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Jane DaSilva, a cabaret singer performing in Paris, receives an inheritance from her Uncle in the form of a family foundation that functions as a non-profit investigative agency, offering sleuthing services to those let down by the police and legal system. As a result, Jane relocates to Baltimore to work as a detective at ‘The Foundation’.

Her Aunt Sadie and Detective John Cameron extend their support to her and help her take charge of The Foundation’s operations.

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The Jane Mysteries

Jane DaSilva

Jodie Sweetin on Hallmark's The Jane Mysteries
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Stephen Huszar, The Jane Mysteries
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"I am here to right a wrong."



Baltimore, Maryland

Jane’s Uncle and Aunt reside in a magnificent, sprawling estate located in Baltimore. The estate features a grandiose study room, exclusively dedicated to “The Foundation for Right Wrongs” with a huge, intricate map of Baltimore, which is utilized as a detective clue board.

Detective John Cameron serves in the Baltimore police department and provides aid to ‘The Foundation’. 

Baltimore is setting in hallmark's the jane mysteries with jodie sweetin

Movie #1: Inheritance Lost

The Jane Mysteries, Hallmark Mystery Movie with Jodie Sweetin
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Jane inherits a foundation, considers a detective agency job and works effectively with Detective John to help Lia find answers about her mother’s suicide and tuition funds, despite occasional squabbles and with chemistry.

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Jane's Fashion

Jane’s wardrobe is bursting with vibrant and playful floral prints that perfectly complement her creative and expressive personality. Her love for art and music is evident in her colorful and eclectic fashion choices, which make a bold statement without saying a word.

This are so Jane DaSilva! The vibrant floral prints are absolutely stunning.

Mystery Books

Jane De Silva gives her stamp of approval to these mystery books because they capture the essence of her beloved Hallmark mystery movies. Get ready for a fun-filled adventure!

Fiona, Sue, and Daisy are a group of senior ladies who enjoy solving mysteries while indulging in lots of tea and cake.

The opulent Baltimore mansion in Victorian England and Jane's career as cabaret singer in 'The Jane Mysteries' evoke the glamorous atmosphere of the Victorian England era.

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