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Hadley Warner, a retired crime series star from CrimeTime show, uses her TV crime knowledge to solve cases in a small town with Detective Shawn Caden.

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Hadley Warner
CrimeTime Mysteries Lyndie Greenwood
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Shawn Caden
Hallmark Crimetime: Freefall with Luke Macfarlane
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Luke Macfarlane

"She played a crime fighting legend in real life and now is actually fighting crime."



Mystic, Colorado

Hadley relocates with her two pre-teen and teenage children from Los Angeles to Mystic, Colorado for a temporary period of 6 months while she searches for a new job in the entertainment industry. Her mother resides in Mystic, making it an ideal place to stay. During their time there, Hadley rents a charming farmhouse complete with horses and fences.

Colorado, Curious Caterer Mystery on Hallmark Movies 8 Mysteries with Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker

Movie #1: Freefall


Hallmark Crimetime: Freefall with Luke Macfarlane
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Actress Hadley Warner retires and partners with Detective Shawn Caden to solve her first real case using her TV crime-solving skills.

"You could've solved this in 60 minutes or less." "Closer to 42 minutes with commercials, but I am not that character."

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"You got the crime. I got the time."


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