New Year, New Movies

Hallmark's January 2022 Movies

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New Year, New Movies 2022

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Where Your Heart Belongs

Hallmark Movie 2022
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When a New York marketing executive comes home to assist with her best friend’s wedding, she discovers the importance of family and friends’ love and support more than she ever thought possible.

“You are awesome and you are real.”

The Perfect Pairing

Hallmark Movie 2022 The Perfect Pairing Hallmark Wines
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Single father Michael and his family take in an influential, yet anonymous, food and wine critic, Christina, who has slipped on ice while visiting a winery and can’t remember who she is.

“I hope I remember more than that. But I’ll never forget the last 24 hours.”

Don't Forget I Love You

Hallmark Movie 2022
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On Taylor’s birthday, she opens a time capsule left by her late mother containing a set of tasks which take her out of her comfort zone, encouraging her to embrace the potential of love.

“Maybe that was your Mom’s real gift, those feelings. Those feelings of being alive.”

Taylor's late mother bequeathed her a precious time capsule. What a special gift! It's a wonderful way to pass down treasured memories and stories to children and future generations.

Butlers in Love

hallmark butlers in love movie
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At a renowned Butler Academy, Emma and Henry are training to be royal Butlers. Despite the intense competition, their connection is undeniable, and a fiery rivalry ensues.

“To the perfect pairing!” -Emma | “I can fondue to that” -Henry