Hallmark Movies set in Paris

Hallmark movies set in Paris perfectly capture the laid-back atmosphere of the city, complete with its mouthwatering cuisine. This blog post is your ticket to experiencing the irresistible charm of Paris!

Hallmark movies set in Paris beautifully showcase the city's enchanting allure and delicious delicacies!

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Paris Setting


In the delightful film Savoring Paris, Bethany Joy Lenz’s character spends her summer working in a charming cheese shop alongside her love interest. The cheeses are not only delicious but also incredibly tempting!🧀✨

Savoring Paris on Hallmark Channel with Bethany Joy Lenz
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"I’m just realizing that the Comté I had in Paris was the happiest time of my life."


In the delightful film "Savoring Paris," Bethany Joy Lenz's character fondly recalls Comté cheese, sparking her journey to Paris!


At Hallmark HQ, I had a blast cheese tasting with the team and stumbled upon Murray’s Cheese Shop in Greenwich Village. Since 1962, Murray’s has been gaining global fame for their amazing array of cheeses 🧀!

French Cheeses

At Murray's Cheese shop, you'll find an incredible selection of top-notch French cheeses like Comté, cheddar, blue, and brie!

Murray's Cheese🧀
Gourmet Cheeses

 Looking to send a cheesy gift to a fellow cheese lover? Check out these five gourmet cheeses.

Harry & David🧀
Hallmark Channel Wines Sparkle Champagne
My mom, sister and I love to indulge in wine and champagne when we spend girl time together


Are you ready to feel like a Parisian with some French wines? Whether you’re cozying up at home or heading to a party, bring along these French wines and elevate your wine experience just like the French do!

Paris, Wine & Romance
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French Wine

Whether you're picking them up or having them delivered, it's time for a fabulous French Wine Tasting experience! 🍷✨
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Wine Gifts

Harry & David offers premium wine gifts featuring truly luxurious, exclusive wines perfectly paired with exquisite wine gift baskets.

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Paris Fashion

Paris is famous worldwide for its cutting-edge fashion! Taking cues from Hallmark Movies, here’s my selection of Parisian style.

A Paris Proposal hallmark movie
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Alexa PenaVega rocks the most adorable berets in A Paris Proposal!

French Beret

Channel the essence of Parisian fashion and rock a très chic wool French beret in a variety of vibrant colors! 

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Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch
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Paris is famous for its chic style and bold fashion showcased during Paris Fashion Week featured in Crime of Fashion: Killer Clutch.👛

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Recommend Books

Check out these delightful reads featuring both romance and cozy mystery plots set in the charming streets of Paris!

Mastering the Art of French Murder by Colleen Cambridge
Mastering the Art of French Murder

Book 1 of An American in Paris Mysteries | Tabitha, with neighbor Julia Child, discovers cooking joys and enjoys teaching Americans while savoring Julia's dishes.Things darken when a body is found in Julia's cellar - the same woman Tabitha met the night before, murdered with Julia’s knife! Inspector Merveille finds a note from Tabitha on the victim. Tabitha must find the true killer to avoid prison.

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Hallmark Paris Movies Based on Books

Savoring Paris on Hallmark Channel with Bethany Joy Lenz
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Fromage à Trois: Paris. Love. Cheese.

Ella, a woman turning 30, regrets not living her life. She buys a one-way ticket to Paris. Struggling with French customs and two men in the food scene, Ella learns life in France is more than indulging in food and wine.

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