The McMurray Family: A Rodeo Dynasty

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Ride is a multigenerational family ensemble that follows the lives of the McMurrays, part of a rodeo dynasty going back a generation. The McMurrays have had their share of hardships, but they’ve always managed to keep their beloved ranch afloat. But now, tragedy has struck and the family is facing their toughest challenge yet.

The series follows each character as they embark on an empowering journey of transformation and self-discovery. As they uncover a twisted web of secrets, they’ll have to face the consequences of a family in turmoil. In the process, they’ll learn about themselves, their relationships, and the power of resilience.

Take a ride with the McMurray family and join them as they grapple with the challenges of keeping their ranch afloat and forging their own unique paths.

Hallmark Channel's Ride

Ride Rodeo Show on Hallmark Channel, like Yellowstone
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"Rodeo is about family. We support each other, we forgive past wrongs. So if you're searching for a word to describe the McMurrays, I'd go with 'Lucky."


Hallmark Ride TV Show about a Rodeo Dynasty
Photo Credit: HallmarkCannel.com


Hallmark Ride TV Show about a Rodeo Dynasty
Photo Credit: HallmarkCannel.com


Hallmark Ride TV Show about a Rodeo Dynasty
Photo Credit: HallmarkCannel.com


Hallmark Ride TV Show about a Rodeo Dynasty
Photo Credit: HallmarkCannel.com


Hallmark Ride TV Show about a Rodeo Dynasty
Photo Credit: HallmarkCannel.com


Photo Credit: HallmarkCannel.com


marcus-rosner-austin-ride-hallmark-channel-03 (1)
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Canyon, Colorado

The McMurray family owns a ranch in their small Colorado town.

"The McMurray Ranch and Bullriding are the Hallmark of Canyon."

setting: Colorado Hallmark Ride TV Show about a Rodeo Dynasty

Season 1: 10 Episodes


Hallmark Channel dramatic series “Ride” starring Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye and Beau Mirchoff

This series has stunning scenery, particularly the charming barn, farmhouse, and fences. The country music playing in the background adds to the overall ambiance.

There is a strong family love among the characters, whether they are biologically connected or not.

Cash and Missy’s scenes are super steamy due to their remarkable chemistry, leaving many emotions unspoken.

Episode #1: Legend of the Fall

Premiere Episode: March 26, 2023

The McMurray family is struck with tragedy when their eldest brother, Austin, is thrown from a bull and trampled at the Boulder Rodeo. This is precisely the way in which the McMurray patriarch, who was Isabel’s husband, passed away.

A year later, Isabel receives a foreclosure notice for their cherished family ranch. Still grieving, the family must come together and mend their relationships in order to save the ranch. Despite their circumstances, it’s clear that Cash and Missy share a strong chemistry, and Cash can’t help but feel that Missy is the one who got away.

"I don't know the future of the ranch, but I do know if I wanna fight for it, I can't do it alone."

Episode #2: Rodeo and Juliet

Cash has a plan to ride bulls and earn enough money to keep his ranch running and surpass the success of his late brother, Austin. Missy will serve as his coach, having previously coached her own husband in bull-riding. Additionally, Missy secures a lucrative brand deal with Frontier for their jeans. Meanwhile, Tuff and Valeria are forced to repair their friendship and work together as co-foremen to save the ranch.

Episode #3: The McMurray Curse

The McMurrays are preparing to host a significant community ranching gala, and Isabel is tasked with sprucing up the barn and making her son Cash look his best to impress the judges. She is also nervous about impressing her former best friend. However, after a dramatic gala with other ranchers, the two are able to renew their friendship. Meanwhile, Missy is feeling anxious about returning to trick riding, as the last time she attempted her famous “suicide drag,” Austin was thrown off his bull

"You are the Hero that Rodeo was made for."

Episode #4: Estella

Isabel doesn’t feel like celebrating her birthday, but the children organize a surprise party for her and even get her a cake. Missy and Gus bond when she agrees to show his niece around the ranch. Valeria attempts to join the ranch hand boys club by participating in their usual Poker game. However, it is revealed that Valeria may have a history of gambling problems or is lying about this to keep Austin’s secret hidden.

Episode #5: When It Rains...

A massive storm is barreling towards Tuff and Valeria’s farm, and they must work together to save the hay bales from getting wet. The horses won’t be able to eat them if they get soaked, which could be catastrophic. Fortunately, Gus comes to the rescue when he manages to repair Dusty McMurray’s old hay bale machine.

Isabel prepares a delicious dinner of ribs and cole slaw for the harvest feast. The Canyon Mayor suggests that Isabel work with him to open up a McMurray Stadium and Museum, Dusty and his dream.

Meanwhile, Missy and Cash attend a Frontier barbecue, where Cash impresses the CEO of Frontier Jeans by promising to ride in a Denver rodeo in just one week. Missy discovers that Austin has a hidden past with another woman at the barbecue.

After the feast, Cash and Gus get into a fistfight because of their jealousy over Missy.

"That bull is not my enemy, he's more like a dance partner."

Episode #6: Your Cheatin' Heart

Isabel and Hank have a plan to persuade Daniel Booker, Gus’s father, to invest in their new Canyon Rodeo Arena, paying tribute to the McMurray Rodeo Dynasty. Isabel showcases her barrel racing skills, Missy impresses with her trick riding, and Cash successfully rides Bullet the bull for the full 8 seconds. However, Isabel and Missy later discover that Cash rode with a serious hand injury from his previous altercation with Gus.

Missy finally meets Polly, a mysterious woman from Austin’s past whom they had met at the Frontier BBQ. Polly agrees to reveal a secret about Austin, but the audience will have to wait until the next episode to find out what it is.

Episode #7: Ride or Die

Cash sustained a hairline fracture from his recent fight against Gus, which means he won’t be able to participate in the upcoming Denver rodeo. This is unfortunate, as Cash was hoping to impress JB from Frontier.

Judging the Miss Rocky Mountain Rodeo competition, Missy fondly recalls how Isabel taught her how to perform daring tricks while riding horses. Despite pressure to choose a winner favored by Frontier, Missy selects the contestant who truly deserves the title.

Missy initially feels hesitant about going on a dinner date with Gus, but ends up kissing him during the Canyon party at the town bar.

Tuff delights the crowd at the Canyon town party by performing an original song with Janine.

Isabel eases the town’s concerns that the McMurray Rodeo Stadium will detract from Canyon’s history and traditions.

Meanwhile, Cash achieves a new record on the mechanical bull, besting Austin’s previous accomplishment.

"It will always be hard for me to trust that you riding bulls will be okay."

Episode #8: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

The McMurrays prepare for a wealthy Booker wedding, Gus’s sister prepares to get married at the ranch’s wedding venue that has not been in use since Missy and Austin’s wedding. 

Episode #9: Truths Laid Bare

Episode #10: Andalusians

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I enjoy the attire in Ride, which includes a range of western wear such as jeans, plaid button-downs, champs, vests, leather jackets, and ranch boots.

Missy always wears a delicate horseshoe necklace.

Missy's belts are always vibrant and lively with a touch of sparkle.

Missy wears charming ranch dresses with her boots when she's not busy tending to the ranch.

Cookbooks for the Ranch

Isabel is constantly preparing scrumptious dishes in the kitchen for all the individuals on the ranch. Create a ranch-style meal for you or your very own ranch team with these cookbooks. 

'The Cowboy Cookbook for Beginners' features 250 genuine and customary American ranch dishes.

I am a big fan of The Pioneer Woman! Her cooking show is delightful, and her dishes offer a sense of comfort and warmth.

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