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Mahogany is a series of movies that celebrate Black culture and honor and elevate the voices of Black women.

Mahogany is taking its beloved brand of genuine and meaningful representation to the big screen! Hallmark Mahogany Films premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, bringing stories and characters of the Black community to life with compelling and captivating films. 

Hallmark Mahogany Movies premiere on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

Mahogany Movies

History of Hallmark Mahogany Cards

Hallmark Mahogany brand was the first greeting card brand to recognize the importance of African-American culture and to create cards specifically tailored to Black people.

Hallmark Mahogany cards express the importance of family and faith, as well as beauty and strength. These cards feature positive and uplifting messages that speak to the shared experiences of the African-American community. They celebrate the richness of the culture and are designed to honor families, friends, and communities.

Mahogany Movies' Theme

Hallmark Mahogany expands Hallmark’s iconic Mahogany brand into the world of film with the launch of Hallmark Mahogany Films.  

Hallmark Mahogany Films lovingly celebrating the Black community and its stories, providing an opportunity to share their unique perspective with the world.

Mahogany Cards at the Movies

In 2022’s movie Girlfriendship, Tamera Mowry-Housley plays Samara, a financial administrator at Mahogany Cards. 

During a meeting at the company, Samara encourages the women around the table to consider the unique experiences of black women and to reflect these experiences in all that Mahogany does. She stresses the importance of listening to the community’s needs in order to better serve them. Samara also mentions the importance of fellowship, celebration and empowerment for the community, and she looks for ways to make that happen.

Samara, after a life-altering women’s retreat, proposes to launch a ‘Soulful Summers’ card collection celebrating the significance of African American family reunions and summer vacations. 

“The Ancestors Are Moving Mountains To See You Rise.”

Diverse Storytelling

In recent years, Hallmark Movies have taken a step further to ensure that their content is representing diverse voices and perspectives both on-screen and behind the scenes. The launch of Mahogany marks a significant moment in Hallmark Media’s evolution and commitment to diversity.

Spring Breakthrough


Spring Breakthrough | Mahogany Hallmark Movie
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Monica gets fired from her job and discovers her college graduate daughter’s engagement. Monica is a single parent who had a failed marriage and tries to persuade her daughter against getting married. However, her daughter ensures her that her fiancé is amazing and they work well together.

During their stay at Gulf Shores resort for an engagement party and a surprise wedding, Monica develops feelings for her daughter’s new son-in-law’s Godfather. He is a former workaholic who moved to his family’s resort where the surprise wedding is held. 

Keesha Sharp’s performance was captivating, genuine, and stunningly gorgeous. The film narrated a heartwarming tale of two couples on varying stages of their life’s journey, emphasizing a mother’s perspective of watching her daughter mature and allowing love to flourish in her life.

I found the love stories of both couples to be quite enjoyable, and the spontaneous beach wedding that took place at the end was absolutely adorable!

The movie’s backdrop was a delightful experience! It showcased the entire resort, including the cozy rooms, the inviting dining area, and the stunning golf course.

"Throughout all of this, I've learned not only how to let go and let God, but how to let go and let Love."

A Nashville Legacy


A Nashville LEgacy Hallmark Mahogany movie
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Naima is a passionate music lover, and her dream comes true when she moves to Nashville to finish her doctorate in the history of African-American music and work at a renowned African-American music museum. Her research takes her on an exciting journey of discovery as she uncovers her grandmother’s musical legacy.

At the museum, Naima meets Damian, the heir to a large record label. Sparks fly and the two quickly fall in love. Damian introduces Naima to his family and their love story continues.

One of the most inspiring moments of the movie comes when Naima discovers a song that was stolen from a young African-American trio. The trio was never given credit for their work, and Naima works to right this wrong. The trio, the Daffodil Girls, are finally given their due credit.

This movie was both educational and inspiring. It teaches us the importance of giving credit where it is due and provides a powerful example of giving back. Naima and Damian’s love story is also a beautiful one, showing us that when two people are truly meant to be together, nothing can stand in their way.

Naima writes a book: 'The Daffodil Girls: The Greatest Girl Group that Never Was.'

Music, History and Questlove: Exploring America's Last 50 Years. Join Questlove as he delves into the musical history of America over the past half century, combining his deep musical knowledge with intriguing insights into the country's past.

The Holiday Stocking


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For the Holiday family, their tradition was one of fun and family togetherness. Every holiday season, the two sisters and one brother would come together for The Holiday Stocking, a search with five riddles and five good deeds done as a family. Decades later, the siblings had drifted apart and, sadly, Robert, the brother, had passed away.

But this Holiday season, Robert returns to earth as an angel to reunite the sisters through their family holiday tradition, The Holiday Stocking.

The movie is an endearing portrayal of the Holiday family and their issues. We can all relate to the struggles they faced, such as marital problems, exhaustion from long work hours, money issues and loneliness.

The Holiday Stocking reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing.

The sibling reunion was a heartwarming moment that truly encapsulates the importance of family. The movie captures the love and forgiveness that comes with family and reminds us to always cherish the ones we love.

“The most important things at Christmas are the things that money can’t buy.”

Pat's BBQ is the backdrop for much of the movie. Get the first cookbook by Black pitmaster, James Beard Award–winning chef Rodney Scott and discover the amazing culinary legacy he has created with his life story, family traditions, and passion for his craft. Buy now!

To Her, with Love


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When Kayla took on the role of interim-teacher at a low-income school, she was met with an array of challenges. She was determined to make an impact on her students, but knew that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication.

But then she met Jordan, who also worked in the school as a teacher. Jordan was passionate about the arts and the impact it had on her students. She was determined to prove that an art program could be beneficial for the students, even though the school board was considering cutting it due to budget issues and the school’s low academic standing.

With Jordan’s help, Kayla was able to put together a comprehensive plan to introduce an art program to the school.

The art program served as a way to bring the entire school together in a positive way. It helped to foster a sense of connection and belonging in the school community that had been lacking previously.

The movie’s themes are similar to the 1967 Columbia Pictures’ motion picture “To Sir, With Love” starring Sidney Poitier. As Poitier’s character famously said, “Love is never easy, but it is always worth it.” Kayla and Jordan knew that, and their hard work and dedication paid off in a big way for the students at the school.

“One good team beats one good teacher every time.”

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This hilarious romantic comedy follows two thirty-somethings who meet on a blind dating app and find that their online connection is much weaker than the offline rivalry they share.

Unthinkably Good Things

2022 | | Unthinkably Good Things is the first Hallmark Mahogany Movie

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It was a long time coming, but three old friends finally managed to reunite in Tuscany, Italy for a much-anticipated girls’ trip.

As the three friends explored the rolling hills and countryside of Tuscany, they found themselves growing closer and closer. Surrounded by the stunning views and warm weather, it was the perfect setting for honest conversations, laughter, and ultimately, reconnecting.

The first days were spent exploring the sights and sounds of the region, trying out new restaurants, visiting local wineries, and simply enjoying each other’s company. But as the days went on, conversations got deeper and more meaningful. The trio began to talk about their individual lives, relationships, and ambitions.

Though each of them had grown in different ways since their last meeting, they still had so much in common. They shared the same values, beliefs, and outlook on life. The trip served as a reminder of the unbreakable bond they had formed so many years ago.

Perhaps the greatest takeaway from the girls’ trip to Tuscany was the reminder that true friendship can last a lifetime. No matter how much life changes, there are some connections that will always remain.

"Fall in Love with your Fresh Start."

In Tuscany, the three friends looked stunning in every scene with Long, Flowy, and Breezy Dresses.