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Hallmark Mysteries now offers a prequel series for Aurora Teagarden fans. It follows her as a young student pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Science with a focus on True Crime in her hometown.

Hallmark Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New
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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Young Aurora Teagarden

Young Aurora from Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New
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Young Arthur

Evan Roderick | Hallmark Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New
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Marilu Henner from Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New
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"I really try to picture the scene when I read True Crime. Trying to figure out what really happened is like therapy to me."



Lawrencetown, Washington State


Lawrenceton is a quaint town with a charming, classic vibe. Aurora spends her days working as a server at a local diner while also pursuing her Library Degree at Lawrenceton University, a beautifully aged college building. The town’s Victorian-style houses add to its quaint charm, and the green and lush town square serves as the heart of the community. Meanwhile, Arthur works at the classic police department located in the center of town.

Hallmark Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New

The ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery’ franchise kicked off with a total of 17 films, with Candace Cameron Bure taking the lead role.

The Prequel series follows the same characters as young adults and even brings back Marilu Henner as Aida, Aurora’s mother.


Hallmark Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New
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The mystery involving a blogging platform and coding is intriguing, and Aurora skillfully employs her Principles of Information Science to solve it. The movie concludes with Aurora completing her thesis on True Crime Literature’s correlation with law enforcement’s ability to ensure justice.

"You're really good at finding things, Roe. You always have been."

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Aurora's Fashion

Aurora dresses in jeans, a belt, and a peacoat in cold Washington. She wears sundresses to teach, but adds a jean jacket for her job at a diner.

Aurora adorns herself in a dazzling pink gown for Sally's celebration just prior to the occurrence of the homicide.

Aurora often wears denim jackets with sundresses for library school or diner work.

Throughout the chilly scenes, Aurora is seen sporting a variety of peacoats.

Diner Items

The Prequel series features an adorable retro-style diner with Aurora, who works there while pursuing her Master’s degree and reconnecting with an old friend named Arthur. There’s also a charming chef who catches her eye.

Hallmark Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Prequel: Something New
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Library Items

I became a school librarian after finishing my Master’s in Library and Information Science. I love libraries and literature like Aurora Teagarden, and am fascinated by the Lawrencetown Library!

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Follow Aurora, a small-town librarian and true crime buff, as she partners with the Real Murders Society to solve mysteries in Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series by Charlaine Harris

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