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A Christmas Carol references in hallmark movies, romantic comedy movies, closed door romance

Many Hallmark Christmas Movies reference Charles Dickens’ famous work, “A Christmas Carol.”

Countdown to Christmas Hallmark Movies 2022

2022 Countdown to Christmas Movies on Hallmark Channel

Hilton Hotel Christmas Suites, Hallmark Hilton Hotel suites

Hilton Partners with Hallmark Channel to Offer Holiday Suites Themed to Fan‑Favorite ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Movies

How to watch the Hallmark Channel Movies on Peacock

Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama are all streaming on Peacock Premium for $4.99/month as of November 2, 2022 ♥

How to watch the Hallmark Channel Movies cable and streaming

With so many ways to watch Hallmark movies, you can enjoy all season long!

Hallmark Movies Hot Chocolate in closed door romance movies

Top 5 Hot Chocolate Recipes from Celebrating Sweets, 4 Sons ‘R’ Us, Simply Quinoa, Baking Mischief & Savory Experiments