The Way Home

What if the only way forward... is to go back? 

The emotional family drama, The Way Home follows three generations of Landry women – Kat, her daughter Alice, and estranged mother Del. After receiving an unexpected letter from Del, Kat and Alice return home to reconnect with their family and start a journey of rediscovery.

Hallmark's The Way Home

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The Way Home

"The Pond Will Bring You Where You Need To Go."


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Young Kat

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Port Haven, New Brunswick | Canada

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Season 1


Premiere Episode: January 15, 2023

The Way Home Movie Poster from Hallmark Channel
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After two decades, Kat returns home to Port Haven, Canada, after receiving a letter from Del. Alice, who has never met her grandmother, joins them. While the reunion doesn’t go as planned, the three women learn to reconnect and find their way back to each other.

Kat’s childhood best friend, Elliot, is not only her date but also has a role in the mind-bending time travel saga As they journey through time and gain a deeper understanding of each other, Kat and her daughter Alice forge a stronger bond.

Season 2


The Way Home’s first season was a huge hit, and Hallmark Channel has some awesome news for us- they announced that Season 2 is on its way! Can’t wait to see what the new season has in store for us!

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The Landry women attire themselves for their daily grind of working and managing their small farm community in the misty, wet region of Canada. Kat, being a writer, prefers to dress in cozy and relaxed attire that mirrors my personal taste.

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"I wish I could just jump back into the pond and go back to the start.
I really wish things could be different."


Kat’s mother’s handwritten letter is significant in book’s start and end. The emotional note invites Kat and her daughter to Port Haven, reconciling their past. The letter holds immense power.

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Etsy Bookshelf Stationary
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This Etsy store is truly a pleasure! A Thing Created offers bespoke paper goods and presents with a modern, feminine touch.

There's something truly special about writing to loved ones and colleagues with a gorgeous card and elegant calligraphy.

"The pond didn't take me where I wanted to go, but it took me where I needed to go."

Cookbooks for the Landry Farm

The women of the Landry family and various other characters frequently gather around the kitchen table in the farmhouse to enjoy mouth-watering, home-cooked meals.

With its delicious recipes and cozy meals, Half Baked Harvest recipes likely rival Del's family recipe, Kat's favorite roasted chicken.

"The past is never dead. It's not even past."

Food & Drink in 'The Way Home'

The abundance of references to the 90’s in this show, where Alice and her mother journey back to the late 90’s and experience life on a farm in a small, rural Canadian town, transports me to a nostalgic time filled with familiar foods that bring comfort.

One of my favorite episodes was set at the historic old-school theatre and I soon wanted my own old-fashioned, nostalgic popcorn!

"The explorer found a home, but he still looks to the stars when he feels lost."

Books with Time Travel

 This amazing series motivates me to explore more books related to time travel. The show touches on the intricacies and outcomes of time travel, and I am eager to expand my knowledge on the subject matter through literature.

Alice may have been born out of a love for the classic novel, Alice in Wonderland. The titular character, Alice, and the real Alice share a common experience of entering a new and unknown world. Alice may have been named after this beloved character as a way to honor the story and the journey it represents.

Alice's mention of 'Peter Pan' triggers discussions about not growing up, something Alice and Kat can relate to due to their unresolved problems with Jacob.

'One Last Stop' is a heartwarming love story filled with enchantment and time travel, turning the impossible into a reality.

Graham MacNeil fell asleep in 1745 and woke up more than two centuries later in an unfamiliar land with a modern-day woman.

This wildly popular time travel romance series, 'Outlander' parallels the time travel aspect of romance.

A TImeless Christmas Hallmark Movie movie based on a book
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Hallmark Shows Based on Books
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"Our Future is Stronger than our Past, it's our Legacy."

Gilmore Girls

The Landry Women mimic the Gilmore girls in my favorite, “Gilmore Girls” follows three generations of women, who learn from each other’s experiences and connect in the present.