My Year as Hallmark Channel's Chief Fan Officer

I am privileged to be selected as Hallmark Channel’s Chief Fan Officer for the 2023-2024 period. It is an enchanting journey that feels surreal!

Here are a few key moments from my tenure as Hallmark Channel’s Chief Fan Officer.


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Chief Fan Officer


In June 2023, the Hallmark Channel’s marketing team and crew members arrived at my doorstep with large signs that said “Chief Fan Officer.” It was then that I discovered I had won the contest! The emotions I felt, including surprise, shock, and immense joy, continue to resonate with me even now.

My sister was contacted by Hallmark to help plan this special surprise for me. She made sure I was ready, dressed up, and wearing makeup. She informed me that we were having a girls’ night with our mom and to dress nicely. She asked me to answer the door because she had ordered Chinese food for dinner.

As I approached my parents’ front door, I spotted people in the yard holding large signs that said “Hallmark Channel Chief Fan Officer!” I couldn’t contain my excitement and let out a scream. Stepping outside, everyone shouted, “Congratulations!” I was overwhelmed with shock, surprise, and excitement. They all entered my parents’ house, and we spent the evening discussing Hallmark Movies, my disbelief in winning, and enjoying the company of the amazing Hallmark Channel Marketing team. It was an incredibly enjoyable night.

Hallmark Media Headquarters in LA & NYC

I have been appointed as the Chief Fan Officer by the Hallmark Channel, along with eight Fan Leaders. Together, we form a group of dedicated Hallmark Fans for the 2023-2024 period. As part of this role, we had the incredible opportunity to attend a full-day Hallmark Fan Day either at the Hallmark Headquarters in LA or NYC.

I attended the Hallmark Fan Day at both the LA and NYC Hallmark Media Headquarters. I met all 8 Fan Leaders and spent the day with them to learn about the process of making and promoting Hallmark Movies, as well as the inclusive and kind corporate culture that reflects the essence of Hallmark Movies.

We had the opportunity to preview an upcoming Hallmark Movie at both Fan Days. It was a delightful experience to enjoy the movie before it was released to the public, alongside fan leaders and Hallmark Channel staff.

We all dined together for dinner! In Los Angeles, we visited The Garland’s hotel restaurant, and in New York City, we embarked on a food tour with seven stops in Greenwich Village.

Party in my Hometown

As part of the prize for being Hallmark Channel’s Chief Fan Officer, I had the opportunity to host a movie screening party in my hometown of Frisco, Texas. I invited 100 of my friends and family to join me for this special event.

I attended a movie screening at The Nack Theatre, an old-school theater located in Downtown Frisco on Main Street. This part of town holds a special place in my heart because it is filled with charming clothing boutiques, cozy coffee shops, delicious restaurants, our town library, sports fields, and apartments. Interestingly, during my early adulthood, I resided in one of these apartments!

I invited a total of 100 individuals. Most of them are my close friends and family, but I also extended invitations to a few individuals I randomly met in Frisco. Our connection was sparked by our shared love for Hallmark Movies. It is incredible how Hallmark Movies have the power to unite people.

@chieffanofficerhmk Instagram Account

For a year, I manage the Hallmark Chief Fan Officer Instagram account. Through this account, I engage with Hallmark Movie fans worldwide and create content that resonates with their love for the movies and the brand.

For 5 years, I enjoyed creating and editing mini-movies as a librarian at my middle school. Every Friday, I compiled highlights from the week into a 10-minute video that my campus loved. This skill became a passion of mine, as I have always been a creative person and a natural performer. Being an engaging teacher and librarian, I found joy in making reels and sharing them on our Instagram account. Learning this new skill has been incredibly fun and fulfilling.

Hallmark Movie Screenings

I was invited by the Hallmark Channel Marketing Team to attend the premiere of “Come Fly with Me” in Las Vegas. This event pays tribute to the Thunderbirds pilots of the U.S. Air Force.

The U.S. Air Force’s Thunderbird’s invited their loved ones to a special movie screening event. The movie’s writer, director, and producers were also in attendance. Guests enjoyed appetizers and drinks before watching the movie “Come Fly with Me,” which was premiering to the public. Following the screening, an after party took place, featuring food trucks, activities, drinks, and dancing.

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