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An ex-Army surgeon and forensics expert in a local family practice uncovers murders disguised as medical issues, teaming up with an inspector to reveal the true cause of death.

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Family Practice Mysteries

Amanda Schull Family Practice Mysteries
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Amanda Schull

Brendan Penny Family Practice Mysteries
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Brendan Penny

"It's not like combat; in this town, you're not going to find many cases of intential death."



Rachel’s HomeTown

Rachel and her kids moved from their military life in Germany back to Rachel’s hometown after her husband passed away. Rachel now works at a family medical practice in town, while her dad still resides there. Jack is employed at the local police department. She often visits the cafe and has a friend at The Morning Observer, the local newspaper that assists her with investigations.

Movie #1: Coming Home


Family Practice Mysteries Hallmark with Brendan Penny and Amanda Schull
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A former Army surgeon in a hometown family practice investiagtes a patient’s mysterious death.