10 Romance Tropes in Hallmark Movies

Hallmark Movies & Romance Novels

Hallmark Movies commonly use romance tropes, which are repeated storylines and themes in romantic stories. These tropes create a familiar and comforting experience for viewers.

A Trope is a genre convention, which is a commonly used element like plot, theme, device, or character.

This post highlights Hallmark Jenny’s top 10 beloved romance tropes frequently found in Hallmark films and romance novels.

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Romance Tropes

Why Do Rom Coms have Popular Romance Tropes?

Romance tropes create compelling relationships by building tension with push and pull dynamics between the characters. Obstacles, secrets, and misunderstandings allow for growth and a strong connection between the characters.

Why Do Romance Tropes Matter To Romance Readers?

Love stories, from Romeo and Juliet to Cinderella, have captivated audiences for centuries.

Hallmark movies have become a staple for many people, especially during the holiday season, due to their ability to transport viewers to a world where all problems are solved in the most romantic way possible. The appeal of Hallmark movies lies in their use of predictable romance tropes, such as the “meet-cute” or “happily ever after” ending, which are incredibly satisfying to watch. Viewers become invested in the characters, rooting for them every step of the way.

Romance stories bring lovers together, push them apart, and reunite them.

10 Romantic Comedy Tropes

Enemies to Lovers

Former foes falling in love. See the depth of their connection as they put aside differences and overcome obstacles for true love. Hallmark Movies has perfected this inspiring tale.

Hallmark Movies with Enemies to Lovers Romance Trope

Book Examples with Enemies to Lovers Romance Trope

Fake Dating

In brief, the Fake Relationship trope involves two characters pretending to be in love. This creates tension, as they must maintain the illusion, leading to dramatic moments. Additionally, this trope allows for exploration of themes such as trust and vulnerability, as the characters rely on each other to keep up the pretense, leading to deeper connections.

Hallmark Movies with Fake Dating Romance Trope

Book Examples with Fake Dating Romance Trope

Friends to Lovers /Just Friends

Two friends develop romantic feelings for each other in the friends-to-lovers trope, which begins with a relaxed dynamic as they share jokes and understanding of each other. As their feelings grow, their relationship changes, allowing for backstory and a deeper understanding of each character.

Hallmark Movies with Friends to Lovers Romance Trope

Book Examples with Friends to Lovers Romance Trope

Second Chance Romance

The second-chance romance trope reunites former lovers and is popular because it taps into our desire for enduring love. It offers potential for character growth and forgiveness, making for a satisfying story arc that keeps the audience engaged.

Hallmark Movies with Second Chance Romance Romance Trope

Book Examples with Second Chance Romance Romance Trope

Destined to Be Together

Destiny and magic bring two people together for true love in this romance trope. They overcome impossible odds as fate orchestrates their meeting in a magical way.

Hallmark Movies with Destiny Romance Trope

Book Examples with Destiny Romance Trope


Fairy tales and romance often feature a commoner falling in love with a royal. This idea of a prince or princess falling for an ordinary person is intriguing. The story typically involves a royal character who has everything except for someone who loves them for who they are. Enter the protagonist, who is drawn to the royal in an unexpected way while on assignment for them.

Hallmark Movies with Royalty Romance Trope

Book Examples with Royalty Romance Trope


Hallmark movies teach us to find balance and pursue joy by showing characters who prioritize work to the detriment of their personal lives. a new love interest introduces them to slower pace, passions, true love and happiness.

Hallmark Movies with Workaholic Romance Trope

Book Examples with Workaholic Romance Trope

Single Parent

Single parent romance novels are increasingly popular because they showcase the struggles of balancing parenthood with finding love. These stories dive into the challenges single parents face, including finding time for themselves, navigating the dating world, and emotional impacts of divorce or loss. The vulnerability of the main characters is what draws readers to the single parent trope, as it portrays flawed and relatable human beings. Writers are able to create heartwarming stories by displaying the strength and independence of the single parent protagonist as they do their best for their child and search for love.

Hallmark Movies with Single Parent Romance Trope

Book Examples with Single Parent Romance Trope

Forced Proximity

“Forced Proximity” is a romance trope where two characters fall in love while being stuck in a situation together. This creates intimacy and trust quickly as they work together to overcome an obstacle. This trope offers viewers an escape and a comforting experience, especially during the holiday season, as they watch characters fall in love in a cozy setting and enjoy a guaranteed happy ending.

Hallmark Movies with Forced Proximity Romance Trope

Book Examples with Forced Proximity Romance Trope

Love Triangle

A character is torn between two people: a stable partner and a new, exciting one from their past. The reader knows the right choice, but the character must choose and grow.

Hallmark Movies with Love Triangle Romance Trope

Book Examples with Love Triangle Romance Trope

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