Hallmark Channel's 2023 Chief Fan Officer

I am privileged to be selected as Hallmark Channel’s Chief Fan Officer for the 2023-2024 period. It is an enchanting journey that feels surreal!

The prize is super exciting! It features a $10,000 cash prize, a hometown party, a movie character with my name, and the chance to manage the Hallmark Chief Fan Officer Instagram account for a whole year. I get to share all my love for Hallmark movies with fun content!


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Chief Fan Officer


In June 2023, the Hallmark Channel’s marketing team and crew members arrived at my doorstep with large signs that said Chief Fan Officer. It was then that I discovered I had won the contest! The emotions I felt, including surprise, shock, and immense joy, continue to resonate with me even now.

Hallmark surprised me with a special celebration, organized by my sister who tricked me into dressing up for a girls’ night. When I opened the door, I was greeted by people holding signs congratulating me for becoming Hallmark Channel Chief Fan Officer. We spent the evening chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

Party in my Hometown

As part of the prize for being Hallmark Channel’s Chief Fan Officer, I had the opportunity to host a movie screening party in my hometown of Frisco, Texas. I invited 100 of my friends and family to join me for this special event.

I attended a movie screening at The Nack Theatre, an old-school theater located in Downtown Frisco on Main Street. This part of town holds a special place in my heart because it is filled with charming clothing boutiques, cozy coffee shops, delicious restaurants, our town library, sports fields, and apartments. Interestingly, during my early adulthood, I resided in one of these apartments!

I invited a total of 100 individuals. Most of them are my close friends and family, but I also extended invitations to a few individuals I randomly met in Frisco. Our connection was sparked by our shared love for Hallmark Movies. It is incredible how Hallmark Movies have the power to unite people.

Sharing the Hometown Party experience with my daughter was absolutely enchanting! Her teachers joined us, and she adored basking in the spotlight alongside me.

Hallmark Christmas Movie, 'Checkin' it Twice' hockey with Kevin McGarry
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Everyone in my family and my friends just adored Checkin in Twice! Even those who don’t usually watch Hallmark Channel absolutely fell in love with the movie! We had a blast rooting for the romance and hockey team while munching on popcorn and candy together.

Movie Character named Jenny

One of the most exciting and delightful rewards is having a Hallmark Movie Character named in honor of me! The folks at Hallmark Channel are aware of my profession as a librarian and my passion for literature, which is why they decided to name a character in Paging Mr. Darcy, a fresh take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, after me!

Hallmark Jane Austen Movie, Paging Mr. Darcy
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Jenny, a graduate student, takes on the role of playwright and director for the Jane Austen play at the Jane Austen FanCon.

Jenny is a massive admirer of Jane Austen, just like myself! I also have a great passion for theater and was involved in high school theater, so this character truly resonates with me. A heartfelt thanks to Hallmark Channel for truly understanding me!

Hallmark Channel sent me actual props from Paging Mr. Darcy!
Jenny stars as Jane Austen and even uses the very same quill in the play! I've got copies of the play bill from the delightful show at JALA: The Complete Works of Jane Austen, abridged.
I've got Jenny's actual bonnet from the play, a cool JALA fan shirt, a tote bag from the Jane Austen League of America Annual Conference and Ball, plus the JALA event schedule with all the details, like the itinerary and info about the keynote speaker, Eloise Cavendish! How awesome is that?
The dance card is just too cute and looks incredibly authentic! The paper is real papyrus, just like the one Jane Austen used in her era. I'll definitely make sure to pencil in Mr. Darcy on my dance card!

@chieffanofficerhmk Instagram Account

For a year, I manage the Hallmark Chief Fan Officer Instagram account. Through this account, I engage with Hallmark Movie fans worldwide and create content that resonates with their love for the movies and the brand.

As a middle school librarian, I created weekly 10-minute highlight videos of our school’s activities, which became a passion of mine. Being a natural performer and creative, I enjoyed making reels and sharing them on our Instagram account. Learning this new skill was fun and fulfilling.


Willougby was just like any other young man of the time who was dependent on rich relations for their living. Just rich enough to move in high circles but poor enough to be beholding to the aunt or a good alliance with a girl of good breeding and a good dowery. He was handsome and what would be called a rake. A rake is a  carefree, libertine aristocratic men. He marries Miss Grey for her large fortune.

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