Taylor Swift + Hallmark Movies = Perfect Match

Taylor Swift brings love and enchantment reminiscent of Hallmark films

Taylor Swift’s music captures the romantic essence of Hallmark movies, bringing hope, optimism, and self-reflection to listeners. Additionally, her songs frequently feature in Hallmark movie promos. The singer’s personal journey mirrors the uplifting messages of Hallmark movies, sharing emotional anecdotes that inspire!

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Taylor Swift Concert Outfit

Taylor Swift was mentioned in Hallmark movies before her iconic Eras concert. Her music embodies romance, love, and hope, inspiring many. I attended the concert and my outfit was inspired by her Lover album.

Shimmering Zipper Jacket

The Allegra K shimmering, shiny lightweight zipper jacket is perfect for any season. It's a fun and lightweight addition to any outfit!

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Butterfly Hair Clips

I absolutely adore these sparkly butterfly clips! 🦋They're so gentle on my hair, and I love wearing one or two of them regularly.

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Boho Beaded Bracelets

These statement bracelets are incredibly stylish and enjoyable, not to mention budget-friendly.

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Sparkle Rhinestone Tights

After a long search, I finally found these tights to wear under my short shorts. They're just as subtle and stylish as Taylor Swift's on-stage tights!

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Taylor Swift Concert Outfit

I am obsessed with this yellow jumper outfit! Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is the only time I've worn it because I'm not bold enough to wear it out in public, but gosh, I just love it so much.


Taylor Swift Party Outfit

"We never go out of Style."

Taylor Swift exudes Hallmark Movie leading lady style, with a fashion sense that screams love and femininity.

Sequin Bomber Jacket

Dazzling and versatile, this sequin blazer bomber jacket features a fitted design and zipper closure for any occasion. This jacket is an absolute blast to wear! It's just so much fun!

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Flared Skater Skirt

When I step out in this skirt, I always make sure to layer it with a thicker skirt underneath or pair it with tights or leggings. Even though I have an XL size, it's still short and thin, but oh so delightful and makes quite a statement!

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Heart Oversized Sunglasses

These sunglasses are incredibly fun and available in a wide variety of vibrant colors.

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"Best believe I'm still bejeweled. When I walk in the room, I can still make the whole place shimmer."

Rhinestone Stickers

These stick-on gems are absolutely delightful and ideal for any ensemble. Whether you opt for a subtle touch or go all out, they're sure to add some pizzazz to any outfit or event!

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The Tortued Poets Department

Typerwriter and Poetry Outfit
Library Bookshelves Infiniti Scarf

The bright colors, detailed book designs, and delicate gauzy material make it absolutely stunning!

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Button Down Cardigan Sweater

I love button-downs because they're so easy to slip on and off. I went for an XL, which might be a tad too large, but I'm totally digging the vibe it gives off!

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Plunge Tank Top

I fully acknowledge that I am too old for the Wild Fable brand, but I can't help but adore their playful style and everything they have to offer.

Stretchy Waist Flared Skirt

This skirt is super flattering, not too snug, and not too short - plus it literally matches everything!

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allbirds Shoes

When I'm out and about, I still want my feet to feel comfortable and supported. Allbirds are my go-to because they come in so many fun colors!


Taylor Swift Hallmark Movie Fan Gear

With Taylor Swift’s namedrops in Hallmark movies and her songs being showcased in Hallmark movie promos, it’s no wonder that fans of both Hallmark movies and Taylor Swift have united as one big happy family!

Hallmark Hunks Eras Tour Shirt

Taylor Swift's iconic Eras tour shirt receives a delightful Hallmark Hunks makeover!

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Taylor Swift Lyric-Inspired Products

Taylor Swift Glittery Drink (1)

For all you Taylor Swift fans out there, whipping up a Taylor-inspired cocktail is an absolute must for any concert or party! After all, Taylor Swift is the queen of sparkle, shine, and self-expression. So let’s ensure those cocktails and mocktails are as lively and fun as celebrating with the Queen herself!

"I just wanna stay in that Lavender Haze."

Fancy Sprinkles Cocktail Kit

When I mix drinks for gatherings and for my friends, I want them to be super enjoyable! This Fancy Sprinkles and edible glitter kit makes a dazzling effect by sprinkling glitter onto garnishes. It adds an extra touch of glamour to every sip!

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globe in library

"Dear Reader, get our your map, pick somewhere and just run."

Push Pin World Map

Personalized vintage world map canvas with push pins in 3 sizes with personalized name or a quote from Holy Cow Canvas

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Globe in Wedding Veil Journey
my snapshot from Wedding Veil Journey where Tracy and Nick spin a globe to decide on their impromptu honeymoon destination.
Blue Ocean Globe

I've had the pleasure of working in 3 different libraries, and each one has a version of this Replogle globe. It's always a hit with students who love spinning it and discovering new things! 🌎

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HallmarkJenny holding magnifying glass for Hallmark Mysteries and typewriter

Taylor Swift’s 11th album, The Tortured Poets Department, embraces a vintage typewriter aesthetic that harks back to the timeless era of classic poets.

"Who uses typewriters anyway?"

LEGO Typewriter

The LEGO Ideas Typewriter is a delightful building experience. "Type" on working keys and the carriage moves just like a real typewriter. It's in classic mint green and has printed characters on every key, so you don't need stickers. Plus, feed in a sheet of paper for an authentic feel!

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