Veil revolves around the bond of friendship.

The three friends discover the power of the Veil and the secrets it holds. As they solve the mysteries of the Veil’s origins and explore their individual journeys, the friends ultimately come together to unlock the secrets of the Veil and find their own paths to true love and happiness.

The Wedding Veil movie series follows the journey of three best friends who live in separate cities, each of whom comes into possession of the veil and finds their own true love.

The Wedding Veil

The Wedding veil Trilogy Movies on hallmark channel with lacey chabert and kevin mcgarry, Autumn Reeser and Allison Sweeney, Hallmark Channel Movies from HallmarkJenny, a Hallmark Fan Blog
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Avery and Peter first meet in the most unlikely of places—San Francisco, though they both lived in Boston! At first, Peter thought that Avery was married due to the fact that she was wearing a wedding veil. Little did he know that the veil would bring them together!

Avery, a museum curator, and Peter, new to Avery’s Art Museum’s Board, explore a forgotten section of the museum one day when they stumble upon a fascinating discovery — an important, lost portrait!

They notice that the bride in the painting is wearing the exact same wedding veil that Avery and her friends had discovered in an antique shop not long ago.

After much research and restoration of the painting, Avery and Peter, now falling in love, are thankful that they are able to uncover this important piece of history and share it with the world through their museum.

"We see art differently, but not friendship."

Avery buys an antique heart necklace at the same antique shop where the friends purchase the veil. She wears throughout the movies, prompting me to purchase to my own necklace. This necklace looks just like Avery's in this movie. Keep you and your love in the locket forever.

Avery adores pastel colors, lace, and frills which is why she loves wearing romantic dresses. She loves the idea of looking and feeling like a modern-day princess.

The Wedding Veil Unveiled

The Wedding veil Trilogy Movies on hallmark channel with lacey chabert and kevin mcgarry, Autumn Reeser and Allison Sweeney, Hallmark Channel Movies from HallmarkJenny, a Hallmark Fan Blog
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Emma is passionate about art history and ready to take on the challenge of teaching at a college in Italy. She is fascinated by the possibilities of discovering more about the richness of Italian art history and culture.

The veil is said to bring love to its owner, and Emma is determined to find out the truth behind this legend. Paola, whose family has been creating exquisite Italian lace for generations, helps Emma in her quest.

Paola welcomes Emma into her family and shows her around Italy. As they travel, Paola teaches     Emma the beauty of Italian life. He shows her the secrets of the Italian culture and teaches her to truly appreciate the beauty of life.

"Don't well on the past, but live for the moment."

Emma's signature straw hat!

Emma visits Juliet's Balcony, writing her a letter and asking her for help. After this movie, I immediately added this classic edition of Romeo and Juliet to my bookshelf.  Romeo and Juilet is an important historical work. In Verona, Hundreds of thousands travel to Juliet's Balcony for love advice and to write Juliet letters, just like Emma.

The Wedding Veil Legacy

The Wedding veil Trilogy Movies on hallmark channel with lacey chabert and kevin mcgarry, Autumn Reeser and Allison Sweeney, Hallmark Channel Movies from HallmarkJenny, a Hallmark Fan Blog
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Tracy is a cynic does not believe in the magic of the wedding veil. But when her friends ask her to take the wedding veil to get altered, Nick takes her alteration timeslot!

Throughout the movie, Tracy and Nick fall in love with each other. They both take a chance on love, and it pays off in the end. It is a story of two people discovering the power of love, and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

We later learn that Nick’s family are the direct descendants of the original owners and artists of the wedding veil. The wedding veil has become more than just a family heirloom, it has become a symbol of love, hope, and the possibility of a beautiful life.

"No matter where we are, we are always there for each other."

Tracy's auction house has acquired the initial draft of the renowned poem, "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus.

Nick surprises Tracy with the Sapphire Earrings she has been longing for, a testament to his love for her!

2023 Sequel Movies

Years later, the sequel picks up with the now married friends as they embark on the next phase of their lives.

The Wedding Veil will explore the trials and tribulations of each couple as they journey to become parents, and the challenges that come with it. It will also explore the friendship between the three women, as they support each other through this new phase of their lives.

The Wedding Veil Expectations

The Wedding Veil Hallmark Series
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Avery and Peter are living their happily ever after! After a whirlwind romance, the two have tied the knot and are now renovating a large and very old house.

Recently, a new addition to the Veil’s story was discovered – the christening gown that the artist’s beloved daughter once wore. Avery was absolutely ecstatic to learn of this discovery, and it has given her a newfound motivation to make sure the Veil’s story is preserved and shared.
Amidst all the renovations,

Avery has been keeping a secret from her husband – she is pregnant! She has been wanting to tell him for some time now, but the timing has never been quite right. With Peter already so busy working on the house renovations, advocating for the local school district’s art program, and keeping up with his day job at the foundation, Avery is hesitant to share her news.

Avery wears the cutest dresses ever in this movie! This dress captures her floral, flowy look!

This purse comes in multiple colors. I have the Lavender color featured above and it pairs well with almost anything!

The Wedding Veil Inspiration

The Wedding Veil Hallmark Series
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Emma has her dream job, teaching art history at a prestigious university, while Paolo has opened up a new lace shop in Chicago.

Paola travels home to Italy to be with his father who is in the hospital and the couple struggles as they endure a long-distance relationship and the strain of being apart. As Emma begins to realize that her dream job may not be what she always thought it would be, she finds solace in her teaching assistant, Lily.

Lily and Paolo’s cousin, Matteo, become the next couple to encounter the Veil’s legend as their love story blossoms.

As Emma and Paolo struggle with their relationship and the distance between them, they learn to appreciate and embrace each other for who they are.

By the end of the movie, Emma has decided to leave teaching at the university and move to Italy to be with Paolo and his family and pursue a career teaching about art on videos. To top it all off, Emma and Paolo are pregnant!

Emma's work wardrobe is vibrant, lively, and playful, with no black attire despite her college's dress code recommendation.

Emma wears jewelry with an artistic flair.

The Wedding Veil Journey

The Wedding Veil Hallmark Series
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Tracy and Nick have been married for three years, but had yet to a honeymoon.

They chose Greece as their destination and despite the romantic setting, Tracy and Nick still find it difficult to reconnect with each other during their honeymoon. That is until they encounter a local orphan, Leonidas.

Leonidas is a young, talented artist whose artwork is simply mesmerizing. The couple decide to take Leonidas under their wing and soon form a strong bond with him. As they get to know Leonidas better, Tracy and Nick realize that he is the perfect addition to their family and decide to adopt him.

Tracy reads this book throughout the movie. She begins reading while she is alone in her New York house while Nick works late nights at the restaurant. She then brings the book to Greece and reads throughout her honeymoon.

Just like Tracy and Nick, spin the globe and see where your next adventure takes you!

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