Classic stories never go out of style, right? They’re like those timeless Hallmark movies that we can’t get enough of. The books in this post take familiar fairy tales and classic novels and give them a modern romantic twist. It’s like seeing our favorite stories in a whole new light!

Hallmark movies often mention fairy tales, princesses, and classic novels.

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Romantic Retellings

Fairy Tale Retellings

I’m totally in love with fairytales, Disney princesses, and the timeless classic stories! There’s this incredible magic in romantic retellings of these cherished tales. It feels like stepping into a world filled with enchantment and nostalgia all over again!

Barely Even Friends

Beauty & the Beast | Steamy 🌶️ | Bellamy Price lands a deal to renovate Killington Estate, only to discover it's being looked after by the grouchy caretaker, Oliver Killington.

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Tangled Up In You

Rapunzel | Meant To Be series | Ren, a bookworm and self-taught builder of a wind power system, has steered clear of iPhones and social media. Fitz's world takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Ren during an immunology class project. As they embark on a road trip together, they uncover the possibility that their long-held dreams might be closer than they ever imagined!

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Classic Novel Retellings

I absolutely adore classic novels! These modern romances put a contemporary spin on beloved classics, adding a romantic twist for some extra excitement. They’re like the best of both worlds – timeless stories with a fresh and fun romantic touch!

Beautiful Villain

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald | Steamy 🌶️ | Book 1 of Gilded Monsters | After college, Daisy's summer plans are ruined by her cousin's disappearance from a party hosted by Jay Gatsby, her past love. This leads to lies and fixation, ending in violence. Gatsby survives a shooting by selling immortality secrets for riches. Daisy must choose between siding with Gatsby or his enemies, and her friends' lives are at risk.

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The Great Gatsby is always popping up in Hallmark Movies.

Recipe for Persuasion

Persuasian by Jane Austen | The Rajes series | Chef Ashna Raje's eatery is in need of rescuing, and the show Cooking with the Stars might just be the ticket. However, being paired with her ex-flame Rico Silva could turn things topsy-turvy. As they reignite their spark in the kitchen, their history looms large, posing a threat to their culinary dreams once more. Will it be heartbreak or persuasion - what's on the menu for them?

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Jane Austen

Are you a Jane Austen fanatic too? I had the honor of hosting two book clubs for the Loveuary Jane Austen event! Take a look at this post featuring everything related to Jane Austen!

Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility books by Jane Austen, hallmark Channel book club
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