Hallmark Mysteries

Genealogist Sophie McClaren and childhood friend, Doctor Jackson, use their expertise in genealogy and medicine to uncover lost and hidden family members in Family History Mysteries.

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Family History Mysteries


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Buffalo, New York

"I have lots of family trees to shake and no one's gonna shake 'em but me."

Movie #1: Buried Past

Hallmark Mystery Family History Mysteries Buried Past
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Genealogist Sophie McClaren excels at uniting families. When her dear friend Jonathan faces a critical need for a bone marrow donor, the situation becomes deeply personal.

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Based on Books

This four-book series by Brynn Bonner inspired the Hallmark Mystery series of the same name, giving readers an intriguing and inspiring look at the past.

HallmarkJenny reading a book based on a Hallmark Msytery, Flower Shop Mysteries
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Sophie's Style

Sophie exudes a professional demeanor as the owner of Genealogy Detective Business, reflected in her serious style. She can often be seen sporting trench coats and long, flowy pants during her sleuthing escapades.

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Throughout the movie, Sophie wears a lengthy trench coat to shield herself from the damp, misty, and chilly weather of Buffalo, NYC.

Hallmark Mystery Fashion with pants & black cardigan & detective magnifying glass
Wide Leg Trousers

I wear these pants for both work and casual professional events. They feature a high waist and flowy, comfortable fabric that's slightly heavier than your typical chiffon. The variety of colors and designs makes them so much fun to choose from.

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Sophie wears billowing, loose-fitting trousers that seem to offer ample space for comfortable movement and breathing.

Family Tree Products

Discovering your family roots can be a captivating experience. Tracing your DNA and exploring your family history can give you a better understanding of your identity and the special connections that make up your personal heritage.

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This painting is absolutely stunning! It's the focal point of my parents' home.

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