As a librarian, I love getting lost in romantic daydreams about finding love amidst the library bookshelves, just like in Hallmark movies! It’s the perfect blend of romance and literature that makes my heart flutter.

These romantic reads are all about librarians discovering their happily ever afters.

Librarians bring a charming and romantic touch to Hallmark Movies with their love for books and knowledge.

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Library Romance

Love in the Library

Funny Story

Daphne fell for Peter on a windy day due to a lost hat. They moved to his hometown but he loved Petra. Now, Daphne is in Waning Bay, Michigan, with a cool job but no connections. She stays with Petra's ex, Miles, and they share fake summer photos.

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Love at First Book

When a librarian moves to a charming Irish village where her beloved writer resides, she never imagines she'd end up smitten with the novelist's grumpy son.

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A Storybook Wedding

Librarian Cecily Allerton and author Nate Ellis elope to protect their careers after a compromising situation in their MFA program. With Cecily competing for a literary award and Nate battling writer's block, they plan to annul the marriage after the program. 

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The Next Best Fling

Steamy | I wasn't crazy about the cover, but with a series title like Librarians in Love, I just couldn't resist diving in! Marcela, a librarian, falls for her friend who soon gets engaged. She then helps the groom's brother, Theo, who secretly loves the bride-to-be as well. To hide their unrequited feelings, they pretend to date, but find themselves in a tangled rebound relationship.  

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Librarian Cozy Mysteries

Victoria Gilbert 'A Crytpic Clew' Hunter and Clewe Cozy mystery eries
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