Comprehensive List of New Year New Movies Movies on Hallmark Channel

Get ready for Hallmark’s new lineup of heartwarming winter movies! Previously named WinterFest, the New Year New Movies series will lift your spirits and remind you of the magic of the new year. Check out the complete lineup on the Hallmark Channel.

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New Year New Movies Movies

Hallmark Channel's New Year New Movies Movies

2024 Movies

Love on the Right Course

Hallmark Movie with golf: Love on the Right Course
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Golfer Whitney returns to her family’s course in Budapest, where she falls for laid-back pro Daniel. 

A Scottish Love Scheme

Hallmark Movie 'A Scottish Love Scheme'
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Lily visits Scotland with her mother and reunites with old friend Logan. Their mothers plan to set them up.

Betty’s Bad Luck in Love

Hallmark Movie: Betty's Bad Luck in Love
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Cursed from childhood to fail at romance, Betty’s relationships have always ended in disaster. But when she meets Alex, she’s tempted to try once more. 

Romance with a Twist

Hallmark aerial movie, Romance with a Twist
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Ex-dancer-turned-business-manager transforms gym into aerial studio and is discovered by returning pro aerialist.

2023 Movies

The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating, Hallmark New Year New Movie with Corey Sevier
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Simon gets a dog trainer named Alex to assist him in making a dog fond of him. 

The Wedding Veil Expectations

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Expectations' with Lacey Chabert| Wedding Veil Sequels
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Avery surprises Peter while renovating their old house, adding a new perspective to their romance and work juggling.

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil' with Lacey Chabert & Kevin McGarry
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The Wedding Veil Inspiration

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Inspiration' with Autumn Reeser | Wedding Veil Sequels
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Paolo’s departure to Italy alters Emma’s life plan, leading her to promote art accessibility through videos.

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Unveiled' with Lacey Chabert & Autumn Reeser
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The Wedding Veil Journey

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Journey' with Alison Sweeney & Victor Webster | Wedding Veil Sequels
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Tracy and Nick honeymoon in Greece and address their life choices on a secluded island.

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil' with Lacey Chabert & Alison Sweeney & Autumn Reeser & Victor Webster
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2022 Movies

Where Your Heart Belongs

Hallmark Movie 2022 Where Your Heart Belongs with Jen Lilley and Christopher Russell
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A marketing executive helps with her friend’s wedding and learns the importance of love and support from loved ones.

The Wedding Veil

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil' with Lacey Chabert & Kevin McGarry
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Curator Avery and board member Peter restore a missing painting before its gala unveiling.

The Perfect Pairing

Hallmark Movie 2022 The Perfect Pairing Hallmark Wines
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Christina, a food & wine critic, gets amnesia after a fall at a winery. Michael’s family helps her recover.

Don't Forget I Love You

Hallmark Movie 2022 Don't Forget I Love you
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Taylor’s dead mom’s birthday gift: challenges that push her boundaries, leading to love.

Butlers in Love

hallmark butlers in love movie
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Emma and Henry train at a butler academy and face tough competition and tension.

2021 Movies

Taking a Shot at Love

Hallmark hockey Movie 'Taking a Shot at Love' with Luke Macfarlane & Alexa Penavega
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Jenna, a retired ballerina, aids NHL player Ryan in his injury recovery through ballet.

A New Year's Resolution

Hallmark Movie 'A New Year's Resolution' with Aimee Teegarden & Michael Rady
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A morning show producer’s New Year’s resolution to say yes more leads her to a ‘Yes man’.

Two for the Win

Hallmark Movie 'Two for the Win' ski movie
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A champion skier and local instructor fall in love while he readies for his biggest race.

A Winter Getaway

Hallmark Movie 'A Winter Getaway' with Brooks Darnell
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Joe goes on a luxury getaway with his wealthy friend and travel concierge Courtney.


Hallmark Movie 'Snowkissed'
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A journalist on a dream assignment mentors a B&B owner turned tour guide.

2020 Movies

Winter in Vail

Hallmark Movie 'Winter in Vail' with Lacey Chabert & Tyler Hynes
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Chelsea inherits a Vail house, meets Owen, puts on Strudelfest to highlight Old Vail.

Love in Winterland

Hallmark Movie 'Love in Winterland' with Chad Michael Murray
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Dating show contestant faces high school sweetheart on Hometown Date.

Love on Iceland

Hallmark Movie 'Love on Iceland'
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Chloe plans a trip to Iceland with her former college travel group. However, her ex joins the trip uninvited, causing tension.

Amazing Winter Romance

Hallmark Movie 'Amazing Winter Romance'
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Julia finds inspiration in childhood friend’s snow maze, leading her to true love.

Hearts of Winter

Hallmark Movie 'Hearts of Winter' with Jill Wagner and Victor Webster
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An interior designer helps a widower and his daughter renovate their house and falls in love with him along the way.

2019 Movies

Winter Castle

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Winter Castle'
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Jenny, from California, falls for Craig at her sister’s ice hotel wedding.

One Winter Proposal

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'One Winter Proposal'
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The foursome returns to the ski resort where old flames reignite and current flames burn brighter.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'One Winter Weekend'
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A Winter Princess

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'A Winter Princess'
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Princess Carly joins Jesse, the owner’s brother, to plan a ski resort’s 50th anniversary.

Winter Love Story

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Winter Love Story'
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Cassie joins best-selling author Elliot on a book tour to boost sales and confidence for her first novel.


Hallmark Christmas Movies 'SnowComing'
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Samantha is home for the festival and her dad’s retirement as coach, but her ex Jake, an NFL quarterback, is also in town.

2018 Movies

Love on the Slopes

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Love on the Slopes'
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Alex goes to an extreme sports outpost for a story but struggles and Cole thinks she should return to New York.

Frozen in Love

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Frozen in Love'
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A struggling bookstore owner and a bad boy hockey player team up for an image makeover and find love.

One Winter Weekend

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'One Winter Weekend'
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Cara takes a dating detox and plans a ski trip with her friend for writing inspiration.

Winter's Dream

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Winter's Dream'
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Assisting a 16-year old downhill racer reawakens a former ski champion’s passion and love for competition.

2017 Movies

Love on Ice

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Love on Ice'
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27-year-old ex-figure skating champ Emily James gets a chance at a comeback when a young coach sees promise.

A Royal Winter

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'A Royal Winter'
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Maggie Marks finds herself and a new career direction in Europe after meeting a charming prince.

The Birthday Wish

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'The Birthday Wish'
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A woman gets a surprising glimpse into her future on her 30th birthday, which differs from her expectations.

2016 Movies

Love in Paradise

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Love in Paradise'
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A city Western movie star scared of horses and inexperienced with the West surprises fans on a dude ranch PR weekend.

Love's Complicated

Love's Complicated Hallmark Movie
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Leah’s unexpected conflict management class helped her make friends, find love, and become stronger.

Love on the Sidelines

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Love on the Sidelines'
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A young woman is a personal assistant to a famous football player.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Hallmark Christmas Movies 'Unleashing Mr. Darcy'
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Elizabeth and her dog compete in a show judged by Darcy, causing attraction complications.