Who doesn’t love to kick back and relax with beach reads during vacation season? Whether or not you’re able to jet off on a summer getaway, diving into a beach read is the perfect way to escape and take yourself on an imaginary vacation! 🏖️

Hallmark Movies feature characters enjoying a relaxing vacation and unwinding with some summer reading!

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Summer Reading

NEW Summer Reading Books

Check out these new summer reads!

Birding with Benefits

A divorced woman starts her "year of yes" and meets a quiet but caring birdwatcher, whom she pretends to date during a wilderness bird-watching adventure. 🐦

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Summer Romance

Ali Morrisputs on overalls after avoiding zippers for some time. Her dog pees on a man who becomes interested in her. Ethan sees her as a younger, braver version of herself. Ali, a newly single mom, is hesitant but indulges in summer romance.

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The Paradise Problem

Anna married Liam for cheap housing at UCLA but believed they divorced after school. Three years later, they meet again when Anna, an artist, reunites with Liam, now a wealthy Stanford professor. Liam must pick between love and money as he introduces Anna to his rich family and the potential impact on his inheritance.

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A Novel Summer

Author Shelby Archer found inspiration for her debut novel in the charming town of Provincetown, Cape Cod. Now back to celebrate its success, she's met with some chilly receptions. While managing a friend’s bookstore and trying to mend broken bonds, she also embraces a second chance at romance. Second-Chance Romance

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Cocoa Beach Cottage

Book 1 of Sweeney House | Samantha Parker is dealing with a divorce after finding out about her husband's cheating. With few options, she decides to head back to her hometown Cocoa Beach, Florida with her 24-year old daughter and teenage son to help her mom manage their family inn.

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Jackpot Summer

The Jacobson kids grew up learning to be frugal, but now they're dealing with money troubles. When they decide to sell their cherished childhood beach house, it brings them back together. And after a stroke of luck with a Powerball win, they go all out on fancy things—until they realize that their strongest treasure is their family bond! 💰

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The Irish Goodbye

Steamy | A jilted Irish chef returns to Inishmore, Ireland, and instantly collides with a spirited American tourist from NYC who happens to be a street photographer. It's a delightful romantic tale brimming with love, passion, art, food, and the journey of discovering where you truly belong. Enemies-to-Lovers, Forced Proximity

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Close Knit

On a charming island in northern Scotland, Gertie enjoys cozy knitting sessions with her friends before she takes to the skies as an air stewardess—and along the way, she finds romance.

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The Best Life Book Club

Karissa begins anew in Gig Harbor following her husband's infidelity. She get a new job at a cozy publishing house and looks forward to meeting new friends. She forms a special bond with Alice and Margot through their shared love for books, as they navigate through life's challenges together in their book club adventures. 📚

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The Rom-Commers

Emma Wheeler dreams of becoming a screenwriter, but must care for her father. When she heads to LA for a chance to rewrite her idol's script, Charlie Yates proves to be a challenge. Emma convinces him of the value of love stories, but what happens when their own love story unfolds?

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Funny Story

Daphne fell for Peter on a windy day due to a lost hat. They moved to his hometown but he loved Petra. Now, Daphne is in Waning Bay, Michigan, with a cool job but no connections. She stays with Petra's ex, Miles, and they share fake summer photos.

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The Design of Us

A spur-of-the-moment lie turns into a week of pretend romance for two squabbling colleagues at a destination wedding. Fake Dating

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Cozy Summer Mysteries

There’s just something about summer that makes me crave cozy mysteries set in tropical locations. With all this extra time on my hands, I breeze through those delightful mysteries!

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies

Book 1 of The Vacation Mysteries | Bestselling (fictional) author Eleanor Dash embarks on an Italian book tour, but things take a thrilling turn when the mysterious events in her novels begin to mirror her own life.

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The Shell House Detectives

Book 1 of Shell House Detective Mysteries | When a guy disappears from Ally Bright's place on the Cornish coast, the whole community of Porthpella is in a tizzy! Ally and ex-cop Jayden Weston team up to crack this case wide open.

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Murder by the Seashore

Book 1 of A California Book Mystery | Scarlett Gardner opens a bookstore in Southern California but faces financial difficulties after her partner leaves. She receives a large inheritance from a deceased customer and is later accused of murder, earning her bookstore a notorious nickname - the "Bookshop Killer.

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My Summer Favorites

I’m quite the bookworm and tend to enjoy most of what I read. Here are some standout summer reads from over the years!

The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand
The Blue Bistro

Elin Hilderbrand reigns supreme in the world of beach reads. According to Elin herself, The Blue Bistro holds a special place as her top pick among her books. This delightful read delves into the lives of a Nantucket restaurant's staff and their delectable culinary creations. It's simply fantastic!

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The Hotel Nantucket Elin Hilderbrand
The Hotel Nantucket

Elin Hilderbrand reigns as the ultimate Nantucket Beach Reads Queen! I've devoured all of her books, and The Hotel Nantucket is hands down one of my absolute favorites!

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The Unhoneymooners

Olive often has bad luck with job loss and mishaps. She and her nemesis Ethan pretend to be newlyweds to enjoy a free Maui honeymoon. This romance is a fun and risque summer read with open door romance.

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