Some of our favorite Hallmark TV shows are inspired by beloved book series!

I find that the characters and narratives in the show took on a whole new level of importance once I read the original books. It was truly fascinating to see how the show’s creators adapted the source material and brought it to life on-screen.

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Hallmark TV Shows Based on Books

Check out this list of Hallmark TV shows based on book series for a dose of cozy, heartwarming entertainment.

The Chicken Sisters

The Chicken Sistersbased on the best-selling novel of the same name, is a delightful southern romance and family drama that unfolds in the charming, fictional town of Merinac, Kansas. Two rival fried chicken restaurants—Mimi’s and Frannie’s—have divided the founding families and stirred up quite a stir among locals. However, when an exciting cooking show. Kitchen Clash arrives in town, long-held secrets are revealed, igniting sparks of love and excitement all around! 🍗

Chicken Sisters Hallmark
The Chicken Sisters

In rural Merinac, Kansas, there's a feud between Chicken Mimi's and Chicken Frannie's over who has the best fried chicken. Amanda Moore, a former Mimi's employee, asks reality TV show Food Wars for a chance to win $100,000 and end the family feud. Mae Moore, Amanda's sister from Brooklyn, helps Mimi's in the competition against her sister at Frannie's. 🍗 Reese's Book Club

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When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart Season 11
photo credit: HallmarkChannel.com

When Calls the Heart is an emotional television drama series, inspired by Janette Oke’s beloved Canadian West book series.

Follow Elizabeth Thatcher’s journey as she moves to Coal Valley in, Canada in the early 1900s to become a teacher and adapt to frontier life and build relationships with the local townsfolk while discovering newfound faith.

When Calls the Heart book series by Janette Oke

When Hope Calls

When Hope Calls Hallmark Show
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When Hope Calls is the heartwarming spin-off of Hallmark Channel’s beloved series When Calls the Heart. The series is based on the beloved books by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan.

When Hope Calls centers around two sisters, Lillian and Grace, who open an orphanage in the small 1916 Western town of Brookfield. 

Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores Hallmark Show inspired by Sherryl Woods Books
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The beloved Hallmark TV series, based on Sherryl Woods’ beloved Chesapeake Shores novel series, follows Abby O’Brien Winters as she returns home to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. After a difficult divorce and an all-consuming career, Abby is finally able to focus on the town her father built – and all the memories, relationships, and possibilities that come along with it. 

HallmarkJenny reading A Chespeare Shores Novel by Sheryl Woods

Cedar Cove

Hallmark Show Cedar Cove, Based on Books
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The television show Cedar Cove is adapted from Debbie Macomber’s book series with the same title.

Set in a charming town on an island in the Puget Sound, it centers around Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart and her professional and personal life. The show aired for three seasons (2013-2015) and marked the network’s debut in original scripted programming.

HallmarkJenny reading Christmas in Cedar Cove, Christmas Movie Based on Book

Love Comes Softly

Hallmark Love Comes Softly, Based on Books
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Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke is a beloved book series set in the 1800s frontier, following widow Marty’s journey towards faith and love. The books and movies, including the 2003 film adaptation starring Katherine Heigl and 11 subsequent films, have impacted countless readers and audiences.