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Family History Mysteries follows genealogist Sophie McClaren as she uncovers lost and hidden family members. Jackson, a doctor, is a childhood friend and potential love interest. With Sophie’s expertise in genealogy and Jackson’s medical background, they are uniquely positioned to solve the mysteries of the past. 

Family History Mysteries

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The main character, Sophie, is a feisty, smart and stylish entrepreneur who owns her own genealogy business. Not only is this a unique job to have, but Sophie is also an amazing detective who uses her skills to help solve genealogy mysteries.

Sophie has a great friend and co-worker, Esme, who helps her out with any cases that come their way. Esme is just as charismatic and likable as Sophie, and the two make an excellent team.

On top of that, Sophie has an adorable relationship with her childhood friend and love interest, Niall Matter, that is so sweet to watch unfold. The chemistry between Janel Parrish and Niall Matter is amazing and adds a great dimension to the series.

Hallmark has really outdone themselves with this unique mystery series and I’m so excited to see where it goes and uncover Sophie’s birth parents.

"I have lots of family trees to shake and no one's gonna shake 'em but me."

Based on a Book Series

Uncover forgotten secrets of the past with the Family History Mystery Series by Brynn Bonner. Follow genealogist Sophreena McClure and her business partner, Esme Sabatier—a gifted medium—as they use old documents and photographs to trace family histories and create heritage scrapbooks. This four-book series inspired the Hallmark Mystery series of the same name, giving readers an intriguing and inspiring look at the past.

I love the Birch Forest Canvas Painting Wall Art Décor in the background! It's my absolute favorite.

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