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Paper maps are making a comeback as people desire a tangible connection to the physical world and a sense of adventure. Maps, globes, nautical charts, and 3D raised relief maps are gaining popularity once again, providing a real and meaningful way to explore the world. Learn more about the resurgence of paper maps and how they can help you discover the world!

Hallmark movies often feature female protagonists embarking on a journey to discover a new appreciation for the world around them, both physically and emotionally. These journeys often lead to self-discovery and exploration.

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In the modern world, it’s easy to feel stuck in a routine and forget to be adventurous. It’s important to remember that life is an adventure, full of new experiences and opportunities.

Beyond GPS Directions

GPS directions may be convenient, but they can limit exploration. To discover new places, try taking a road trip with frequent stops or researching unique locations online. Don’t lose the joy of travel by relying solely on GPS.

Benefits of Maps

Maps give a bird’s eye view of the world. They show the topography of the land, including waterways and vegetation. Maps also help us locate landmarks and transportation hubs, cultural and religious sites. We can use maps to plan journeys, determining the best route, distance and travel time.

"Dear Reader, Get out your map, pick somewhere and just run."

Paper Maps

When it comes to travelling and making new discoveries, paper maps are the best way to go! A piece of paper can be folded up and tucked away in a pocket or bag – much easier than lugging around a heavy atlas! Even better, I love just unfolding my map and exploring the region indicated: looking at roads, rivers and points of interest that I hadn’t known about. It’s almost like being an explorer, discovering something anew – I get so excited with each journey! Paper maps are definitely my favorite way of seeing the world.

Wall Maps

Wall maps bring art, style, and color to any room. Teach kids geography and learn about cultures, history, and travel. Use wall maps as a backdrop for your travel stories or create nesting collages in separate rooms to transport you from place to place!

Nautical Charts

Explore seas with nautical charts! They provide detailed illustrations of shorelines and seafloors, and offer insight into coastlines, reefs, and mysterious creatures. Discover adventure at every turn – from dolphins to starfish. Don’t forget your nautical chart on your next journey!

Gulf of Mexico

National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration Chart 411

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Spinning a globe is a special way to explore our planet and learn about different countries. Globes offer incredible detail and a fun way to hunt for global geography. 

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Journey' with Alison Sweeney & Victor Webster | Wedding Veil Sequels
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Globe in Wedding Veil Journey
my snapshot from Wedding Veil Journey where Tracy and Nick spin a globe to decide on their impromptu honeymoon destination.
Globe with Antique Shading

This antique globe adds elegance to any space.

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Blue Ocean Globe

I've had the pleasure of working in 3 different libraries, and each one has a version of this Replogle globe. It's always a hit with students who love spinning it and discovering new things! 🌎

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World Travel Landmark Christmas Tree

3D Raised Relief Maps

Discover Earth through 3D relief maps, featuring mountains, forests, streets, lakes, and rivers. They are interactive and provide information on historical sites and other landmarks. Find them online or in specialty stores. High-quality maps last longer but come at a higher cost. Detailed information about locations is available for free online.

Personalized Maps

Create your own personalized travel map and display the story of your travels with friends and family. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and designs, and even add a custom tagline. Take it one step further and mount it with Moore Map pins to remember all those special moments. Perfect for the adventurous soul in all of us.

Map of Texas, personalized map
Push Pin World Map

Personalized vintage world map canvas with push pins in 3 sizes with personalized name or a quote from Holy Cow Canvas

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World Travel Map with Push Pins

This stretched canvas print comes equipped with a heavy-duty internal frame and a wood fiber backing perfect for push pins from Conquest Maps

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Maps offer an interactive way to explore the world with fun facts and insights about topography and landmarks. Get started today with free online resources or by buying a map and start uncovering the world from home.

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