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In 1895 Rhode Island, a society page writer gets caught up in mysterious events, leading to a world of glamour, wealth, and intrigue during the Gilded Age.

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Gilded Newport Mysteries

Ali Skovbye Gilded Newport Mysteries
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Ali Skovbye

Danny Griffin Gilded Newport Mysteries
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Danny Griffin

Nathan Witte Gilded Newport Mysteries
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Nathan Witte

"'s what one choose to do with their independence and perhaps, that is where the adventure really begins."

"Reading detective fiction and investigating an actual murder are quite different."

"If I am to marry, Emma, it will be with someone far more interesting and independent than an heiress."



Newport, Rhode Island

The Vanderbilt family estate, owned by U.S. railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Gilded Newport Mysteries

Movie #1: Murder at the Breakers


Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers
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A society page writer at a Vanderbilt ball sees a murder and helps with the investigation after her brother is arrested.

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The Gilded Age is often seen as a period of extravagant materialism alongside widespread poverty. 

Rich families in America (both those who recently became rich and those who were already rich) often tried to show off their money. They wanted to be seen as important and maintain their high status in society.

In the Gilded Age, opera was a high-class event where guests used opera glasses to appear sophistaced.

In the Gilded Age, wealthy households displayed silverware on their dining tables to show off their wealth and staff.

Vintage LED Edison Light Bulbs

During the Gilded Age, the lightbulb was invented and became an expensive novelty for rich families.

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Wood Candlestick Phone

Telephones were invented in the US in 1876. They became popular in rich people's homes during the Gilded Age.

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Hamptons, once a small Puritan settlement, became a leading resort community in the late 1800s. Houses of the Hamptons offers a captivating look into affluent society of that era.

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The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today

The term "The Gilded Age" comes from this book by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner. They criticized the idea of a glorious period after the Civil War called the "golden age," and instead portrayed it as a time when society had significant problems that were covered up by the appearance of economic prosperity.

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