This post provides a complete lineup of all the 2015 ‘Countdown to Christmas’ movies on the Hallmark Channel.

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Countdown to Christmas Movies

2015 Movies

'Tis the Season for Love

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Tis the Season for Love'
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Actress Beth Baker returns to hometown for Christmas, finding performing opportunities and romance.

Ice Sculpture Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Ice Sculpture Christmas' with Rachel Boston
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An un nlikely duo compete in ice-sculpture contest.

Charming Christmas

Charming Christmas Hallmark Movie movie based on a book
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Meredith is a Mrs. Claus who feels enchanted by the arrival of the new store Santa, Nick.

I'm Not Ready for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'I'm Not Ready for Christmas'
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Holly must face her past lies due to her niece’s wish to never lie and choose honesty.

Christmas Incorporated

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Christmas Incorporated'
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Riley gets an assistant job with a rich boss who must shut down a factory before Christmas.

Northpole: Open for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'North Pole' with Lori Loughlin and Dermot Mulroney
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Mackenzie receives magical assistance from Clementine and Elves to renovate her hotel in time for a Christmas sale.

Merry Matrimony

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Merry Matrimony'
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Brie organizes a Christmas wedding for a magazine with her estranged ex as the photographer.

Once Upon a Holiday

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Once Upon a Holiday' with Paul Campbell
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A royal princess falls for a good Samaritan during a Christmas getaway from her duties.

12 Gifts of Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie '12 Gifts of Christmas'
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Anna, a painter, becomes Marc’s personal shopper and learns the true meaning of Christmas gifts.

Crown for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Crown for Christmas' with Danica McKellar
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Allie becomes governess to Princess Theodora and falls in love with Maximillion, the King of Winshire.

A Christmas Detour

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'A Christmas Detour'
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Dylan, disliked by Paige, aids her through a snowstorm to meet her fiancé’s parents in the city.

Angel of Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Angel of Christmas'
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Heartbroken over a past Christmas breakup, reporter Susan finally gets her chance to write a headline story.

Just in Time for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Just in Time for Christmas' Hallmark Hall of Fame
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Lindsay faces a choice: hometown and long-time partner or Ivy League college teaching job.

Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: Part 1

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'The Bride' Hallmark Christmas Move Based on a Book
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Molly and Ryan bond at college’s The Bridge bookstore.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'On the Twelfth Day of Christmas'
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Maggie helps Mitch rediscover the joy of Christmas.

A Christmas Melody

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'A Christmas Melody' with Lacey Chabert & Mariah Carey
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Kristin moves to Ohio, meets rival PTA President Melissa. Music teacher Danny helps Kristin and Emily.

Christmas Land

Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Christmas Land' with Luke Macfarlane & Nikki DeLoach
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Jules inherits a Christmas tree farm and falls for a lawyer, Tucker, after rediscovering the location.

When Calls the Heart: New Year's Wish

When Calls the Heart New Year's Wish, Hallmark Channel
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The town’s new beginnings make this New Year truly unforgettable.