inspired by Flowers in Hallmark Movies

I absolutely adore flowers! My daughter’s nursery had a lovely flower theme, and almost all of my clothes have beautiful floral patterns. I simply love being surrounded by flowers, especially wildflowers because they grow so freely in nature! The flower aesthetic is just so appealing to me, and I truly appreciate seeing gorgeous flowers in Hallmark Movies, whether the plot revolves around them or not!

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DIY Flower Crafts

I absolutely adore flower aesthetics and crafting with floral themes brings me so much joy! Planting in the scorching heat of Texas can be quite a challenge, so I tend to get creative with lots of flower-themed crafts, including using fake flowers outdoors! It’s my way of bringing some floral magic into my surroundings.🌼

Flower Puzzle
The Language of Flowers Puzzle

This gorgeous 1000 piece puzzle from Galison is in our library in spring time. It features beautiful spring and summer blooms, each with their own special meanings.

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Pink Picasso Kits

Looking for a fun and beautiful project to work on while enjoying some Hallmark movies? Check out the latest Pink Picasso Kits on their website. The creations are absolutely stunning! 👩🏽‍🎨

Pink Picasso
Lego Bonsai Tree
LEGO Flowers

Their flowers are absolutely stunning and they bring me so much joy and tranquility.🪷

LEGO Flowers on Amazon

Oh my, have you seen all the delightful LEGO brand flowers available on Amazon? They've got quite the collection!

Dried Pressed Flowers

Colorful blooms are just the thing for all sorts of fun projects, from scrapbooking and jewelry making to resin crafts. They're versatile enough to add a pop of color to everyday items like soap, candles, and phone cases too! 🌸

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There’s nothing quite as lovely as real flowers. They make the perfect gift for any and every occasion!

Raised Garden Bed Planter Kit

My mom started her own little herb garden on the side of her house, right on the porch, and she's been using these nifty raised planters. Let me tell you, they're doing an amazing job!

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HallmarkJenny at NYC Flower Shop
Online Flowers

There are occasions when you may find yourself in need of quickly sending flowers!🌷


Flower Aesthetic

I absolutely adore using flowers as decorations! I even gave my daughter’s nursery a flower theme. Flowers just bring so much joy to my heart!

Handmade Flower Crafts & Art

For flower prints, embroidery, crochet, dried, or artificial flowers, Etsy has got you covered. And guess what? They're all handmade and absolutely stunning! 🌸✨

Flower Art Prints by Independent Artists

Check out the delightful flower art prints available at Society6! You'll find a wide variety of one-of-a-kind designs by independent artists that are sure to add a pop of color and joy to any room. 🪻

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Flower Fashion

Floral clothes are just so happy and light, bright, and beautiful! They always bring a big smile to my face, and I truly believe they can make other people’s days a bit brighter too. It’s like wearing sunshine!

Magnolia Bakery, famous bakery in NYC

J.Marie is one of my top dress designers! Their fun, flirty, and trendy patterns are just perfect for my style. With Mexican roots as inspiration, J.Marie has created a modern line that honors the classic styles of Central America.

sunflower dress for librarian
On Earth Day, the library gave out seeds and students personalized pots for planting. We also showcased our gardening books!
Short Sleeve Casual Dress

I absolutely adore wearing this comfy, flexible, and light dress to my library! The pattern on this one is just fabulous, but there are so many other styles to choose from that are equally amazing!

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HallmarkJenny in Purple Dress with AllBirds beige shoes in fall foliage

I wore this STORIA flower dress at a Hallmark Movie Premiere and received tons of compliments! STORIA really brings out that fun, flowy romantic vibe.

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Open Front Kimono

I adore this floral pattern! I wear it as a blouse, and it's so light and airy. This kimono just shouts "spring" to me! 🪻

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Blue Floral Dress
Floral Pattern Dress

This delightful dress is just so much fun to wear! It's flowy, flirty, and comes in a variety of beautiful patterns and styles.

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Hallmark Mystery Movies: Flower Shop Mysteries based on a book
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HallmarkJenny reading a book based on a Hallmark Msytery, Flower Shop Mysteries