Hallmark Movies set in Italy

Hallmark movies set in Italy beautifully embrace the easygoing vibe of the city, paired with its delectable dishes. This blog post savors the enchanting allure of Italy!

Charming Hallmark movies set in Italy beautifully capture the city's ambiance and its delightful cuisine!

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Italy Setting

Italian Souveniers

Italy is simply stunning! From its breathtaking coastline and charming buildings to the cozy houses and delicious food, everything about it is gorgeous. These gifts and works of art truly celebrate the beauty of Italy.

Italian Souveniers

Etsy offers a delightful variety of Italian charms, jewelry, prints, clothes, and more from independent shops!

Italian Gift Baskets

Treat yourself or someone special to a delightful array of delicious pastas, pizzas, meats, cheeses, desserts, and more. It's like sending a little taste of Italy right to your door! Buon appetito!🍝🍆

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Italy Art Prints

Society6 offers beautiful art prints of Italy, capturing the stunning coastline, vibrant life, and everyday moments—all created by talented independent artists.

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Italian Food

Italian foods like pizza, pasta, and gnocchi are pure comfort—you just can never go wrong! 🍕🍝

Elements of Pizza Cookbook
The Elements of Pizza

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Perfect Pan Pizza

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Italian Movie Fashion

Hallmark Movies set in Italy beautifully capture the charm of Italian fashion and culture.

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Unveiled' with Lacey Chabert & Autumn Reeser
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The Wedding Veil Unveiled takes you on a charming journey through Italy! Emma and Paola explore the beautiful country, searching for the origins of the lace wedding veil.

Seen on Emma in the The Wedding Veil Unveiled

Autumn Reeser Wedding veil blue dress
my snapshot from The Wedding Veil Unveiled
Fedoras & Wide-Brim Hats

Emma absolutely adores her fedoras - they're totally her signature look! All of Emma's fabulous hats come from FreePeople.

Free People
Autumn Reeser Wedding veil blue dress
my snapshot from The Wedding Veil Unveiled
Blue Floral Dress

Emma wears this Lulu's dress when she initially encounters Paola and uncovers the origin of the veil's lace!👰🏽‍♀️

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Autumn Reeser Wedding veil Lulu's garden yellow floral dress
my snapshot from The Wedding Veil Unveiled
French Countryside Floral Dress

Emma looks absolutely stunning in this dress as she enjoys a delightful cocktail party with Paola in Italy. Her effortless loveliness truly shines through.

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Emma's Wedding Dress

BHLDN Wedding Collection

Emma's stunning lace bridal gown hails from the wedding collection of Anthropologie.



Whether you’re snuggling at home or off to a party, grab these Italian wines and sip like the Italians!

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In The Wedding Veil Unveiled, Emma discovers the Italian tradition of savoring life slowly as Paola explains that Italians never rush an espresso. Instead, they view it as an opportunity for relaxation and indulgence in the moment.

As I grow older, I’m starting to appreciate the little things in life more, like savoring my espresso instead of always taking it to-go.

Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Unveiled' with Lacey Chabert & Autumn Reeser
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"Enjoying an espresso is a chance to take a moment to appreciate life."

How to Blog - my coffee and desk area. Espresso Machine!
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Nespresso Capsules
Nespresso Capsules | Volluto

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Check out these delightful reads featuring both romance and cozy mystery plots set in the charming streets of Paris!

From Scratch

Made into a Netflix series | Wow! Have you caught this limited series on Netflix? This book is incredibly touching, filled with the same love and warmth found in Hallmark movies. It's truly beautiful, sweet, and will leave you cherishing life even more.

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Wedding Veil Juliet Balcony
my snapshot from Wedding Veil Unveiled
Romeo and Juliet

Wordsworth Collector's Edition

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Emma visits Juliet's Balcony in Verona with Paolo. I was inspired to add the classic Romeo and Juliet to my bookshelf.
Hallmark Movie 'The Wedding Veil Unveiled' with Lacey Chabert & Autumn Reeser
The Wedding Veil Unveiled
Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir is truly an icon! It invites readers on a delightful and soul-searching adventure as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery in three different countries and cultures. 

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Travel to Italy

Hallmark movies set in Greece have me daydreaming about a casual vacation there. Turn those dreams into reality with travel booking websites and cruises! 🌴✨

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