Comprehensive List of Fall into Love Movies on Hallmark Channel

I adore autumn! The temperature drops, the leaves transform into vibrant and stunning hues, and a picturesque fall aesthetic emerges, calling for a delightful pumpkin spice latte. I have a special fondness for the fall movies on the Hallmark Channel, which commemorate the beauty of the fall season. These movies were previously known as Fall Harvest.

This post provides a complete lineup of all the Fall into Love movies on Hallmark Channel

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Fall into Love Movies

Hallmark Channel's Fall into Love Movies

2023 Movies

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains

Hallmark 'National Park Romance' Movie: Love in the Great Smoky Mountains
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Exes compete for grant while working on research project in Smoky Mountains National Park.

Fourth Down and Love

Hallmark Football Movie, "Fourth Down and Love' with Ryan Paevey and Pascale Hutton
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A football player reconnects with a single mother on her daughter’s flag football field after a career-ending injury.

Notes of Autumn

Hallmark Gay Romance with Luke MacFarlane 'Notes of Autumn'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Ellie and Leo swap places to overcome creative blocks. They discover new friendships and love as they enjoy autumn.

Hallmark Movie, 'Retreat to You'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Abby and Sean reunite at a nature retreat after a falling out in High School and get lost from the group.

Hallmark italian pasta movie, 'A very Venice Roman'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Amy asks Marcello Barone for help with meal prep kits, but he declines. She enrolls in his cooking school in Venice instead.

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A 1920s ghost in Anna’s listed home won’t leave until she reunites with her past partner.

Hallmark Movie with Rachel Boston 'Field Day'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Three moms organize Field Day and bond. Jen, a new widow, is aided by the school’s PE instructor.

2022 Movies

Love in the Limelight

Hallmark Fall Movies PenaVegas
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Singer Nick and pen pal Summer meet with Abuela’s encouragement and explore romance.

Romance in Style

Hallmark Fall Movies with benjamin hollingsworth, plus size movie
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Ella’s unique creations inspires Derek to include plus-sized fashion in his magazine. Her impact goes beyond the runway.

Dating the Delaneys

Hallmark Fall Movies with Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell, Dating the Delaneys
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Three generations of women explore the ups and downs of dating, discovering that love can arise at any age.

Game, Set, Love

Hallmark Fall Movies Venus Williams, tennis movie Game Set Love
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Taylor, an ex-tennis star, coaches Will. Taylor and Will compete together and make a great team.

Marry Me in Yosemite

marry me in yosemite
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Zoe, a photojournalist, visits Yosemite and meets Jack, a tour guide, who helps her to capture new perspectives.

Marry Go Round

Hallmark Fall Movies brennan elliot Marry Go Round
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

High school sweethearts Abby Foster and Luke Walker had a short-lived marriage, but re-examine their relationship.

Wedding of a Lifetime

Hallmark Christmas Movie with Jonathan Bennett | Fake Dating Trope
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

High school sweethearts Abby Foster and Luke Walker had a short-lived marriage, but re-examine their relationship.

Fly Away With Me

fly away with me hallmark movie
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

High school sweethearts Abby Foster and Luke Walker had a short-lived marriage, but re-examine their relationship.


Girlfriendship with Tamera Mowry-Housley
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Booking mix-up leads to a weeklong journey where three friends find passion and romance.

Pumpkin Everything

pumpkin everything hallmark movie
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Amy, a novelist, cares for her grandfather Tom and his pumpkin store while reuniting with an old flame in her hometown.

Autumn in the City

autumn in the city, hallmark movie
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Piper leaves for New York in search of a new beginning and a career she is truly passionate about. 

2021 Movies

Roadhouse Romance

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Roadhouse Romance' with Tyler Hynes
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Callie, a country music lover, honors her grandfather’s legacy, but TV director Luke advises her to focus on the future.

Raise a Glass to Love

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Raise a Glass to Love'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Jenna, an aspiring Master Sommelier, comes back to her family vineyard to further her studies. 

Taking the Reins

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Taking the Reins' horse movie with Nikki DeLoach and Scott Porter
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A writer visits family ranch to write about love for horses and discovers reasons for her young marriage ending.

Love Strikes Twice

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love Strikes Twice' Second Chance ROmance
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Workaholic lawyer Maggie goes back 15 years for a fresh start due to marriage problems.

South Beach Love

'South Beach love' Hallmark Movie with Taylor Cole
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Captivating story of rival quinceañeras, Cuban cuisine, friendship, family ties, and romance.

Advice to Love By

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Advice to Love By' Black Hallmark Movie
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A writer of love advice and a columnist for dating intersect, attraction blossoms into something deeper.

2020 Movies

Follow Me to Daisy Hills

Jo discovers that her family’s general store in Daisy Hills is facing financial losses. Jo’s ex-boyfriend helps the store. 

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Follow Me to Daisy Hills' with Cindy Busby
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Falling for Look Lodge

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Falling for Look Lodge'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Lily helps guest Noah plan his sister’s wedding at a lodge.

Country at Heart

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Country at Heart
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A country singer facing challenges crosses paths with a songwriter in Nashville desperate for creative motivation. 

My Best Friend's Bouquet

Hallmark Channel Movie 'My Best Friend's Bouquet'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Josie thinks the wedding bouquet finds the right person when thrown, but overlooks her soulmate next to her.

Sweet Autumn

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Sweet Autumn' with Andrew Walker
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

 Aunt Dee divides her candy shop between her niece, Maggie, and Dex, a maple farmer.

2019 Movies

Over the Moon in Love

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Over the Moon in Love'
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Brooklyn must set up her childhood friend with a writer to be featured in a magazine for her match-making business.

Love, Fall & Order

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love, Fall and Order' with Erin Cahill
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Claire rescues her father’s Fall Fest on their pumpkin farm and falls for her adversary in court.

Good Witch: Curse from a Rose

Good Witch Movie #12

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Good Witch' Halloween Movie
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

The Good Witch faces challenge as Cassie’s ex-roommate creates Halloween chaos at Grey House.

2018 Movies

Truly, Madly, Sweetly

Truly, Madly Sweetly Hallmark Movie with Nikki DeLoach
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Natalie and Eric meet through renovating an old bakery.

All of My Heart: The Wedding

Hallmark Channel Movie 'All of My Heart: The Wedding' with Lacey Chabert
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Jenny and Brian’s love will face another trial as their wedding day nears and they fight to preserve their home.

Falling for You

Falling FOr you Hallmark Movie with Tyler Hynes
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A radio station manager gets a businessman to join a bachelor bake-off to save the station during a charity event.

Under the Autumn Moon

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Under the Autumn Moon' with Wes Brown
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

An executive wants to buy a ranch for company retreats, but the owner won’t sell without historic preservation.

Love, of Course

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love, Of Course' with Cameron Mathison | Hallmark movie with Gabby Douglas
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

After transporting her daughter to college, she stay at the college to organize the Harvest Festival.

Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts

Good Witch Movie #11

Hallmark Channel Movie 'The Good Witch: Tale of Two Hearts' with Catherine Bell
Photo Credit: HallmarkMoviesandMysteries.com

The Middleton museum’s 100-carat ruby is stolen from the site of the bicentennial Halloween Harvest Festival gala.

2017 Movies

Falling for Vermont

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Fall for Vermont' with Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Writer has accident, gets amnesia and stays with doctor until memory returns.

Harvest Love

Hallmark Channel Movie 'harvest Love' with Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Widow visits family’s orchard, bonds with son, falls for farm manager cultivating unique hybrid pear, learns about ancestry.

All of my Heart: Inn Love

Hallmark Channel Movie 'All of My Heart: Inn Love' with Lacey Chabert
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Brian and Jenny’s bed and breakfast preparations are ruined by a severe storm in Bucks County.

Hallmark Channel Movie 'All of My Heart' with Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Love Struck Cafe

Hallmark Movie, Love Struck Cafe
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Megan Quinn faces challenges such as assisting her father at the family café and confronting ex-boyfriend Joe.

A Harvest Wedding

Hallmark Channel Movie 'A Harvest Wedding' with Jill Wagner and Victor Webster
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

NY wedding planner hired for hometown farm wedding, run by bride’s brother and first love.

Good Witch: Spellbound

Good Witch Movie #10

Hallmark Channel Movie 'The Good Witch: Spellbound"
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Middleton fears a curse arriving before Halloween. Cassie and Sam break the curse and save their town.

2016 Movies

Love on a Limb

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love on a Limb' with Ashley Williams & Marilu Henner
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

A landscaper falls in love and discovers purpose when he encounters Aimie chaining herself to a town’s oak tree.

Autumn in the Vineyard

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Autumn in the Vineyard' with Rachel Leigh Cook
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Frankie and Nate divide Sorrento Farm and work together to bring in the harvest for the Autumn Harvest Festival.

Pumpkin Pie Wars

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Pumpkin Pie Wars' with Julie Gonzalo
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Ten years ago, Faye and Lydia started their own bakeries following a disagreement during a  Pumpkin Pie Contest.

Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House

Good Witch Movie #9

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House'
Photo Credit: HallmarkMoviesandMysteries.com

Cassie invites a writer to Grey House, where she hosts her book’s debut in Middleton, a town resembling her stories.

2015 Movies

Autumn Dreams

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Autumn Dreams' with Jill Wagner
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Years ago, parents nullify their child’s spontaneous wedding, but later discover they are still legally married.

Harvest Moon

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Harvest Moon' with Jesse Hutch
Photo Credit: HallmarkDrama.com

A city girl tries to save her family’s finances by reviving a pumpkin farm in the countryside. with Brett, a farm manager.

October Kiss

Hallmark Halloween Movie 'October Kiss' with Ashley Williams & Sam Jager
Photo Credit: HallmarkDrama.com

A nanny falls for the single father of two kids as Halloween draws near.

Good Witch: Halloween

Good Witch Movie #8

Good Witch Halloween
Photo Credit: HallmarkDrama.com

Cassie is preparing Grey House for Middleton’s annual Harvest Festival by turning it into a haunted house for Halloween.