My Wellness Retreat Self-Care Trip in Austin, TX

Hallmark Channel movies portray the inspiring journeys of women on their paths to self-discovery. These films capture the essence of the female experience and inspire viewers to embark on their own healing journeys.

I took on the role of the main character in a Hallmark movie and embarked on my own exciting journey at a wellness retreat!

Hallmark movies promote self-care and growth by portraying characters attending retreats to disconnect from technology and work stress and reflect on their priorities.

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Lake Austin Spa Resort

Nestled among the rolling hills and lush greenery near downtown Austin is an exceptional all-inclusive destination spa in the beautiful Texas hill country. 

Loding and Food

My Cozy Cabin

The luxury lakeview cabins were the perfect place to unwind and relax during a vacation. Even if they weren’t advertised as lake cabins, you could still tell that they were facing the lake. Each cabin was on the same path to the indoor heated pool bar and Lake Austin Spa, and all of us made sure to take the winding path there. We’d often wear the robes and slippers that were provided in the closets, and some of us even dined in them! 

Outside the cabin doors was a cozy porch patio with chairs, a table, and soy candles. The cabin itself had a French-rustic feel, with fancy built-in cupboards, a luxurious bathtub that was always stocked in fancy products and lavender bath salts, and of course, a big-screen TV for us to watch between activities or just for some light entertainment in the evening when we ordered room service.

The lake cabins were the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, and the amenities ensured that we had everything we needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. It was the perfect balance of luxury and nature that made the stay at the lake cabins so special!

Vibrant Foods

The dining room at the Lake House was a beautiful and cozy place. It had a big fireplace and French windows that showed the lake’s beauty. It was perfect for any meal.

Breakfast was always a treat. I started my day with an espresso on my patio, watching the sunrise. The breakfast at the Lake House was always tasty. My favorite was the Austin Breakfast Bowl with pecan sausage, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, squash, walnuts, eggs, harissa aioli, and avocado. I also loved the lox avocado toast with an oat milk latte.

Lunch was just as great. I enjoyed salads, noodles, and sandwiches made with care in the outdoor dining room. The lake view made it even better.

I ordered room service for all of my dinners! Eating healthy cuisine while watching TV in my kind bed was such a treat as a busy teacher and mom.  The menu was always changing, but some of my favorites were the pan-seared salmon with roasted vegetables, the steak frites with béarnaise sauce, and the butternut squash ravioli with sage brown butter sauce.

Activities & Classes

Every morning, the welcome center provides a comprehensive list of activities and programs designed to meet the needs of all the guests. From culinary demos to exercise classes, craft workshops to personal development opportunities, and special events, there are activities for everyone to enrich your life.

Culinary Cooking Demonstrations

The main resort hub had a big, beautiful room with enormous windows overlooking the lake. Inside, there were rows of chairs and tables, set two to a table, and plenty of additional seating lining the walls. Signing up ahead of time was a must, as the cooking demos were incredibly popular.

The kitchen was a sight to behold! The island was huge, with plenty of space for prepping, and a huge mirror hung over the stovetop so that everyone could get an unobstructed view of the cooking process.

I was lucky enough to attend two cooking classes at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

The first was conducted by Chef Susie Reiter, who presented us with her delicious Kisir-Spicy Bulgur in Lettuce Boats.

Chef Maggie Perkins taught us how to infuse apple cider vinegar with farm-fresh herbs, I was beyond excited. I love experimenting with new recipes, and the thought of infusing vinegar with herbs I could pick right from the resort’s garden was too good to pass up.

Not only did I get to try delicious new dishes, but I was also able to learn some valuable cooking tips and tricks. 

Exercise Classes

Lake Austin Spa Resort offers a wide variety of group exercises classes, ranging from kickboxing and cardio mixes to weightlifting and yoga.

If you’re looking for something a bit more strenuous, they outdoor fitness activities, including 1-mile, 3-mile, and 5-mile scenic guided hikes, perfect for getting your blood pumping and enjoying the beauty of nature.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, there were yoga and restorative meditation classes. In one of the classes, we stretched and strengthened our feet by rolling out toes and different parts of the foot on a ball. 

But my favorite class of all was the guided meditation class with chakra crystal sound healing. In this class, the instructor used drums to calm our bodies, minds, and spirits.

And there was an outdoor yoga class with sound healing instruments that was also great — we meditated on the dock by the lake.

I even tried my hand at beginner’s tai chi discipline and Japanese Swords classes. They were both quite challenging, but I’m glad I took the time to try them out. The resort offers a wide variety of classes to suit all types of fitness levels and requirements — and you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

bogi board indoor yoga in a pool at Lake Austin Spa and Wellness Resort
We even tested our balance in two BOGA board classes — one out on the lake, and the other in the heated indoor swimming pool at the pool barn. 

Self-Development Classes

The treehouse at Lake Austin Spa Resort was a busy place as different classes were offered to all types of people.

I attended one of these classes, the sensual needs class, as a single woman surrounded by couples. Although it was a little awkward at times, it was still an incredible learning experience. The sensual needs class was a great opportunity to learn about the different needs of the mind, body, and soul that must be met in order to have a balanced and satisfying relationship. We discussed how physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs can all be met in different ways. We also discussed different types of communication and how to express our needs without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

The other class I attended was an outdoor “nature” tour. The guide was knowledgeable and gave us a detailed history of Lake Austin, the trees, and the land. He also explained the plants and herbs growing in the garden and the purpose of their one-day monarch garden. It was a great learning experience as well.

Fine Arts Classes

Watercolor painting at Lake Austin Spa and Wellness Resort,
Led by two talented and experienced artists, the watercolor painting class was a great experience that taught us a lot about the techniques used in watercolor painting, as well as providing us with a platform to unleash our creativity. It was truly a fun and inspiring experience.
Making a Chakra Bracelet for Crafts at Lake Austin Spa and Wellness Resort,
We had the opportunity to learn about the seven different chakras and how they affect our physical and mental wellbeing. After the lesson, we were all presented with a selection of crystal chakras to choose from to create our very own chakra bracelets.

Renowned Lake Austin Spa

As I walked through the winding path leading to the lakehouse spa, I was amazed by its beauty. It was separate from the resort and had its own unique charm. The spa was available at any hour for the resort guests and I took full advantage of that! *Day spa guests are not allowed at the resort. 

My experience at the spa was amazing. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after each visit. The food, skincare, and spa services were top-notch, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great spa experience.

Healing by the Water

lake Austin at Lake Austin Spa and Wellness Resort,
As I looked out at the expansive view of Lake Austin, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility that I had never experienced before. I soon learned that this was no accident; the resort I was staying at was purposely built off of the lake, in order to take advantage of its calm energy and healing powers.

At Lake Austin Spa Resort, I encountered individuals from all corners of North America. Every age group was represented: girls’ trips, couples commemorating an anniversary, birthday celebrations, numerous solo travelers, bachelorette parties, even babymoon trips!

I savored my stay immensely and found immense tranquility during this wellness retreat.

My experience at the spa was amazing. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after each visit. The food, skincare, and spa services were top-notch, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great spa experience.

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