For the past two decades, I’ve been a dedicated fan of Hallmark movies, truly embracing my love for them. And guess what? In 2023, I was honored with the title of Hallmark’s Chief Fan Officer! Curious to know why Hallmark movies hold such a special place in my heart? Keep reading, fellow fan!

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Why I Love Hallmark Movies

Hallmark movies bring me joy because they provide uplifting stories, valuable lessons, exciting careers, and happy endings with true love. Watching a Hallmark movie always leaves me feeling happy.

The Origin of my Love for Hallmark Movies

Growing up, I didn’t enjoy typical programming filled with darkness and excessive action. Instead, I longed for relatable and innocent interpersonal stories. In my teenage years, I found Hallmark movies. They provided joy and relief without unnecessary stress. My love for Hallmark movies has deepened, and they have imparted valuable life lessons. Sharing this connection with my Grandmother brings immense joy and creates cherished memories.

Hallmark Movies provide Valuable Lessons

Hallmark movies are always educational for me. They have taught me about various topics such as flower making, chocolate making, candy making, ornament making, music, publishing, event planning, writing a book, wedding planning, baking, cooking, the challenges of royal life, toy making, friendship, sewing, lace, butterflies, national parks, waterfalls, butlers, jewelry and, of course, the numerous recipes and toppings for hot chocolate.

But it doesn’t stop there. These movies have also provided insights into different countries’ lifestyles, cultures, and traditions, including adoption, loneliness, various religions and their holiday celebrations, the pain of losing a child or a parent, indigenous peoples, islands, diverse ways of life, divorce, and marriage. Their stories have truly broadened my understanding of the world.

Hallmark Movies were Made for Me!

Hallmark Movies are all about the things I love! They often include my favorite books, classic novels, and discussions about pop culture. They also showcase old movies and explore careers and aspirations that interest me. What’s great is that they never use foul or negative language. It’s like these movies were made just for me! importance of cherishing the present moment and always being kind. They prioritize inner qualities over external appearances or societal status.


The movies remind me to avoid getting overwhelmed by the monotony of daily life and losing sight of life’s purpose. The characters in Hallmark movies value their loved ones and the people in their lives. Unlike many of us, they are not burdened by anxiety and depression. The characters in Hallmark movies show us the importance of cherishing the present moment and always being kind. They prioritize inner qualities over external appearances or societal status.


I appreciate the light and bright settings in Hallmark movies, as opposed to the often dark settings in other films and shows. These movies transport me to magical places like lively small towns, big beautiful cities, national parks, Caribbean beaches, snowy Alaska, and various European countries. It’s a joy to explore these new locations alongside the Hallmark characters. 

Having worked as a school librarian in low socioeconomic schools, I’ve had my fair share of witnessing anger and fighting. That’s why I prefer not to see those elements in the movies I watch. Instead, I’m drawn to the settings in Hallmark movies, where flowers bloom, the sun shines beautifully, and charming main street shops, such as flower shops, coffee shops, and local cafes, are featured. These are things that I don’t often come across in my real life, living in a bustling suburban area filled with traffic and chain restaurants.


Hallmark movies broaden my understanding of professions and career goals. Living in a metropolitan area, my perspective can be somewhat narrow. However, Hallmark movie characters inspire me to follow my dreams, whether it’s becoming an author, starting a business, working with animals, or aiming for significant promotions while still maintaining their individuality and concern for the world.


In Hallmark movies, the characters aren’t desperate for love. They’re independent and follow their own dreams and goals, without feeling pressured by society to have a partner and start a family in their early twenties. What I adore about Hallmark movie characters is that they have vibrant lives, passions, and careers before they discover their soulmates. It’s refreshing to see characters who are whole and content on their own before finding love.


All the additional characters in Hallmark movies are kind-hearted individuals. They have genuine concern for the lives of others, their community, the world, and the pursuit of love, happiness, and raising children. The neighbors are well-acquainted with everyone, including their names, small businesses, and career goals, and they genuinely wish for everyone’s well-being.

 Even the characters who initially seem like villains ultimately reveal their true good nature and intentions. There are no true villains in Hallmark movies; instead, everyone possesses inherent goodness and a desire for the betterment of their community.

Creation of HallmarkJenny Blog

Already a devoted fan of Hallmark movies, I found solace and joy in blogging about them when my husband and I were going through a divorce. Blogging became a way for me to express my love for Hallmark movies in a unique manner, providing a source of happiness and respite from the negative emotions that often accompany the end of a marriage. Through my journey of blogging about Hallmark movies, I discovered how to navigate my divorce with the grace, compassion, and love exhibited by the characters in these heartwarming films. While divorce marked the conclusion of my own love story, it didn’t mean I had to become a bitter and resentful ex-spouse. Instead, I learned to approach the situation as a Hallmark movie character would: with forgiveness, understanding, and a commitment to moving forward towards a greater love.

Rather than seeking guidance from the world around me, I turned to Hallmark movies for inspiration. As a result, my husband and I now co-parent our wonderful daughter as a loving family unit, even though our romantic relationship has ended. I am grateful for the valuable lessons I learned from Hallmark movies, as they have played a significant role in fostering the strong bond and love we share as a post-divorce family.

Not only have Hallmark movies influenced my approach to co-parenting, but they have also contributed to my own emotional well-being. I am not actively seeking a new and extraordinary love, but I am receptive to it, as Hallmark movies have taught me to be.


Hallmark movies have had a profound impact on my life. They have taught me valuable lessons about diverse lifestyles, finding happiness and maintaining a positive outlook. These movies have also shown me how to be a responsible member of a community, how to love and respect others, and how to treat everyone with kindness. Moreover, they have provided me with an abundance of heartwarming films that uplift my spirits and convey messages of true love and positivity.

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