The Wedding Veil Fashion

Fashion Inspiration from Hallmark Channel's The Wedding Veil Trilogy & Sequels 

Fashion is a key part of The Wedding Veil series. Avery, Emma and Tracy each have their own unique style, from dresses to jewelry. To replicate their looks, I have curated a selection of clothing, jewelry and accessories inspired by the characters. Whether it’s for a special event or a casual occasion, my curations offer something for everyone. Shop now and channel your inner character!

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The Wedding Veil Fashion

Avery's Fashion

Lacey Chabert from Wedding Veil and Wedding Veil Trilogy on Hallmark Channel
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Avery adores romantic dresses, pastel colors, lace, and frills. She accentuates her femininity with high heels and loves accessorizing with an antique heart necklace and a statement purse. Her style is timeless and reflects her personality of feeling like a modern-day princess.

Avery loves romantic dresses because they make her feel like a modern-day princess with pastel colors, lace, and frills.

This purse is available in various colors. I have the Lavender one shown here and it complements any outfit.

Avery buys antique heart necklace and wears it in the movies.

Avery's dresses in the movie are cute and capture her flowy floral look!

Emma's Fashion

Autumn Reeser Wedding Veil Unveiled and Wedding Veil Trilogy on Hallmark Channel
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Emma’s style combines conservatism with vibrant colors, breaking away from the traditional black dress code of the University of Chicago’s Art History Department Head. She opts for earth-toned long dresses and full-length skirts, adding unique accessories such as fedora straw hats. Emma expresses her creativity and personality while maintaining her conservative values, inspiring others to do the same. Her wardrobe exemplifies how personal style and professional values can be merged to create an individual and distinctive look, making her a true fashion inspiration.

Emma is always recognizable in her signature straw hat!

Emma's work wardrobe is vibrant, lively, and playful, with no black attire despite her college's dress code recommendation.

Emma wears wedges frequently.

Emma's passion for Art History is truly remarkable, reflected in the unique and imaginative jewelry she wears with an artistic touch.

Tracy's Fashion

Alison Sweeney from Wedding Veil Legacy and Wedding Veil Trilogy on Hallmark Channel
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Tracy’s New York style is practical and understated, favoring blazers and pant suits. However, when Nick gifts her sapphire earrings for their wedding, she incorporates them into her wardrobe. On her honeymoon in Greece, Tracy embraces a breezy and flowy style in sundresses and beachwear, a deviation from her typical stiff materials. Tracy’s outfits in Greece are perfect for a laid-back, relaxed beach look, ideal for exploring ruins or lounging in the sun.

Nick gives Tracy Sapphire Earrings she longed for, showing his love!

Tracy's kimono cover-ups in Greece are perfect for relaxing and beach lounging with a good book.

Tracy's Greek outfits are flowy and beautiful for a laid-back beach look.

Tracy prefers classic sandals, but I love these comfortable flip flops that are easy to put on and take off.

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