Hallmark Contests & Sweepstakes

As a Hallmark fan, we have the opportunity to participate in contests and sweepstakes offered by the Hallmark Channel. The thrill of potentially winning cash prizes, Hallmark merchandise, trips, and other beloved products is simply exhilarating. The possibilities for Hallmark prizes are endless, and with perseverance and a touch of good fortune, you could very well become the next lucky winner!


Contests & Sweepstakes


Hallmark Channel #1 Fan Contest

Each year, the Hallmark Channel is on a quest to locate their most devoted fan, and it seems like there are countless of us devoted Hallmark Fans!

The Winner Receives:

The contest entry period is closed for 2023.


RIDE Sweepstakes


Ride Rodeo Show on Hallmark Channel, like Yellowstone
Photo Credit: HallmarkChannel.com

Participate on a daily basis for an opportunity to win an exhilarating Ride expedition to the Colorado Rockies!

The sweepstakes will conclude on May 31st, 2023.