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Hannah Swensen is a baker in small-town Minnesota. Detective Mike Kingston of the Minneapolis PD moves to Lake Eden to be with Hannah and always needs Hannah’s help in uncovering the mysteries, which often involve her beloved bakery and café, The Cookie Jar Bakery. As Hannah strives to solve the crimes, she never forgets to bake delicious desserts and baked goods!

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Hannah Swensen Mysteries

Hannah Swensen

Alison Sweeney | Hannah Swensen & Murder, She Baked Mysteries on Hallmark Mystery
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Cameron Mathison | Hannah Swensen & Murder, She Baked Mysteries on Hallmark Mystery
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Lake Eden, Minnesota

Nestled in rural Minnesota, the idyllic Lake Eden is a charming and peaceful town, adorned with quaint homes, safe main streets and The Cookie Jar Bakery – a place of happiness and joy. Unfortunately, this small and picturesque town has a sinister side, with many mysterious murders and crimes occurring here.

Cookie Jar, cookies

The series initially started with 5 movies titled Murder, She Baked” before it was rebranded and renamed to “Hannah Swensen Mysteries” films.

All the films are set in chronological order and feature many of the same cast members.

Movie #1: Sweet Revenge

Murder, She Baked Hallmark Mystery with Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison
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Hannah and Mike’s wedding planning is interrupted by a 24-hour gym homicide.

Movie #2: Carrot Cake Murder

Hannah Swensen Mysteries, Carrot Cake Murder with Alison Sweeney | Hallmark Mystery
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Baker Hannah Swensen investigates a murder after a skeleton is discovered in a rundown building.


Hannah unravels a homicide case while her romance with Mike is complicated.

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Hannah's Fashion

Hannah wears baking aprons from The Cookie Jar Bakery, and elegant dresses for parties or dates with Mike.

This sweater cardigan is available in four colors, and I always make sure to bring one with me. Its style is reminiscent Hannah's laid-back casual style.

In 'Sweet Revenge,' Hannah surprises Mike with an unexpected picnic dinner at his Detective office, wearing a charming yellow dress!

Hannah's cute aprons from The Cookie Jar Bakery are perfect for baking any time of year.


Hannah Swensen is an expert baker who uses her passion to solve mysteries.

Jenny holding a cookie jar

Baking Essentials

These mysteries inspire me to bake and get creative in the kitchen. It’s a great way to relax and make treats for loved ones, including my daughter.

Check out these adorable bakery boxes! They make the perfect gift for your friends and neighbors, just like Hannah does.

I love the aqua color of The Cookie Jar Bakery by Hannah. So, I also adore the Kitchen Aide baking equipment in the same shade.

Use silicone bake ware for easy baking. Spray the surface and pour batter/dough. The final product releases easily.

The Hannah Swensen Mystery Series by Joanne Fluke is a must-read for suspense and dessert fans. With 29 books, this bestselling series inspired the ‘Murder, She Baked’ & ‘Hannah Swensen’ movies. 

Hallmark Mystery Movies Based on Books
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