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Mother’s Day is such a wonderful occasion to honor all the amazing moms, mother figures, and those special people who embody the qualities of a loving and caring mom in our lives.

This blog post is a joyous tribute to Mother’s Day, presenting creative ways to express gratitude to the special people in your life who care for you and fill your days with love.

Hallmark Movies honor Moms who play crucial roles in characters' lives, showcasing their loving presence.

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Mother's Day

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My mom is the ultimate role model of a wonderful mother! I honor her this holiday because she's awesome, caring, giving, supportive and an amazing companion for travel! We both adore embarking on escapades together and indulging in gourmet cuisine.

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your mom or any mother figure in your life! While it’s not necessary, giving a gift can be a sweet way to express your gratitude and appreciation for all she does.

DaySpring scripture mugs
Mother's Day Cards & Gifts

Hallmark Media and DaySpring create movies that lift spirits and inspire through faith. DaySpring offers a lovely assortment of cards, literature based on scripture, and gifts for Mother's Day!

Lego Bonsai Tree
Mother's Day Legos!

If the mom in your life enjoys getting creative, LEGO has a special collection just for Mother's Day! Their handpicked LEGOs are absolutely stunning and bursting with vibrant colors and designs!

LEGOs on Amazon

Amazon is filled with an amazing selection of LEGOs for you to explore and enjoy!

Pink Picasso Kits

Pink Picasso kits make the cutest and most thoughtful gifts for Moms! They're a fun and creative way to show your appreciation, providing relaxation and creativity. Plus, they'll always serve as a sweet reminder of you! 🖌️

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Mother's Day Gifts

How can I possibly choose just one unique, handmade Mother's Day gift from Etsy? There are countless lovely and handcrafted gifts to pick from!

Mother's Day Shop

Amazon has a treasure trove of gifts, products, and ideas to make your mom's day extra special!

Hallmark Mother's Day Cards

Their collection of Mother's Day cards is incredibly extensive, joyful, and absolutely stunning! 💌

Hallmark on Amazon

My Sister's Geometry Line

My little sister, Sarah Forwark Holden, is a huge fan of Geometry Towels and has an impressive collection of their printed towels! She loves gifting us with these fun towels every season, and my mom and I absolutely adore the lively patterns and holiday prints. She even designed three towels for their Mother’s Day collection! Her personal touch really shines through in every design.


My little sister, who is quite the artist, actually designed three of the towels in their Mother's Day Colletcion! 🎨 And hey, don't forget to use the code SARAH for a nice 15% discount!


Geometry towels feature such joyful patterns that not only credit and support talented artists but also excel at tidying up spills. While they are definitely meant for the kitchen, the delightful designs are an extra treat!

V-Neck Tiered Maxi Dress

My sister looks amazing in her promo pictures for her Mother's Day Geometry towels, rocking a stunning teal dress! And guess what? This fabulous dress comes in a variety of beautiful colors too!

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Mother's Day Gourmet Food

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some gourmet foods that can be delivered to your own mother, daughter, grandmother, or any mother figure. As a nod to my own passion for fancy foods and in honor of my dear mother’s love for them as well! It’s the perfect way to show appreciation with a delicious surprise!

Comforting Soups!

Gourmet Soup Delivery, Gifts & Care Packages 🥣

Spoonful of Comfort
Murray's Cheese Shop in NYC
Murray's Cheese Shop in NYC! 🧀
A Toast to Cheese!

Is your mom a wine and cheese lover like mine? If so, I've got the perfect gift box of cheeses to pair with her favorite wines! 🍷

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Mothers Day Collection

Limited Edition Mother's Day gift box available! This selection includes delicious cheeses, charcuterie, and pairings, all carefully chosen for the perfect balance of flavors.

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HallmarkJenny at Milk Bar in NYC
The dessert creations from Milk Bar are truly one-of-a-kind, bursting with vibrant and playful energy.
Mother's Day Treats

What better way to show your love than with Milk Bar's delightful treats as part of a Mother's Day brunch or care package? Milke Bar ships nationwide, and you can even schedule delivery up to 30 days in advance. 🎂

Milk Bar
Send Desserts!

Whether you're craving cookies, cakes, brownies, or more, David's Cookies has been baking quality sweets since 1979. 🍪

David's Cookies
newborn photo Claire
In 2016, my precious daughter came into the world and brought immense joy to my life. 🙏 As Mother's Day approaches, my heart goes out to all the women yearning for motherhood. It's a time when we may feel an unexplained ache in our hearts, wondering why certain things are not meant to be and what lies ahead for us in the future.

Expecting Mothers

Easter is a time to celebrate the love of Jesus and all the beautiful blessings in our lives. It’s a great opportunity to share those blessings with both yourself and others!

The sequels of The Wedding Veil follow the three friends as they embark on the journey of motherhood. 🍼

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

I love MamaNatural! Her advice has helped me for over ten years, even before her Pregnancy book was published.

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Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

These MamaNatural affirmation cards are beautiful. I like to give them to my friends as a gift to inspire and show love.

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Postpartum Affirmation Cards

Help and support new moms around you with beautiful affirmation cards made for after childbirth and parenting.

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Book a Mom-Cation!

I’m all about embracing little adventures. This Mother’s Day, why not plan a getaway for yourself or bring along your mom or another mother figure? Create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

Hallmark movies show people discovering peace and self-discovery apart from their daily routines.


Booking hotels can be such a hassle, right? I mean, who really knows if we're getting the best deal out there? Trivago - it's like a magical search engine that compares hotel prices from all over the place. 🏨

Princess Cruises

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