The Hallmark Channel offers movie series throughout the year to celebrate different seasons. 

This post provides a complete lineup of all the Bonus Originals movies on the Hallmark Channel.

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Bonus Originals Movies

Hallmark Channel's Bonus Originals Movies

2023 Movies

Dream Moms

Hallmark Channel Dream Moms with Tamera Mowry-Housley
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Two moms join a TV talent show and learn that age shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching their dreams and identity.

Game of Love

hallmark movie, game of love with kimberley sustad
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Audrey and Matthew create a romance game and learn about love while working together.

Winning Team

A Winning Team Hallmark Movie about soccer
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Emily and Ian team up to coach her niece’s soccer team to the playoffs.

2022 Movies

Feeling Butterflies

Hallmark Movie 2022 Kayla Wallace, Kevin Mcgarry Feeling Butterflies
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Emily’s butterfly business thrives with help from single dad Garrett and his daughter.

Warming Up To You

Warming Up to You | Love in Action
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A fitness expert is tasked with getting a movie star in top form for his upcoming film.

Road Trip Romance

Enemies to Lovers Trope, Hallmark Channel Movies
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A woman’s trip to her sister’s wedding goes wrong and she is stuck with her high school enemy.

Romance to the Rescue

Hallmark Movie 2022 Romance to the Rescue
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Hannah and Josh, jilted at the altar, team up for a tropical vacation.

A Splash of Love

A Splash of Love Hallmark Movie 2022 Rhinnanon FIsh Orcas and Benjamin Hollingsworth
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Hannah and Josh, jilted at the altar, team up for a tropical vacation.

2021 Movies

Fit for a Prince

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Fit for a Prince' Royalty Sewing movie with natalie Hall
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Cindy, a fashion designer, impresses Prince Ronan with her exceptional designs while dressing a wealthy family.

Hearts Down Under

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Hearts Down Under' with Cindy Busby set in Australia
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Caroline inherits a Lemon Myrtle Cove café and falls for Simon, the local chef and community.

Baby, It's Cold Inside

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Baby It's Cold Inside' at Ice Hotel
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A travel agent sacrifices a tropical vacation for a promotion and visits an Ice Hotel.

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Sweet Carolina' with Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes
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Marketing executive Josie becomes the guardian of her niece and nephew and reunites with former high school boyfriend.

2020 Movies

Bad Date Chronicles

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Bad Date Chronicles' with Merritt Patterson
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Leigh, who runs Bad Date Chronicles, goes on a date with competitor blogger Conner to see who is the worse dater.

In the Key of Love

Hallmark Channel Summer Nights Movie with Marcus Rosner
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Maggie reunites with her ex at a wedding. They sing together and reminisce about their chemistry as a duo.

Adventures in Love & Babysitting

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Adventures in Love and Babysitting'
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A woman caring for a child with her ex-rival sees the man differently.

How to Train Your Husband

Hallmark Channel Movie 'How to train your Husband' with Julie Gonzalo
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Jillian, a marriage therapist and author, realizes she undervalued Justin and may be too late to reconcile.

My Favorite Bachelor

Hallmark Channel Movie 'My Favorite Bachelor'
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A writer goes on a monthly date with a new man for her company’s blog called ‘Man for Every Month’.

Do I Say I Do?

Hallmark Channel Movie 'DO I say I do?"
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Jessica and ex-boyfriend Mike work together and rekindle their past romance.

Hometown Hero

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Hometown Hero'
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A divorce mediator ends up caring for a client’s dog and finds love with the local vet.

2019 Movies

Love on the Menu

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love on the Menu' with Autumn Reeser and Kavan Smith
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A frozen food executive and a chef strike a deal to rescue the struggling restaurant.

Just Add Romance

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Just add Romance' with Megan Fahey and Luke MacFarlane
Photo Credit:

Carly and Jason compete to win a restaurant in a culinary show despite having contrasting personalities.

Love Under the Rainbow

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love under the Rainbow' with Jodie Sweetin
Photo Credit:

Jack and his daughter help Lucy find true love and taught her to pursue happiness in life.

Love Unleashed

Hallmark Movie 'Love Unleashed'
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Hailey throws a puppy party and shows a dad how great it is to adopt a dog.

Forever in My Heart

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Forever in my Heart' with Merritt Patterson
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Jenna and Charlie’s romance in Ireland ends. After 5 years, they reunite, forcing Jenna to choose her heart’s destination.