Thanks to Hallmark Mystery movies, I fell in love with “cozy mysteries,” and some of the movies are even based on books! Cozy mysteries, also known as “cozies” or “cosies” are a sub-genre of crime stories that keep the violence levels low. Cozy Mysteries focus on solving puzzles and typically unfold in charming small towns, with the detective’s pastime or job introducing various themes.

In these stories, the murderer is often well-spoken and logical, explaining their reasons when finally caught. The victims in cozy mysteries are usually beloved members of the community. In cozy mysteries, the detectives are adept at gathering information, are well-liked, and receive assistance from another character in cracking the case.

If you’re looking for some more cozy mystery books that I’m absolutely loving, you’ve got to check these out!

Hallmark Mysteries is overflowing with delightful cozy mystery movies series!

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Summer Reading

Cozy Retirement Mysteries

These delightful mysteries feature retired individuals seeking to relax and savor their retirement, only to find themselves embroiled in mischief while solving cases!

The Sunset Years of Agnes Sharp

Book 1 of Miss Sharp Investigates | Agnes Sharp and senior citizens at Sunset Hall try to solve a murder and hide another with the help of a clever tortoise in a darkly funny mystery.

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We Solve Murders

Steve is happy in retirement and passed his job to daughter-in-law Amy, who's watching an author on a remote island. But she needs help now and contacted Steve.

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Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
The Thursday Murder Club

Book 1 of The Thursday Murder Club | In a charming retirement community, four unexpected pals gather every week in the Jigsaw Room to chat about unsolved mysteries; they form the Thursday Murer Club.

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Cozy Culinary Mysteries

Since the premiere of the Hallmark Mystery’s Curious Caterer series, which is inspired by the Goldy Schulz Culinary Mystery book series, and the captivating Hallmark Mystery’s Gourmet Detective, based on the equally intriguing books, I’ve been completely captivated by these charming cozy culinary whodunits! 🍽️🕵️‍♂️

It’s like a delicious blend of suspense and savory recipes that keeps me coming back for more!

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Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies

Book 1 of Pies Before Guys | Daisy Ellery's pies are more than just delicious treats—they're baked with a secret ingredient: revenge. With her mobile bakery, she seeks justice for women mistreated by men in town. But when her bakery is blackmailed, Daisy must uncover the culprit in time for the pie contest. 🥧

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Death by Dumpling Noodleshop Mysteries
Death by Dumpling

Book 1 of Noodle Shop Mysteries | Lana Lee deals with her life after a breakup while working at her family's restaurant, but things take an unexpected turn when a property manager passes away during dinner, leading to Lana and her staff being caught up in the mystery.🥡

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Arsenic and Adobo | Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mysteries
Arsenic and Adobo

Book 1 of A Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mystery | Lila Macapagal returns to her hometown after a breakup to help her Tita Rosie's struggling restaurant. Well-meaning aunties play matchmaker while also passing judgment, but things take a dramatic turn when Lila has a fateful encounter with her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a well-known food critic – and it doesn't end well.

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Cozy Baking Mysteries

Hallmark Mystery’s Hannah Swensen is our cherished crime-solving baker! These heartwarming movies are inspired by the fantastic book series written by Joanne Fluke. If you find yourself yearning for delectable treats while unraveling cozy crimes, be sure to explore these highly recommended cozy baking mysteries!

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Meet Your Baker

Book 1 of Bakeshop Mysteries | Torte is a cozy, family-owned bake shop nestled in the heart of Ashland, Oregon. After completing culinary school, Juliet came back home to support her mom's business while also recovering from a tough breakup. Soon, things take a dark turn when an unexpected tragedy leads to suspicions of murder.

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Sprinkle with Murder

Book 1 of Cupcake Bakery Mysteries | Melanie and Angie own Fairy Tale Cupcakes and their first big client orders 500 custom cupcakes. But when the bride-to-be is found dead, Mel becomes the top suspect.

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Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop

Book 1 of A Beacon Bakeshop Mystery | After discovering her famous chef partner in the arms of another woman, Lindsey Bakewell left the city for Beacon Harbor, Michigan to become a pastry chef. But soon she becomes involved in a sweet revenge plot.

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Cozy Seasonal Mysteries

These delightful mysteries capture the enchanting essence of a particular season and time, bringing warmth and nostalgia to your reading experience. 📚✨

A Doomful of Sugar

Book 1 of Maple Syrup Mysteries | Leila Khoury steps into her father's maple syrup business after he is murdered, but things take a mysterious turn when suspicions point to her brother. With the police offering little help, she embarks on an investigation to unveil the truth!

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Cozy Auction Mysteries

I’m not really into thrifting or garage sales and auctions, but I absolutely adored Hallmark Mystery’s Garage Sale Mystery series! It’s based on a book series too. If you enjoyed that, here are some cozy novels about auctions that you might like – they’re similar to the Garage Sale Mysteries.

Garage Sale Mysteries with Lori Loughlin
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Death at the Auction

Book 1 of The Stamford Mysteries (British) | Felicia Grant returns to her family's auction house in Stamford after an accident. During the final auction lot, a hidden secret is revealed - the murder of her father's business rival. As the investigation begins, Felicia becomes a suspect. With her loved ones in danger, Felicia takes matters into her own hands. However, even idyllic places have dark secrets.

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Cozy 'Book' Mysteries

I love that authors love to write about books! As a librarian, I love to read about characters that love books (and watch movies about characters that love books!). Here are some recommended cozy mysteries revolving around books. 

The Secret, Book & Scone Society

Book 1 of A Secret, Book, and Scone Society | Miracle Books is where owner Nora Pennington works her magic by swapping stories for just the right books and serving up comforting scones. When a businessman passes away unexpectedly, Nora takes action and forms the Secret, Book, and Scone Society to help others uncover truths while finding strength in sisterhood.

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Buried in a Good Book

Book 1 of By the Book Mysteries | Best-selling thriller writer Tess Harrow and her daughter retreat to her grandfather's cabin in the woods to heal after Tess's divorce. But an explosion and strange occurrences—including a murder investigation and sightings of Bigfoot—shatter their hope for a peaceful summer. Tess must solve the case before more harm is done.

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Little Bookshop of Murder

Book 1 of Beach Reads Mysteries | Summer Merriweather, a struggling professor of Shakespeare, returns to Brigid's Island and finds threatening notes aimed at her deceased mother and her romance-themed bookstore, Beach Reads.

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Cozy Library Mysteries

As a librarian, it’s no surprise that I adore Hallmark Mystery’s Aurora Teagarden series, both the original and the reboot prequel. The Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series by Charlaine Harris that inspired the series is also close to my heart. And let’s not forget about other cozy librarian mysteries that I’m equally smitten with! 📚

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Checked Out

Book 1 of The Village Library Mysteries | Reluctant librarian Ann Beckett's blind date ends in disaster when her date is murdered. With her patrons' help, she investigates in the cozy town of Whitby to prevent further tragedy.📕🙀

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Victoria Gilbert 'A Crytpic Clew' Hunter and Clewe Cozy mystery eries
A Cryptic Clue

Book 1 of Hunter and Clewe Mysteries | Retired librarian Jane Hunter finds adventure in her retirement by cataloguing rare books and artifacts for collector Cam Clewe. But when a body is found in the library and its connection to Cam's romantic failures is revealed, Jane becomes suspicious.

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A Murder for the Books

Book 1 of A Blue Ridge Library Mystery | Librarian Amy Webber is doing her best to keep her charming Virginia mountain town library afloat, with all sorts of interesting folks stopping by. When she joins forces with a neighbor to help clear his great-uncle's crime, they stumble upon a tangled web of secrets involving some of the town's most important families and a history of perplexing unsolved mysteries.

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Cozy Cat Mysteries

I think we can all agree that a cat would make the purr-fect detective! They’re so secretive, sly, stealthy, and smart – it’s like they were born to solve mysteries. Here are some of our favorite cozy cat mysteries for you to curl up with!

Paw and Order

Book 1 of A Detective Whiskers Cat Cozy Mystery | Paradise Cove is home to charming cottages nestled along a peaceful beach, an animal communicator for the police force, a laid-back hippie cat, a graceful heron, and a dedicated K-9 officer. Sheila unknowingly kickstarted a Murder Society and now, alongside her friends, she solves cases while enjoying sunset margaritas.

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A Pose Before Dying

Book 1 of A Cat Yoga Mystery | Ashley Branson's cat yoga studio, A Purrfect Pose, is the purrfect place for humans to discover inner peace while cuddling up with adorable cats from the nearby shelter. But hold your catnip, because things get a little mysterious when a not-so-popular college professor is discovered deceased in the studio, striking a pose that's anything but relaxing. 🐈‍⬛🧘‍♀️

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The Cat Who Caught a Killer

Book 1 of Conrad the Cat Detective | Conrad, the detective cat, joins Lulu's life after her recent loss. Lulu was looking forward to a peaceful retirement on her canal boat, The Lark. However, when her mother-in-law passes away under suspicious circumstances, Conrad accompanies Lulu as she invetigates!

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Cozy Theatre Mysteries

I love theatre and plays in TV shows or books—they’re my absolute favorite! The behind-the-scenes moments are fascinating, and when there’s a cozy mystery involved in the theatre, it gets even better!

There's No Murder Like Show Murder

Tasha Weaver, head of Eastbrook Playhouse's costume shop, faces a crisis when the star of their latest show is killed. With help from friends, her crush Bruno Machado, and Hilly the cat, Tasha must find the murderer to save the theater.

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The Last Line

Ellie Marlowe, a neurodiverse talent with Tourette's syndrome, is all set for her big curtain call as her latest production sells out. But when the leading man suddenly drops dead and everyone in the cast becomes a suspect—or even the next victim—Ellie must step into detective mode to catch a killer before another show-stopping murder takes place!

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Cozy Royalty Mysteries

I love royalty so much. I have watched every movie and show about real-life royalty. I found the below cozy royalty mysteries and love them so much. 

The Windsor Knot

Book 1 of Her Majesty the Queen Investigates | Queen Elizabeth II is a crime-solving superstar in a popular mystery book series, all while managing her royal responsibilities.

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