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When Calls the Heart is a moving drama set in the Canadian frontier during the early 1900s. The show follows Elizabeth Thatcher’s journey as a young teacher in a small prairie town, finding love, heartbreak, and deep friendships in the tight-knit town of Hope Valley.

I have carefully selected merchandise that is inspired by the era, lifestyle, fashion, literature, and enjoyable pastimes depicted in When Calls the Heart, a show that I deeply admire.

Hallmark's When Calls the Heart

Hallmark When Calls the Heart with Erin Krakow
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

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When Calls the Heart Shopping


Fashion plays a major role in the lives of the people of Hope Valley. The residents put their heart and soul into sewing and creating dresses and skirts that are not only stylish but also incredibly picturesque. Personally, I am absolutely smitten by the Mountie uniform. And let’s not forget about the men’s clothes, which are undeniably handsome.

The characters in When Calls the Heart always keep up with the latest fashion trends in Dottie’s dress shop.

The majority of the dresses are in neutral beige shades, with occasional accents of naturally dyed fabrics.

The women in Hope Valley all wear long, high-waisted skirts.

Cookbooks for the Frontier

Abigail’s café and the Queen of Hearts saloon are popular destinations in Hope Valley, known for their delicious frontier-style cuisine! These cookbooks contain recipes for comforting home-cooked meals, reminiscent of frontier cuisine prepared with care on traditional stoves, much like the food in When Calls the Heart.

Molly Yeh features cookbooks on home, family, and rural life on a Midwestern farm on Food Network's show Girl Meets Farm.

I am a big fan of The Pioneer Woman! Her cooking show is delightful, and her dishes offer a sense of comfort and warmth.

Homage to Inventions

Hope Valley, in the early 1910s to 1915, witnesses the introduction of various groundbreaking inventions. These include the telephone, automobiles, word crosses, medicines, pinball games, and the automatic toaster.

Photo Credit: A Thing Created on Etsy

The inventions showcased in the 1915 show, such as the telephone and typewriter, are absolutely delightful.

There's something truly special about writing to loved ones and colleagues with a gorgeous card and elegant calligraphy.

Etsy Bookshelf Stationary
Photo Credit: A Thing Created on Etsy

The characters primarily communicate via handwritten letters.I find joy in adding calligraphy to make my letters unique and special.


Brian Bird, the executive producer and co-creator of When Calls the Heart has collaborated with co-author Michelle Cox to develop devotionals and a journal that highlight God’s promises and the abundant love portrayed in the show.

Elizabeth's journal becomes a treasure sharing her wisdom and lessons with loved ones and generations. Documenting our own stories, prayer requests, and study with God holds profound significance.


This series has numerous seasons and a large following! Fans of When Calls the Heart refer to themselves as “Hearties” and have a deep affection for the show. As a Heartie, I have discovered some delightful items that evoke memories of the show and its characters.

Brunch Art Print from A Thing Created
Photo Credit: A Thing Created on Etsy

This brunch print evokes memories of Elizabeth and Rosemary enjoying tea and biscuits.

Food Planning Notepad from from A Thing Created
Photo Credit: A Thing Created on Etsy

This Etsy store is truly a pleasure! 'A Thing Created' offers bespoke paper goods and presents with a modern, feminine touch.

Each stunning illustration is displayed on its own page, complemented by a corresponding quote.

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