Enchant Christmas

in Dallas, Texas

Bring on the holiday cheer! As the temperatures continue to drop and snow begins to blanket the ground, it’s time to start planning your Christmas events and activities. From winter wonderlands to festive holiday gatherings, there are so many ways to celebrate and make this season one to remember.

Enchant Christmas, presented by Hallmark Channel, is a ‘Winter Wonderland’ with a maze that includes vibrant light figures, food trucks, treats, shopping vendors, and an ice-skating rink, along with live entertainment.

Enchant Christmas

Enchant Christmas comes to 8 cities this 2022 Holiday season from November 25 – January 1:

I attended the Enchant Dallas event on December 1, 2022 with my Mom and sister! 

The Maze

Each city has a unique maze story, in Dallas, our maze was called The Mischievous Elf.  In our maze’s story, a mischievous elf hid 8 toys. We had to find the toys, stamp our passport with the respective toy’s stamp and deliver the note to Santa. One random winner with a fully stamped passport will get to appear in a Hallmark Channel Movie.

The Maze is full of twists and turns, giant lit-up sculptures, fun light features to walk through, and even had fake snow blowing. Through the maze, there were stands to buy treats and drinks, both alcoholic and kid-friendly drinks, like their signature hot chocolate in an Enchant plastic light-up mug.

Food & Holiday Treats

There were both village vendors and food trucks selling all kinds of food. There were funnel cakes, waffles, decorate your own cookies activity, among other sweet treats. After drinking jolly Holiday Mules all through the maze, I was ready for savory foods! I ordered steak tacos and a Fletcher’s Corn Dog (sold at our Texas State Fair!). We ate in the Merry Lodge, which was a tent with a bar inside, lots of Christmas trees and enjoyable tables to eat at.

The Village

There was a lounge to lay on couches and watch Hallmark promotional tv and a Hallmark Store attached selling Hallmark Channel gear, like their apparel, mugs, and knick-knacks. 

There were lots of vendors along the village path, I spotted a bath store, wine shop, cookies, clothing shops, caricature painting, and face painting.

Ice Skating Rink

The rink was a large loop with festive trees on the interior and a wooden fence linking the cheerful ice rink. I really enjoyed watching the skaters! Ice Skating was an additional cost, $17 per person. My mom and my sister were begging me to go, but I was not feeling it. I think they are still upset that I would not let them show off their ice-skating skills.

Santa's Landing

Santa Claus is there with a festive backdrop to take pictures! I did not bring my daughter, so I did not take any pictures.  

There were lots of kids and strollers, couples on dates, and families. This was an enjoyable experience with my Mom and sister!

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