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Nikki and Nora, who happen to be non-identical twin sisters, are brought back together after inheriting a private investigation company. Hunter King and Rhiannon Fish give outstanding performances in portraying the contrasting yet related characters. This movie is entertaining, thrilling, and will keep you on the edge of your seat with its unpredictable storyline.

Nikki & Nora Mystery Series


Nikki and Nora Hallmark mystery with Hunter King and Rhiannon Fish
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Nikki and Nora Hallmark mystery with Hunter King and Rhiannon Fish
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Chicago is renowned for its dark, gritty atmosphere and high crime rate. However, the bar frequented by the police department has a cozy, small-town vibe. It is a great spot for exchanging stories and discussing cases.

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Nikki and Nora Hallmark mystery with Hunter King and Rhiannon Fish
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Nora and Nikki have been estranged since their parents died in a car crash when they were teenagers. But when Nikki gets a mysterious letter from a man who was photographed with their parents, their worlds collide and the twins are thrown together once again.

Nora is a serious lawyer who works closely with the police department, and Nikki has left home at 17 to pursue acting. When Nikki is kicked out of her apartment, she decides to move back home and continue to pursue local acting. When Nikki approaches Nora to sign the will giving them a private investigator agency, they begin to rekindle their relationship and end up solving a case that Nora is involved in.

The case brings out the best of the sisters, as they must use all of their skills and work together to uncover the truth. Despite their very different lives and experiences, Nikki and Nora are able to come together and put their combined talents and knowledge to good use. With the help of their new detective agency, they are able to solve the case, and ultimately decide to keep the agency.

Through their work together, Nikki and Nora develop a new understanding and appreciation for one another. They learn to rely on each other more, and to lean on each other for support. They also rediscover the bond that was shattered when their parents died.

Nikki and Nora, likened to Sherlock and Holmes, are the perfect pair for solving mysteries. This book set is purely for decorative purposes.

I enjoy the diverse and contrasting personalities of the two sisters, particularly their distinct fashion styles!

Nikkiwears dresses that are light and playful, decorated with a variety of patterns and designs.

Nora dresses in pants, large belts and jackets which give her an authoritative attorney-like appearance.

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