Hallmark Mysteries

Genealogist Sophie McClaren and childhood friend, Doctor Jackson, use their expertise in genealogy and medicine to uncover lost and hidden family members in Family History Mysteries.

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Family History Mysteries


Janel Parrish, Family History Mysteries on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
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"I have lots of family trees to shake and no one's gonna shake 'em but me."



Buffalo, New York

Gritty, Dark City 

Movie #1: Buried Past

Hallmark Mystery Family History Mysteries
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Genealogist Sophie McClaren excels at uniting families. When her dear friend Jonathan faces a critical need for a bone marrow donor, the situation becomes deeply personal.

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Sophie's Fashion

Sophie exudes a professional demeanor as the owner of Genealogy Detective Business, reflected in her serious style. She can often be seen sporting trench coats and long, flowy pants during her sleuthing escapades.

Sophie dons a stunning dress in the shade of royal blue in 'Buried Past.'

Throughout the movie, Sophie wears a lengthy trench coat to shield herself from the damp, misty, and chilly weather of Buffalo, NYC.

Sophie wears billowing, loose-fitting trousers that seem to offer ample space for comfortable movement and breathing.

Family Tree Products

Delving into your genealogy and tracing your family lineage can be a fascinating and captivating experience. By following your DNA and exploring your family history, you can gain a deeper understanding of your identity and the unique connections that make up your personal heritage.

I love the vibrant, natural wall art shown above with intricate tree patterns and calming cool tones, evoking a serene forest ambiance.

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Learn where your ancestors originated from and gain a deeper understanding of your heritage with this detailed geographic test.

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