Hallmark Mystery

Jane DaSilva finds herself unexpectedly inheriting a non-profit detective agency from her beloved Uncle, leading her to move to Baltimore. With the loving encouragement of Aunt Sadie and the helpful guidance of Detective John Cameron, Jane embarks on a thrilling new chapter at The Foundation.

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The Jane Mysteries

Jane DaSilva
Jodie Sweetin on Hallmark's The Jane Mysteries
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Jodie Sweetin

Stephen Huszar, The Jane Mysteries
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Stephen Huszar

"I am here to right a wrong."



Baltimore, Maryland

Jane’s Uncle and Aunt live in a large, beautiful estate in Baltimore. The estate has a big study room for “The Foundation” with a detailed map of Baltimore used as a detective clue board.

Movie #1: Inheritance Lost

The Jane Mysteries, Hallmark Mystery Movie with Jodie Sweetin
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Jane inherits a foundation, considers a detective agency job and works effectively with Detective John to help Lia find answers about her mother’s suicide and tuition funds, despite occasional squabbles and with chemistry.

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Mystery Books

I truly think Jane De Silva herself would give her stamp of approval to these mystery books! They really capture the essence of her beloved Hallmark mystery movies, all about helping those in need who might be overlooked by the police.

The Charity Shop Detective Agency

Book 1 of The Charity Shop Detective Agency Mysteries | Fiona, Sue, and Daisy, volunteers at Dogs Need Nice Homes, investigate a mysterious serial killer. With Fiona's terrier, they navigate the investigation amidst rivalries from Cats Alliance while having tea and cake.

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A Curious Beginning

Book 1 of Veronica Speedwell Mysteries | In The Jane Mysteries, the luxurious Baltimore mansion and Jane's role as a cabaret singer transport me to the lavish setting of Victorian England, reminiscent of where the Veronica Speedwell Mysteries unfold in London, 1887. Veronica and Stoker, an ill-tempered historian duo fleeing from a mysterious enemy while cautiously teaming up to uncover truths.

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Hallmark Mystery Movies Based on Books
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