How I Blog Series

When I began my blogging journey, I was as inactive as a sloth! Every spare moment was spent glued to my desk, trying to crack the code of blogging. Fast forward to now – you’ll catch me bouncing on a trampoline at my standing desk while typing away. Of course, I do give my legs a break by plopping down in an ergonomic chair too! 😄

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Blogging Workstation

Work Station

How to Blog - my coffee and desk area
Standing Desk Converter

Whenever I feel the need to take a break from sitting, I can easily lift the lever and switch to standing position while I continue writing and blogging.

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Mini Trampoline

My knees tend to hurt after standing for a while, so I came up with a solution. I placed a mini trampoline on the floor and jump on it while I work at my standing desk. It's a fun way to stay active and productive at the same time.

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Office Desk Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Back in 2011, when I kicked off library school, I found myself glued to a chair all evening and weekend. Let me tell you, my back was not happy about it! But then I splurged on a top-notch chair and oh boy did it make a world of difference for my spine! That trusty chair stuck with me for a whole decade before I upgraded to this new gem. Here's to comfy chairs and happy spines!

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