Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is such a special time for Hallmark Movies! It’s a time when we get to see how different characters express their personalities and emotions when it comes to love. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love in your life!

This blog post is a big celebration of Valentine’s Day, no matter if you’re single, in a relationship, married, or with family! It’s an ode to love and togetherness for everyone, so get ready to feel the love!

Hallmark Movies celebrates Valentine's Day as a special holiday to cherish love and celebrate all the wonderful things that make Valentine's Day so extraordinary.

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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart because it's the day my daughter was born! It's an extra special holiday for me!

Valentine's Chocolate

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. They’re practically inseparable! Sharing and enjoying chocolates is a sweet way to celebrate love and connection.

Sweeter than Chocolate Hallmark Movies
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In the delightful film Sweeter than Chocolate, a charming rumor is that indulging in a cupid chocolate on Valentine's Day with an open heart will lead you to your soulmate.

Valentine's Chocolate Heart

Ferrero Rocher was my grandmother's absolute favorite, and she was the biggest fan of Hallmark Movies, so this chocolate brand holds a very special place in my heart.

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David's Cookies Valentine Gifts

Brach's Tiny Conversation Hearts

These conversation hearts are a timeless Valentine's Day tradition!

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Valentine's Homemade Treats

Valentine’s Day is such a special occasion to whip up some homemade treats and delightful dishes to show your love and appreciation to those who hold a special place in your heart!

Red Heart Waffle Maker

Celebrate with 8 inch heart-shaped waffles, paninis, hash browns, and biscuit pizzas!

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Silicone Heart Shaped Cake Pans

Silicone heart-shaped cake pans have a non-stick feature for easy release of baked treats.

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Heart-Shaped 24-count silicone mold

Spread the love with adorable heart-shaped cookies or molded candies. 💙

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Specialty Gifts

Celebrate your loved ones, whether they’re close by or far away, with this special selection of gifts!

Valentines Day Soup Care Package

This special bundle includes a complete Valentine soup meal with rolls and cookies, along with heart-shaped confetti ❤️

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Murray's Cheese Shop in NYC
I fell in love with Murray's Cheese Shop when I joined Hallmark Media at a cheese sampling event. Now, I make sure to always keep up with their latest offerings on their website!
Valentine’s Day Collection

Indulge in heart-shaped cheese, blue Italian, and truffle gouda with sweet treats like Piedras de Chocolate from Murray's Cheese Shop.

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Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

Who doesn’t love receiving a heartfelt greeting card in the mail? Share some love this Valentine’s Day by sending a beautiful card!

DaySpring Valentine's cards

24 scripture Valentine cards with white envelopes.

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Hallmark and DaySpring's Dayspring Movies inspire faith with Bible-based messages of hope, peace, and love.

Hallmark Cards

6 friendly "Happy Heart Day" cards with envelopes.

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Valentine's Day Fashion

Whether you’re planning a romantic date night or a cozy evening at home watching Hallmark movies, I’ve got the perfect looks to make your heart skip a beat.

Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell & Andrew Walker Valentine Shirt

Hallmark Hunks' Valentine Shirt

Based on Books

Celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day with a book that inspired by beloved Hallmark Valentine’s movie!

Sweeter than Chocolate Hallmark Movies
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Sweeter than Chocolate

Lucy's chocolate shop has a recipe for Cupid chocolates that helps people find love. A reporter reveals the truth about love.

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The Secret Ingredient Hallmark Movie
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The Secret Ingredient

Kelly owns a bakery competing against Andrew in a New York bake-off, stirring old feelings.

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Hallmark Channel Movie 'Valentine in the Vineyard'
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Need You for Keeps

Book 1 of Heroes of St. Helena | Shay handles animals in St. Helena, but Jonah can't risk his career by getting involved with her. Keeping her out of trouble is becoming a full-time job.

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Hallmark CHannel Movie 'A Dash of Love' with Jen Lilley and Brendan Penny
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A Dash of Love

Nikki is thrilled to work for her idol's restaurant and befriends the handsome executive chef. However, their boss, Holly, will do anything to save the restaurant, putting Nikki and Paul in danger.

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love locks hallmark movie
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Love Locks

Lindsey and Jack planned to attach a lock to a bridge in Paris, but it slipped into the river. 20 years later, they reunite in Paris.

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Hallmark Movie 'Dater's Handbook' with Megan Markle
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Dater's Handbook

Cassandra is tired of bad boyfriends and seeks help from a self-help book to choose between two new suitors with very different dating styles.

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