inspired by Hallmark Mystery Movies

This post contains curated fashion inspired by Hallmark Mystery heroines, including trendy clothes, trench coats, boots, and more. These stylish women solve intriguing cases in these fashionable ensembles.

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Hallmark Mysteries' Fashion

Trench Coats

Hallmark Mysteries showcase women in stylish trench coats, not only to keep them warm, but also to symbolize their role as detective solving cases. Personally, I adore wearing my trench coat as it makes me feel like an authentic Hallmark Mystery detective.

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The women featured in Hallmark Mysteries frequently don fabulous dresses beneath their trench coats or opt for dresses during important events associated with mystery-solving.

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In Hallmark Mysteries, the female characters often wear wide-leg pants, effortlessly gliding through town with both comfort and a detective-like appearance.

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As the women traverse the city unraveling mysteries, boots assist them in navigating through muddy paths, concrete streets, grassy areas, and dirt-filled crime scenes, accompanying them wherever their investigations lead.


Hallmark Mystery heroines require a slim and portable bag for their crime-solving adventures. Disguising themselves with a hat adds an element of excitement, while having actual detective tools like a magnifying glass on hand is always a delightful touch.

HallmarkJenny wearing a fall orange dress with yellow purse & All Birds shoes