Overseas Trips in Hallmark Movies

Hallmark Movies transport us to various corners of the globe, giving us a glimpse into diverse cultures, people, and lifestyles! Check out this fun collection of products and inspirations designed to help you capture that exciting travel abroad experience.

Hallmark leading ladies travel around the world to explore new aspects of life in foreign lands and diverse cultures.

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Travel Overseas

Hotels & Travel Bundles

Check out these top-notch hotels and travel agencies for your upcoming dream vacation, just like in a Hallmark movie!


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Expedia Travel

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Travel Vacation Reads

Books have the amazing ability to whisk you away on a thrilling adventure across the globe! They can make you feel like you’re on a fun vacation, immersing yourself in exciting storylines, diverse cultures, and thrilling travel experiences.

Frequent Fliers

Lanie Turner jets off to England for some family fun and, as the maid of honor at her longtime crush, Jonah's wedding, sparks fly with Dr. Ridley Aronsen, her seatmate, during their NYC-London flight. Ridley happily signs up as her wedding plus-one!

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Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies

Book 1 of The Vacation Mysteries | Bestselling (fictional) author Eleanor Dash embarks on an Italian book tour, but things take a thrilling turn when the mysterious events in her novels begin to mirror her own life.

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