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Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies 2022

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Gathering around the television to watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

This year, Hallmark is bringing us an incredible 31 new Christmas Movies, and you can guarantee that each one is sure to offer plenty of feel-good moments and holiday cheer.

Hallmark’s Christmas movies are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and remind us of the Christmas spirit that is so dear to all of us.

This year’s lineup of Hallmark Christmas movies is sure to bring plenty of joy and cheer. From romantic comedies to heartwarming tales of family and friendship, Hallmark has us covered. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to snuggle up with hot chocolate and a Hallmark Christmas movie. They’ll make your holiday season even brighter!

Hallmark Channel Christmas 2022 Movies

Hallmark Channel

Noel Next Door

Noel Next Door Hallmark Movie movie based on a book with Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier
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Noelle, a mother who just got divorced, is excited to celebrate her first Christmas with her son Henry. However, her neighbor Jeremy seems to be the resident grinch and has started a feud with Henry after his soccer ball accidentally hit Jeremy’s wall. Despite never having met in person, the two eventually cross paths, hit it off, and begin dating. It’s not until later that they discover they are actually neighbors with a contentious relationship.

"You single-handedly restored my love of Christmas.”

Noel Next Door is based off of this super cute Christmas romance book, How the Grinch Stole my Heart. Warning: this book is risqué with a lot of steam in it!

We Wish You a Married Christmas

We Wish You a Married Christmas Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Becca and Robby are sitting far apart on a lengthy sofa during their marriage therapy session. They are discussing their individual professions and the challenges they face while renovating their apartment. They’ve been married for 13 years and feel they have drifted apart. Their marriage counselor suggests that they rekindle their relationship by visiting Gracious, Vermont.

“Nothing is going to feel like home unless we’re together.”

A Kismet Christmas

a kismet christmas hallmark jenny
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Sarah, a writer of books for children, comes back to her grandmother’s small town after leaving heartbroken when a enchanted cookie unveiled her true love to be the boy-next-door who was getting married to someone else! She finds out that Travis is no longer wedded and has a daughter who loves Christmas and books. Sarah starts to question if the Kismet Cookies knew her soulmate after all.

“The Kismet doesn’t happen unless you really believe in the magic.”

A Kismet Christmas is based on Lori Wilde’s book, The First Love Cookie Club. The book is the third in a series about the small town, Twilight and the movie mostly follows the book it is based off of. I now want to read the whole series! I love the quaint town, Twilight!

A Cozy Christmas Inn

A Cozy Christmas Inn Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Sequel to 2014's movie with Candace Cameron Bure, 'Christmas Under Wraps'

Erika embarks on a trip to Garland, Alaska with the aim of procuring an Inn for her enterprise, only to discover that her former beau, Andy, has refurbished and is managing the Inn. As she witnesses Andy’s love and hardwork reflected in the magnificent Christmas-themed Inn, Erika is caught between the alluring job promotion and Andy’s joyfulness.

“Love and Selflessness, those are the gifts that couple really gave one another. They gave of themselves. Choosing one another over everything else.”

Jolly Good Christmas

Jolly GOod Christmas with Will Kemp Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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David, an American architect residing in London, is on the hunt for a unique Christmas present for his new girlfriend. Despite initially planning to purchase a gift card, he decides to enlist the services of a personal shopper named Anji. The duo embarks on an adventure throughout London, scouring various shops in search of the ideal gift.As they explore the city, a romantic spark begins to ignite between David and Anji. In the process, David realizes that he may have just the right gift in mind for Anji, while Anji’s perception of the perfect gift may be misguided.

“Let us raise a glass to the perfect gift, to love.”

Ghosts of Christmas Always

Ghosts of CHristmas Always Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Peter is paid a visit by Katherine’s team of ghosts, including the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, who aim to assist him in finding his Christmas spirit once again, a process they refer to as “The Scrooging” of Peter Baron. Despite already being in the holiday spirit, Peter can’t shake the feeling that something about the situation is familiar. As Katherine and Peter spend more time together, they become determined to uncover the true reason why the Ghosts have been sent to help him.

“For a ghost to pass through, they must first know where they want to go.”

A Magical Christmas Village

Christmas Village Movie, Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Summer’s home is transformed with a Christmas Village that holds a magical history. The universe’s enchantment brings a sense of love and buoyancy to not only Summer, but to her entire family during this wondrous holiday season.

“I think this village is magic…it’s full of Christmas spirit and possibility….You just make a wish and watch what happens.”

Lights, Camera, Christmas!

Lights, Camera, Christmas Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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In the town where Kerry grew up, a Christmas film is being shot with the renowned “King of Christmas Movies” actor. As a stroke of luck, all the clothes in Kerry’s shop are chosen as costumes for the movie, and she is offered a job as the costume designer! Kerry proves to be a skilled designer on the set, and the lead actor is impressed by her work, motivating her to chase after her dreams and becoming his new inspiration.

Plot of the Movie:

My Favorite Santa is about a baker who has lost her belief in Christmas and a guy who claims to be Santa.

“You made me real. I never felt so real in my life and it terrified me.”

All Saints Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movie with Ledisi, New Orleans Movie, Black Movies, Mahogany | Fake Dating Trope
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Lisette, an R&B vocalist, is facing a challenge with her record label’s plan for her music career. However, things take an unexpected turn when the media mistakes her ex-partner, Matthew, for her fiancé. The duo decides to head back to Lisette’s family in New Orleans to celebrate Christmas. The festive atmosphere of Mardi Gras mixed with their fake engagement brings them closer and helps them comprehend their past relationship and each other better.

“I’ll always say yes to you.”

In Merry Measure

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Darcy comes back to her hometown to celebrate Christmas with her sister and niece, following years of hardships as an insignificant pop star. Her former high school choir adversary, Adam, is in charge of the choir for the upcoming Christmas Carol Competition and has dismissed her niece. To solve the issue, Darcy forms her own choir with her niece and the others who were also dismissed. Later, the two choirs combine to create a dominating choir for the big competition. During this journey, Darcy realizes that all her travels and attempts to pursue her singing career have neglected the importance of Christmas family traditions and love in her life.

“If you get lonely like you did before? I’m just a phone call away.”

The Royal Nanny

The Royal nanny, Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Claire assumes the role of the Royal Nanny in a covert operation to safeguard the safety of the Royal Family from an imminent threat. The objective is to identify the source of the security breach linked to the upcoming Christmas charity ball. Amid the mission, Claire finds herself unexpectedly enamored with the Royal Family and the generous and attractive Prince Colin, the uncle of the young royals.

“Don’t you believe a genuine act of kindness around the holidays can fill a child’s world with hope?”

Christmas at the Golden Dragon

Chinese Food Movie Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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The Golden Dragon serves as a sanctuary for those who are away from their loved ones during the holidays. This Chinese restaurant offers a warm and welcoming space for people to come together and enjoy meals that are prepared with love by the Chen family, including their children Romy and Rick. The restaurant is a hub of stories and characters that interconnect like the branches of a beautiful Christmas wreath, forming a close-knit and supportive community that embraces and cares for one another.

“Because of the Dragon, they had some place to spend Christmas along with all the other holiday orphans in town. We made a family and made new traditions.”

Inventing the Christmas Prince

Hallmark Movie with Tamera Mowry
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Shelby tells her daughter the tale of The Christmas Prince, a benevolent figure who bestows 12 wishes upon individuals during the 12 days preceding Christmas. The story has been handed down through generations of Shelby’s ancestors, including her own father and his father before him.Despite being a brilliant rocket engineer, Shelby’s boss Evan struggles with interpersonal communication. When Shelby expresses her intention to resign due to the team being required to work on Christmas, Evan recognizes the necessity of retaining valuable employees and consents to assume the identity of The Christmas Prince in order to make Shelby’s daughter’s holiday season enchanting.

“Lately, I’d rather be down here on earth, right where I am.”

Beyond adorable, this film made me believe in Christmas magic again. This is an extremely creative and inventive movie and incorporated Christmas events in a brand new way, like a fancy Christmas tea party! Tamera Mowry-Housley was so fun and warm! Ronnie Rowe Jr. plays an excellent all-work-no-play boss and gave me Christian Grey vibes. Their chemistry was unbeatable!

Three Wise Men and a Baby

Three Wise Men and a Baby Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Three siblings, all living under their mother’s roof, experience an unexpected shock when they must collaborate and look after an infant during the festive season.

“Three grown-men and a baby? You can’t write this stuff.”

This movie is an instant holiday classic! The brothers are all insanely funny, unique and character work goes deep as they uniquely dealt with the grief of their dad leaving. The real-life nativity scene as the brothers chaotically improvise the nativity story dressed as the Three Wise Men with baby Jesus (baby Thomas) is absolutely hilarious! I had to pause this movie several times because I was laughing so hard.

When I Think of Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Sara comes back to her hometown to help her mother move into a condo. The upcoming Christmas Concert is directed by her former lover, Josh, and they constantly run into each other around town. Both Sara and Josh were musicians, and they had planned to move to Nashville together. However, Sara opted for Yale Law School instead of risking an unstable life as a musician. Sara’s parents were musicians who traveled frequently when Sara was young, and they struggled to make ends meet. They pushed her to attend college. With Josh’s music arrangements, Sara and her mother rediscover their passion for music.

“Your first love never leaves you.”

Sara and Josh’s chemistry is astonishing! This plot was super simple, yet unexpected and different with how all the characters navigated their deferred dreams. I loved the small town and that Sara and Josh did so many Christmas festivities together.

My Southern Family Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Campbell embarks on a journey to Louisiana with the purpose of penning an article on Christmas traditions, specifically the Pere Noel Christmas Celebration. According to the celebration, the Cajun rendition of Santa Claus illuminates the bayou to lead Pere Noel towards their homes. However, behind the guise of the Christmas story, Campbell harbors a secret agenda – to finally meet her biological father, this year’s Pere Noel. As she acquaints herself with him, his new spouse, and her half-siblings, Campbell conceals her true identity.

“Sometimes the stuff that scares you the most ends up being the best thing that ever happened.”

This was a unique story about family, forgiveness and festivities at Christmas. I loved that the movie taught us about Louisiana traditions, especially Pere Noel! Jaicy Elliot is an understated actress that handles the strong, complicated emotions of abandonment.


Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Jen is running an interior design store that requires more business, and her social media page for the store needs more followers. A well-known design brand, HyggeAtHome, introduces a contest centered around family Christmas traditions that could significantly impact the store’s future. In response, Jen fabricates a story where her best friend, Max, is her husband, and her nephew is their son, creating the perfect holiday family. As time goes on, both Jen and Max start to wish that their imaginative life was their actual reality.

“I don’t have to worry what my life is gonna be anymore ‘cause it kinda just suddenly is.”

The charisma and layers this movie contained blew me away! Finally, a depiction of social media as a tool for a modern-day small business and not a sell-out of your true self. All of the women in this movie were thoughtful, quirky, and boss girls! The romance in this movie was both messy and picture-perfect.

A Royal Corgi Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas Royal Corgi Christmas
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Cecily embarks on a journey to train Mistletoe, a corgi with no remarkable lineage, who has been recently adopted by Prince Edmond. The unruly prince plans to gift Mistletoe to his mother, the Queen. Cecily and Edmond join forces to train the adorable pup while bonding over their mutual love for charity work.

“I think he (the royal corgi!) thinks that we’re both his person.”

This movie is bright and heart-warming! Prince Edmond's transformation as he gives to his community and orphaned youth in particular is inspiring and evokes the spirit of Christmas. and Hunter King is beyond adorable!

A Tale of Two Christmases

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Emma presents her architecture design in Chicago before heading back to her hometown in Vermont. While in the city, she expressed her desire to spend Christmas there, and Santa Claus may have granted her wish. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve morning, Emma misses her flight home and decides to stay in the city with Max, a new romantic interest. Together, they attend his Chic Christmas Party, which turns out to be a memorable experience. On another occasion, Emma catches her flight and spends Christmas with her childhood friend Drew, attending a Family Christmas Party. Through these two Christmas Eves, Emma learns more about herself and what she wants in life, including who she wants to be with.

“It turns out I prefer dysfunctional family gatherings to perfect holiday parties.”

‘Home for the Holidays’ is taken to the next level with this heart-warming story of Christmas in the Big City juxtaposed with Christmas with her Loved Ones. Wonderful life lessons are played out among both sides, ultimately reminding us what is important in our lives and at Christmas.

Haul Out the Holly

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown
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Emily goes home for Christmas with her parents, but to her surprise, they reveal that they are relocating to Florida. Jared, the newly elected HOA President, requests Emily to act as a proxy for her parents and take part in the community’s numerous Christmas events, including decorating their home. Despite her initial reluctance towards the festive season, Jared and her neighbors’ celebratory spirit transform Emily’s sentiments towards Christmas decorations and festivity into feelings of appreciation and affection.

“Is Christmas merely the longest to do list of all time? Or is all that work actually fun? Maybe this year I’ll find out.”

Visually-pleasing movie with insanely good lighting and lots of Christmas festivities! This movie is quirky and fun. Lacey Chabert is radiant, lovely, very funny, and plays a different type of role where she is not super into Christmas. And Wes Brown’s eyes are gorgeously blue.

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

hallmark christmas movie with rachel boston and victor webster
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Annie assumes the role of CEO at Cooper’s Cookies, her grandmother’s beloved business. Drawing from her experience in NYC, she takes a cost-cutting approach and focuses on maximizing profits. However, she soon discovers that the company has been operating at a loss and is projected to shut down within two years. During the uninspiring Christmas party, the recipe for Cooper’s Cookies, which has been a closely guarded secret, is stolen. The culprit leaves behind a frequent flyer card from Bella’s Bakery, owned by Sam. Annie turns to Sam for assistance in uncovering the stolen recipe and enlists her baking expertise.

“A life baked with love tastes ever so sweet.”

This movie was so funny and cute and bouncy and happy and I loved every single scene! Major romantic vibes with a mystery. Every single character is well-formed. I loved learning about the workings of Cooper’s Cookies, we got to see a little more about how a small business turned big business operates. Rachel Boston is so talented and Victor Webster is super-hot; their chemistry was unbelievable, just like their baking recipes!

A Holiday Spectacular

Rockettes Movie, Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Margaret recounts to her granddaughter Lucy the tale of her stint as a Rockette in the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. It was 1958 and Maggie was uncertain about her upcoming marriage to a fellow wealthy socialite from Philadelphia. However, when she landed a role as a Rockette, she saw it as an opportunity to break free from the constricting bubble she had been living in. Maggie’s parents believed she was out shopping for a wedding dress, but she was actually staying at a women’s boarding home, practicing and performing alongside the Rockettes. With her newfound profession and friends, Maggie blossomed into an empowered woman and even found love with a charming dreamer named John.

“We make each other better, not as dancers, but as strong, confident women who can make our own dreams come true.”

The storyline is sweet, thoughtful, and entertaining. I love that this was set in 1958: the fashion, the innocence, the values, I loved the whole world. The Rockettes’ outfits and dances are absolutely astonishing; they come together as their own family, showcasing deep friendships. Ginna Claire Mason is charming and adorable with a lovely smile.

A Big Fat Family Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas, Asian Hallmark Movie
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Liv is a promising photojournalist working at the San Francisco Chronicle. Her task is to cover the Chang’s Christmas Party alongside Henry, a new colleague at the newspaper. However, Liv feels ashamed since she is the daughter of the Changs. She thinks that their Christmas celebration is excessive, a fusion of too many cultures, and should be more straightforward.

“Christmas symbolizes a time of community’s coming together and a refuge for those who need it.”

I learned so much about how other communities and cultures celebrate Christmas! I absolutely loved the over-the-top Christmas decorations and the unexpected Christmas magic of San Francisco. The entire story line is refreshing and cheerful in all aspects!

A Fabled Holiday

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas with Ryan Paevey
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Talia and Anderson, childhood friends, were introduced by Talia’s father to the fascinating tale of Wunderbrook, a Magical Christmas Village where lost souls can find solace and happiness. Three decades later, both Talia and Anderson found themselves spending Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn, participating in the enchanting Wunder Week Christmas celebrations and rediscovering their inner joy and authenticity. The film is presented in a storybook format, with captivating book illustrations, text, and a narrator guiding the viewers through each chapter.

“Once these special visitors arrive in this place, they experience a Holiday like no other and are reminded of who they really are and the true joy and peace that is the meaning of Christmas.”

I love stories about writing books or anything adjacent to books. The movie IS a book story, Talia is a writer writing a book, and Talia owns a book shop, so this is a triple yes for me! I love how innocent and imagination Talia is, how Anderson supports her, and the abundance of Christmas festivities in the magical village.

Undercover Holiday

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Jaylen, a promising popstar, is gearing up for a tour post-holiday season. To safeguard her rising career, her record label has hired a bodyguard to accompany her on her trip. However, her family is apprehensive about Jaylen leaving her hometown for Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. So, to allay their fears, Jaylen tells them that her bodyguard is actually her boyfriend.Matt, the bodyguard, endears himself to Jaylen’s family, especially her brother, who teams up with Matt to investigate the mysterious and eerie notes that Jaylen has been receiving. As Jaylen and Matt spend more time together, their fake relationship blossoms into a real one.

“Find a man who will jump in front of a train to save you.”

Jaylen and Matt have phenomenal chemistry! They made no sense, but their relationship worked perfectly in every way. I felt the romance! Noemi Gonzalez, who plays Jaylen, is a treasure, so full of energy and love! I hope we see her in Hallmark movie for years to come.

The Most Colorful Time of the Year

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Michelle, an optometrist, advocates for her daughter’s teacher, Ryan, to acknowledge his colorblindness and undergo a clinical trial for modern glasses that would help him see colors. Ryan feels ashamed that he can’t see colors, leading to his anger towards the world and Christmas as he is unable to experience them the way others do. Eventually, Michelle’s daughter provides Ryan with the trial glasses, allowing him to see the world with a spectrum of colors, rather than just black-and-white. This experience transforms Ryan’s heart and Christmas spirit, enabling him to welcome love, and all its colors, into his life.

“It’s like I’ve been living my whole life in the shadows and suddenly, someone came along and flicked on a light. Just like that, I’m seeing the extraordinary beauty of the world for the first time.”

This was a cute storyline with a real-world problem health problem that affects how someone views the world and Christmas. The plotline does sound silly, the actors are so genuine and sweet and the plot works. I enjoyed seeing Christopher Russell in a different type of role for him, but I love him in nature-related movies more. Katrina Bowden is endearing and radiant. I am so happy that she is here at Hallmark Channel bringing us viewers joy in her movies.

Christmas Class Reunion

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas
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Over the Christmas break, Elle takes charge of organizing her high school class’s 15-year reunion. With everyone returning home for the holidays, the plan is to reconnect and relive old memories. As the group reunites and participates in Christmas festivities, they discover new facets of each other and rekindle old relationships. Elle’s long-standing crush on Kam is shattered when she realizes he’s a snobby jerk.

Meanwhile, the class clown, Devin, surprises everyone with his kindness and charm, offering to help with the reunion planning. Despite being known as “the cursed class,” Elle and Devin are determined to make this reunion happen, even in the face of numerous logistical challenges. They refuse to let any obstacle get in the way of reuniting with their old classmates.

“This reunion didn’t go as planned. At all. But in the end, it couldn’t have gone better.”

Hello Tanner Novlan! This Hallmark newbie is an excellent Hallmark leading man. Both his and Aimee Teagarden’s performances were both genuine and funny. I love them together! This movie was full of Christmas festivities and the ensemble cast all had diverse storylines. I love the gay couple romance storyline. There is also a coding and technology theme from Elle and Devin’s daughter’s career interest that I found inspirational as a librarian and technology specialist.

The Holiday Sitter

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas first gay rom com
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Sam is a workaholic uncle who is not fond of children. He is headed for a Christmas vacation in Hawaii, but his sister coerces him into supervising his niece and nephew in the suburban area. Sam requests assistance from Jason, the neighbor who is great with kids and family-oriented. Jason is an excellent cook and assists in caring for the children. He desires to adopt a baby and start a family, while Sam has been a single workaholic for a long time. However, Sam is relishing his role as a family man this holiday season.

“I know we were kind of our own little bubble, but I really liked that bubble. A lot.”

This is Jonathan Bennett’s funniest role! I laughed out loud the entire movie! Jonathan Bennett’s performance is larger than life! He lights up the screen with hilarity and charisma. George Krissa balances out the laughs with his sincere love of children. The chemistry was insane and the romance is very real, not forced, in this movie. The movie also contained very real conversations of LGBTQA+ realities and perceptions.

Holiday Heritage

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas Kwanzaa Movie
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Ella comes home for the holidays and finds her family bakery in turmoil as her Mother and Grandma struggle to work together. Both women are grieving differently after the loss of Ella’s beloved Grandpa, who used to bring the family together through Kwanzaa traditions and values. Meanwhile, Ella’s former flame, Griffin, has become the Mayor of the town and is carrying on many of Grandpa Riley’s traditions. Ella must enlist Griffin’s help and seek her Grandpa’s guidance to bring her Mom and Grandma back together. By baking Kwanzaa cookies and celebrating both Christmas and Kwanzaa, the three generations of women begin to heal and find themselves again.

“The best interest of our family should be at the heart of our decisions.”

Kwanzaa in a Hallmark Christmas movie is enlightening and sentimental. The relationships between Ella, her Mom and Grandma is true-to-life and nice to see their relationship and selves blossom with honest conversation and the sentimentality that the Christmas season brings. This movie seems a good fit for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries with a very somber and serious tone, as the death of Ella’s Grandpa has shattered the family’s relationships and Christmas traditions. I love each and every character, but none of them are peppy, they are hurt and confused and navigating life as they know it.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022, Countdown to Christmas 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
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Madison is co-directing and co-writing a play called “The Trial Before Christmas”, which debates the true authorship of the famous Christmas poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. The play features Connor and Lena as opposing representation counsels for Clement C. Moore and Henry Livingston Jr. The production will premiere on Christmas Eve in the very town where the poem was anonymously published in 1823.

Madison and Connor embark on a research mission to delve deeper into the authorship and etymology of the poem, in order to add more depth to the play. Along the way, they encounter the ghosts of Henry Livingston Jr. and Clement Clark Moore, who teach them about pursuing their own passions and appreciating each other.

“I never wanted a name put to it at all. My poem is a celebration of Christmas magic. I wanted my children, all children, to experience that Christmas magic as if it might come from Saint Nicholas himself.”

My favorite movie of the 2022 season! This is the most inventive, interest Christmas plot I believe I have ever seen. I love the research and information on Clement Clark Moore and Henry Livingston Jr. and the etymology of the famous poem about St. Nick. The inner workings of the production of a play seemed real life, with producer’s opinions, improvisation, missing in action actors, actors struggling with how to act, and the play’s longevity. Torrey DeVitto and Zane Holtz are fantastic actors. Their chemistry is beyond explosive!

Hanukkah on Rye

Photo Credit:

Molly and Jacob were paired up by a matchmaker service in Brooklyn that uses old-fashioned letter writing and a courier to deliver them secretly in envelopes. They began to fall in love through exchanging letters under their pen names, Betha and David. Little did they know that their families both owned competing Jewish delis. During Hanukkah week celebrations, they bonded over traditional Jewish foods and their shared heritage. While Molly aimed to modernize her deli, Jacob was more interested in returning it to its authentic roots. As they spent more time together, they learned from each other’s different perspectives and grew together.

“You fall for someone’s soul and the rest comes later.”

This movie is upbeat, sentimental and educational with a dynamite storyline. The letter writing matchmaking service complete with a courier is so romantic and adorable. I absolutely loved all of the deli foods and the close ups of the food as scene transitions.